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Sales jobs vary according to your products or your customers and their requirements.

We sell software solutions that help a firm reduce its cost and provide business development.

Sales jobs consist of finding the problem of your clients/customers and convincing them that your product is an answer.

For many people, commission work is fascinating. Despite this, there is confusion in commission work.

Many individuals don’t know how commissions work or take sales jobs if they want to pursue them. Obviously, you must understand what happens out of commission.

The sales job that earns the greatest commission has been identified based on the most grossed income. A higher gross profit means a higher commission.

Sales jobs offer an option to earn a salary along with additional commission. It’s a rewarding job for someone who enjoys the opportunity to sell a deal and make money.

My name is Sterling-Curran, and I’m the director of enterprise sales at Kennected. While my service aligns with the job of sales representatives, it’s much more than that.

Enterprise selling is not a salary position but built on commission comprehension. Salary and commission go hand in hand, like many of the jobs I’m about to list.

Enterprise involves making deals with corporations, typically 1,000 employees and over.

Rather than negotiating with one customer, I handle a handful at a time with a process that can last weeks or months.

Several selling positions often give higher commissions. The following article discusses sales jobs with high commissions.

What's A Salary Job?

Many have heard of the phrase “9-5,” associated with the everyday average working hours. With fixed hours comes a salary or fixed yearly income.

While there’s no risk in knowing your worth, employees don’t receive additional bonuses when additional deals are closed.

Commission positions that are roughly 90% commission-based offer additional income to what they already receive.

Some people are OK with a salary because it’s nonchanging, and an employee knows what’s coming. These types of people are typically not in this field.

How Do We Define High-Paying?

Is there something more rewarding than sales roles? We analyze salaries and compensation data for various sales positions.

The included roles in the list have a net worth potential much higher than the median income for a family in the U.S., which was $633,179 in 2018.

Top Sales Jobs With High Commission Types

Sales representatives wanting sales motivation are usually motivated by a monthly commission.

Commissions are normally additional compensation, and are sometimes combined with salaries or hours of work but not always.

These payments allow employers to increase profits. Commissions can be made according to industry and business conditions like enterprise accounts.

Employees working on straight commission only can make profits. It can be common for an estate agent to work for no earning potential from the commission.

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What's Next On The Sales Career Path For Sales Reps?

What is the best way to advance your selling experience? The next step in the career path of a person wanting a promotion from sales positions usually includes a sales managers position.

Sales managers make an average salary of $126,640 per year in 2019. You might be looking for management experience in an upcoming sales role.

For these jobs, many employers require bachelor’s degrees and favor candidates who have courses in management or business administration, accounting, or financial management.

What Is Commission?

What are the basics of commissioning? Commissions are compensations or earning potential for performance. You are paid to do specific things for specific sales goals.

And usually, this involves selling something to enterprise clients or other businesses.

Sales reps earn commissions on other tasks, including meeting prospective customers, obtaining renewed contracts, filling openings for jobs, and more.

It varies depending on the role. What is the maximum commission for the company? That’s a bit more complicated.

Real Estate Agent

In the case of the traditional commission job, the real estate salesperson is the biggest. The earning potential of a real estate agent is usually entirely dependent on the sale of the property.

Real estate sales include buying or selling homes. The buyer and the seller will also receive a commission on transactions with realtors.

A real estate professional handles everything from promoting a home or office space to hosting an open house or managing closing documents.

Real estate buyers and sellers earn recurring commissions, generally between 5-6%. Each of the real estate agents gets commission pay of $7,500 – $9,500 depending upon the structure of the commission and salary.

Software Sales Representative

A software sales representative knows their company’s computer systems design inside and out.

Their abilities recognize opportunities to incorporate their software into a consumer’s company.

They should know all the inner technicalities of the software and will be willing to work with consumers to learn how to use the product and, of course, usher in a deal.

The average base salary for selling software is $89,727. This position usually combines the outside sales industry (like calling prospects to arrange meetings) and internal sales.


The earning potential varies for recruiters. But it’s more common for sales representatives to help a new business get professionals who have difficulty filling positions.

A recruiting agent pays a new employee’s salary as a form of commission. The work of outsider recruiters can involve many different aspects.

As you secure client contracts, you must also find candidates for companies to convince them that applying for a new job is an excellent choice.

