Proven Growth Hacking Lead Generation Techniques for LinkedIn

What is Gamification?​

Have you been searching for ways to increase your incoming leads on LinkedIn and found no other working strategies? If that describes your situation, look no further. You’re about to see a step-by-step guide covering the best method of effective “growth hacking” on LinkedIn. The method below is by far the easiest and best proven for generating leads, especially for start-ups.

The growth hack being covered here has been created by collecting all of our previous experiences in lead generation and combining them into one, cohesive strategy. This combination of software with Kennected will allow you to generate numerous hot leads on LinkedIn with minimal effort and with NO ad spending required. Here’s a list of tools we’ll be using for this strategy:

  • Kennected
  • PhantomBuster
  • Google Sheets
  • Zapier
Included in this tutorial are the necessary steps, all illustrated for your benefit and understanding of a strong lead generation strategy. After following these steps, you can expect to enhance your lead generation and outreach to a much higher degree.

Why Do Business Professionals Use LinkedIn as a Lead Generation Platform?​

  • Lead conversion rates on LinkedIn are 3 times higher than other large advertising platforms, including Google Ads
  • 79% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn the best lead generation source
  • 50% of B2B purchasers utilize LinkedIn when making a decision
  • LinkedIn has nearly 700 million active users

How to Leverage Facebook Groups for LinkedIn Lead Generation​

  1. Look for a Facebook group where you can find leads best suited for your target audience
  2. Scrape the names of Facebook profiles from specific Facebook groups
  3. Find Linked Profile URLs from the scraped profile information
  4. Add the found LinkedIn Profile URLs to your Kennected Sequence

Why Facebook Groups?​

Every growth hacker wants to target people in specific groups on Facebook, but why is this? People in groups are usually far more interested in a particular topic than Facebook’s “targeting on interests” Ad Manager setting. For example, you might really like the Under Armour brand, but joining their Facebook group displays a new level of brand loyalty and love for a product or thing in general.

Seek Out Your Target Audience on Facebook

It’s very easy to locate a Facebook group based on a specific target audience. Simply go to the Facebook search bar and follow the steps below:

  • Enter your relevant keywords in the search bar
  • After that, select the ‘Group‘ filter and bring up the results
  • Find as many Facebook groups as you’d like that are relevant to your business
  • Save/copy those URLs so we can come back to those groups later

Use PhantomBuster to Scrape Facebook Groups for LinkedIn URLs​

PhantomBuster is a fantastic tool for growth hacking. Their APIs have allowed Facebook users to save many hours that would normally be spent prospecting on other important tasks. In this workflow, we are going to be using two PhantomBuster APIs:

#1. Facebook Group Extractor​

The first Phantom will be used for scraping profile information from a target group of Facebook profiles. Simply find or search this particular item, and then click ‘Use this Phantom‘.

#2. LinkedIn Profile URL Finder

This second Phantom will be used to find specific LinkedIn profile URL information using the scraped Facebook data. Install this one using the same steps mentioned for the first Phantom.

Setting Up and Connecting the Phantoms​

Following the previous steps, we will first set up the Facebook Group Extractor using the guide below:

  1. You can find the Facebook Group Extractor phantom here
  2. Connect Phantom with you Facebook account, and click on the ‘Connect to Facebook‘ button to ensure cookies are enabled
  3. Now, go ahead and paste one of the Facebook group URLs that you copied earlier
  4. Add the number of profiles you would like to scrape on the first launch
  5. Click ‘Save‘ and then click to launch the Phantom!
  6. After launching, be sure to save/copy the ‘Chain Phantom Link‘. This will be used in the following steps

Next, we will set up the LinkedIn Profile URL Finder using these steps:

  1. You can find the LinkedIn Profile URL Finder phantom here
  2. Paste the ‘Chain Phantom Link‘ from the above steps, and add it as a ‘Spreadsheet URL‘ in this phantom
  3. Set the column name for first and last names as ‘name’
  4. Click ‘Save‘ on this phantom and press ‘Launch
  5. Once again, be sure to save/copy the ‘Chain Phantom Link’ from this phantom as it will be needed in the next step

Save LinkedIn Profiles to Google Sheets​

Once these phantoms begin to run, we’ll need a place to save the information being scraped. This part is where Google Sheets comes into the picture. Follow the steps below to easily sync your phantoms with Google Sheets:

  1. Create a Google Sheet, and name it however you prefer
  2. In the first cell  of your worksheet (the top-left, empty box), enter the following formula: IMPORTDATA (“[INSERT CHAIN PHANTOM LINK HERE]”)
  3. Once the formula is applied, all profiles that were extracted using PhantomBuster will be populated in the worksheet

Save LinkedIn Profiles to Google Sheets​Connect to Your Google Sheet with Kennected using Zapier​

During this step, we will be adding all of the profiles from the Google Sheet to Kennected using a service known as Zapier. In order to build the Zap, we’re going to need to use 2 Zapier Apps:

  1. Google Sheets; this Zap will automatically migrate new LinkedIn Profile URLs as they are added to your worksheet
  2. Webhooks; this will push the data from Zapier to Kennected
Now, let’s go ahead and set up these two Zaps.
  1. Create a new Zap, and set the ‘Trigger App‘ as ‘Google Sheet
  2. Choose the ‘Trigger Event‘ as ‘New or Updated Spreadsheet Row
  3. Sign into your Google account and select which Spreadsheet, Worksheet and Column you would like to set the trigger for
  4. Now, go ahead and test the trigger and retrieve the sample data from your spreadsheet

Create a Webhook Outreach Sequence in Kennected​

  1. Create an Invitation Sequence in Kennected
  2. Under ‘Define Target Audience‘, check the box next to Webhook
  3. This will provide you with a Webhook URL. Save/Copy it and we will use it in the next step

Set Up a New Webhook in Zapier to Push Profile Information​

  1. Select the ‘Action App as Webhook‘ option. Webhook is a premium app through Zapier, so be sure to have a premium account before moving forward with this step
  2. Choose the ‘Action Event‘ as ‘POST
  3. Paste the Webhook URL from your Kennected invitation sequence into this Webhook
  4. Select the ‘Payload Type‘ as ‘JSON
  5. Inside the ‘Data’ field, be sure to name the field using the same convention as the screenshot below
  6. Finally, run the test and turn on the Zap

Why Kennected is the Safest and Most Reliable LinkedIn Automation Platform

After following the simple steps above, ANYONE can feel confident about properly leveraging their social platforms for lead generation right? While prospecting is something that can be done manually, why would you when you can put your lead flow on auto-pilot and STILL retain your personal touch in doing so? Kennected is the best of the best for this purpose. When making use of all of the tools at your disposal, you have some powerful weapons for generating leads and growing your business.

A.) Kennected is the SAFEST​

What makes Kennected the safest option for LinkedIn automation are its daily limits and warning system. Our software has safeguards to ensure your LinkedIn account always follows LinkedIn’s user guidelines and does not end up banned. We help you scale your growth properly so you can have a constantly growing and flourishing network.

B.) Kennected is Cloud-based​

Kennected data is stored on AWS cloud servers at all times! Data security is incredibly important to us, and so we ensure that your data remains secure on Amazon servers. This means that no matter where you go or what device you log into, you can have all of your same data stored safely and synced with the cloud.

C.) Kennected is User-friendly​

Kennected offers an easy-to-use, simple, and user-friendly interface with a very wide range of features. You can smoothly set up your campaigns as needed with no hassle! Easy use in turn saves you time and helps you generate further leads even faster. We also offer lifetime support for all Kennected customers – something that is not always guaranteed with products in this day and age.

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