Here’s What’s Trending In Media & Publications Right Now

Those with experience in visual trends know that the old axiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” is nonsense. They’re worth a lot more.

Very few people would say the words we use aren’t important. They’re valuable; we all know that. Word lovers & language experts are in high demand right now. 

However, in online retail, the first step is getting users to stop scrolling mindlessly & give those words a chance to tell a story. 

As you try to take your business to the next level, here are seven trends to watch.

  1. Infographics
  2. Animation & video
  3. Using gradients more
  4. Incorporating nostalgia
  5. Include charitable endorsements & community commitment
  6. Consistency AND variety
  7. QR codes

Here’s what the article states –

Few things catch the human eye faster than motion. Visual designers use this reality in social media and online media to draw attention without becoming intrusive or overbearing. Additionally, the recognition that audiences prefer to remain in control of their experiences online has sparked new levels of creativity tempered with restraint.

Similarly, the recent reversal of fortune at YouTube gives evidence that they may have overplayed their hand when it comes to monetizing videos with “unskippable” ads. YouTube, TikTok, and similar video services rose to prominence with younger audiences. This happened precisely because they catered to increasingly short attention spans.

It would seem perhaps that ad revenue blinded them to the initial reason for their success. Nowadays, users are fleeing YouTube in droves. Inserted ads have overtaxed their patience. As you look to use video marketing for your company, keep this cautionary tale somewhere in the back of your mind.

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