You need to be able to promote yourself and sell your products.

Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance sales agents sell insurance in various categories, including health care insurance and property insurance.

They reach potential clients, explain different policy options, and help clients choose a suitable plan. In addition, the firm is responsible for renewing policy documents and closing each deal.

An insurance sales agent’s base salary was $54,940 in 2019. The lower 10% of workers earn less than $28,000 per year, while the highest 10% earn $126.25 per year.

Between 2018 and 2028, insurance agent job opportunities could increase 10% faster than the average occupation.

Travel Agents

Travel agents book and offer tours for individuals and group travel. These are eligible for booking travel, accommodation, and activities, including tours and days with other groups.

There are often alternative arrangements made when a trip plan changes. Travel agent salaries in May 2018 averaged $4660 – $4660.

The smallest percentage earns less than a $33,660 base salary per year, while the most privileged 10% earn $69,420 base salary per year.

The US Bureau Of Labor Statistics forecasted a drop by 6% in 2019.

Wholesale And Manufacturing Sales Representatives

Wholesale and manufactured sales executives must have the ability to identify prospective customers, help existing customers understand and select the products they sell, negotiate the prices and prepare sales contracts.

They may be employed by a single company or by several manufacturing industries. The median salary for the wholesale and production sales representative was $54,930 in May 2019.

Labor statistics show the top 10% of earners earn under $35,000 per year, while the top 2% earn more than $250,000 per year.

Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising sales representatives, also known as account executives, sell advertisements to businesses and individual clients.

The job role requires the ability to contact prospective buyers, maintain customer accounts, and make presentations. Account executives were paid $53,310 annually in May 2018.

The smallest 10% of account executives earn less than $25,390 a year, while the highest 10% earn over $119,000 annually. Advertising sales agents are estimated to decrease by 2.5% from 2018 to 2028.

Enterprise Sales/Account Executive

Since enterprises usually buy large amounts (for example, while a smaller client may get software licenses for 25 employees, an enterprise client might get 5,000 employees), enterprise sales executives have greater earning opportunities than many sales functions.

Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Sales Agents

If you want to find lucrative commission-based job opportunities, you must add this position to your list.

These roles have critical importance in financial markets, build relationships between buyers and sellers, and provide customer assistance.

In addition to fast-moving jobs such as stockbrokers, there are also lower-cost options, which could be valuable for a broad group of investors alike.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical sales representatives sometimes visit the hospital or other medical facilities for presentations or stand in the operating room during surgery if other medical professionals haven’t used the procedure correctly.

When new medications are produced, they work on marketing those substances within reason.

Labor statistics suggest the overall median annual wage for pharmaceutical sales reps is $132,944. Pharmaceutical sales is a high-paying sales job and require a bachelor’s degree or a high GPA are usually required for entry.

Sales Engineers

Sales engineers provide technology-driven products or services to large corporations. They have technical expertise in understanding and explaining the function to consumers.

The companies can help develop the products or help customers with issues after installation. In March 2019, labor statistics showed a sales engineer’s base pay was $103,900.

The lowest 10% earn less than $59,180 annually, while the top 10% earn a $174,270 salary.

Sales engineers are unique. They are paid mainly by sales. Sales engineers generally have positions at company sales who sell equipment and mechanical components.

Sales engineers can analyze a variety of equipment and machinery of their customers to understand and offer custom products or services.

Talent Agent

When someone thinks of commissioning jobs, talent agents rarely come to mind. As a talent agent, you represent artists and writers.

What amount you get paid is influenced by your situation. The top 10% of those salaries are usually over $90,500.

Putting It All Together

These high commission sales jobs require commission sales skills and all merit consideration.

Make sure you understand the sales aspects of the companies because these elements are commonly required in the job and the commission structure of future commission earnings.

There are great companies that offer fair salaries after a job search.

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What's The Best Way To Increase Your Earnings With Commissions?

Working as a sales agent on commission is a good sales position and a decent way to make a living.

Employer compensation can vary depending on whether the workers are rewarded or not, have a bachelor’s degree, or include hourly wages.

Commission systems are used to compensate the workers selling goods directly to consumers rather than business to business.

Earnings are based upon sales requirements such that a customer can meet their target.

Kennected’s motto is “relationships over revenue,” knowing full well a salary matters, but a strong consumer-business relationship matters more.

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