LinkedIn Consultants: Do You Need Them?

In your journey as a marketer or as an entrepreneur, you need a compass: something or someone who can tell you if you are moving in the right direction. A consultant or coach can act as your compass, helping you stay on the right path towards success.

If your goal is to use LinkedIn to boost your career or help your business grow, you need a LinkedIn consultant to help you navigate this tricky landscape. There are many ways to leverage the social networking site’s massive reach—but the process can be complicated. You need a guide that understands exactly how it works, so you don’t waste time on fruitless tasks.

LinkedIn consultants have the right expertise. Not only are they marketing experts in their own right, but they also specialize in LinkedIn marketing. Kennected, for example, has a track record that speaks for itself. They can take a look at your business, identify problems that you may have missed, and create solutions that are tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Sometimes you are too close to the problem to see it. Kennected shows you how to make the most out of LinkedIn so you can get the best results.

Should You Hire a LinkedIn Consultant or Coach?​

LinkedIn now has over 706 million users around the world, making it the biggest social networking platform for professionals online. It is built around developing business and professional relationships, allowing members to expand their network, generate leads, find amazing new opportunities, and increase their revenue. But that only works if you know how to use LinkedIn marketing strategies.

You need a LinkedIn consultant or coach because they can create a solid plan that’s based around your own goals and objectives. If you’re feeling stuck in your professional life, maybe you need some expert guidance and support.

Consultants and coaches can supplement your staff, give you helpful tips, and even help you save time and money by teaching you what to invest in and what to avoid.

What Does a LinkedIn Consultant Do?

If you’re not using LinkedIn actively, then you are missing out on some amazing opportunities for career growth. For business owners, you might be getting left behind by the competition. Recognizing the potential of LinkedIn is only the first step. Making the right changes to your LinkedIn profile is what will take your business to the next level.

A LinkedIn consultant can help you implement these changes. They will ensure that you’re making the right decisions, targeting the right leads, and using the right messaging.

Consultants can also give your company some objectivity, which is necessary in some cases. They have a fresh perspective when it comes to your business, so they can provide an outsider’s point of view. These insights can help you make better decisions moving forward.

First Impressions Count: Your Background Header Needs Work​

The first thing your LinkedIn consultant will assess is your LinkedIn profile. It reflects the way you present yourself online, particularly towards your professional network. The consultant will help you optimize your profile and make some necessary changes.

For example, if you are still using the default LinkedIn banner, you may be coming across as unprofessional without even realizing it. It’s hard to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry if you are not even putting your best foot forward on LinkedIn. Something as simple as changing your LinkedIn background header can create a major impact on your business.

Creating your own LinkedIn background header will let you represent your brand accurately. Invest in a custom LinkedIn banner that shows off who you are and what your value is. Taking the time to do so will show your profile visitors that you are serious about your profession.

Your background header doubles as a free billboard, so use it as a way to stand out and make your profile more memorable.

Your Profile Needs To Be Optimized​

Your background header isn’t the only thing that needs to be optimized: you need to do the same thing for the rest of your LinkedIn profile. That’s one of the things a LinkedIn consultant can do. They can help you polish your LinkedIn profile so that it is easier to attract new leads and clients.

Whether you are a jobseeker, a marketer, a recruiter, or an entrepreneur, you want your LinkedIn profile to be professional. Think of it as a storefront window where you display your best qualities, specializations, and expertise. Your goal is to entice leads to learn more about you and your brand, so that they reach out to you.

Optimizing your profile includes using SEO or Search Engine Optimization to rank higher in search results. Use keywords that are relevant to your industry so your profile appears when people search for your services.

When optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you also have to choose an updated profile photo so that it represents what you currently look like. It is important to have a profile photo on LinkedIn because without it, you will appear untrustworthy. People are not likely to buy from sellers they don’t trust.

You can invest in a professional photo, but you can also take one yourself. Just make sure the photo is well-lit, features your face, and doesn’t have a distracting background. Try to look professional and approachable. You can smile on your LinkedIn profile. And don’t feature anybody else on the photo—group shots should be avoided.

Lastly, make sure the photo is visible to everyone, and not just your connections. Potential clients and leads will want to get a sense of who you are.

Once you’ve uploaded an appropriate LinkedIn profile photo, optimize your headline. Your headline should be more than just a job title. It is the line of text that appears below your name—and it is also the first thing people will read.

Your headline also drives search engine optimization, so if you want to show up on Google search results, make sure you use relevant keywords. The headline also functions as an advertisement headline: use it to catch your audience’s attention while telling them a little bit about who you are. The goal is to make them read your Summary and check out the rest of your profile.

Your LinkedIn consultant will help you optimize these sections, as well as other parts of your LinkedIn profile like your Skills, your Endorsements, and your Featured section.

It is Important to Stay On-Brand with Your Colors, Messaging & Calls to Action​

While you’re making all of these changes to your LinkedIn account, it is important to remain consistent with your brand. Consistency is the key if you want your brand to be memorable and instantly recognizable. That includes the way you write your content, the way you engage with your followers on social media, and the way you present yourself online.

Even the slightest details such as your colors, messaging, and calls to action should reflect your brand. Brand marketing is a long term strategy that can pay off in a big way, because once people are exposed to your business, they will be able to remember it no matter how many competing brands there are. Your brand is your identity, and it will help you stand out in the sea of competitors.

You Need a Content Marketing Coach for LinkedIn

Will written content work for you, or should you switch to videos? Could you benefit from using both? These are the things you need to figure out—and your consultant will help you make that decision.

Content marketing is a way to establish yourself as a trustworthy resource when it comes to your industry. Experiment with different types of content so you can see firsthand which creates the most value for your company.

Write engaging and informative long form articles that are related to your target audience’s interests. Post interesting and eye-catching videos that talk about fascinating subjects that are about your industry. Create blog posts, industry news articles, press releases, and encourage people to comment.

In between these longer posts, you can share shorter status updates on LinkedIn. Share tips, tricks, hacks, inspiring stories, personal anecdotes, and questions. Do your best to start online conversations so your posts can get maximum exposure online.

Don’t forget to use SEO when posting content so you can rank higher in search results.

Your LinkedIn consultant or coach can give you even more helpful advice when it comes to content marketing.

You Need Testimonials​

At its core, LinkedIn is a social networking platform, so it’s all about making strong connections. It’s also about social proof: potential customers want to see the quality of your work before they decide to make a purchase. One way to prove your value is by adding testimonials from people you’ve worked with.

You can ask for testimonials from the people in your network, and you can give them testimonials in exchange. Choose people who have seen your work and appreciate its value. With testimonials, you can prove that you are an industry expert so don’t forget to add them to your LinkedIn profile.

There are many ways a consultant can help you with your LinkedIn account. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more!

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