How To Grow Your Real Estate Business On Facebook

Facebook is a great way to connect and socialize with friends, family, and colleagues online. But for marketers and business owners, it is also a great way to promote their brand and reach a larger audience.

But because everyone is on Facebook—including your competitors—it is very easy to get lost in the crowd. And with 2.7 billion active users per month, that is a very large crowd to get lost in.

If you want your real estate business to grow, you need to start optimizing your Facebook page. Your goal is to appear in more search results and maximize your engagement. So if you are already active on Facebook and posting updates regularly, then you already have a good start.

Today we will be talking about how you can make the most out of this very popular social networking platform.

Add a Profile Picture​

If you are setting up your real estate business page on Facebook for the very first time, don’t forget to add a professional-looking profile picture.

For real estate businesses, it is actually better to have your face on the profile picture rather than your logo, because you want to start establishing yourself as a trustworthy figure. People are more likely to trust real estate agents and realtors when they can see that person’s face.

This is especially important in the online space where people are meeting you for the first time through social media. Prospects want to see a friendly, approachable, and professional face. Something as simple as adding a good profile picture can increase your engagement significantly.

Make sure that the photo is not grainy, low-res, or cluttered. It’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer to get a nice-looking headshot for your profile photo.

Complete Your Profile​

When you set up a Facebook profile or business page for the first time, filling out all those available fields might feel unnecessary. But this actually improves the way search engines rank your profile.

Additionally, if there are leads who are interested in the smallest details of your business, they may look for it on your page. It helps to give your leads all the information they want because it develops trust and increases your credibility. It also makes it easier for you to convince them to convert into a client.

Use Relevant Keywords

Speaking of search engines, you want to rank as high as possible in search results because it increases traffic and generates more leads. The more people visit your Facebook page, the more leads you can get. Do some research about the key phrases and keywords that are related to your industry.

Don’t just settle for the generic and broad keywords like “real estate”, because everyone in your industry will be competing in there. Try to be as specific as possible and incorporate the qualities that make your business unique. If you have a certain specialization, demographic, or location, mention them in your page. Sample keywords are “luxury homes” and “New York”.\

Once you’ve identified your optimal keywords, sprinkle them all over your page—but use them in natural sentences, of course.

Develop Your Brand​

Having a well-established brand makes your real estate business instantly recognizable. If you do it well, you can easily set yourself apart from your competition. Branding is all about highlighting all the great qualities that make your company unique. You need to lean into your specializations.

Your brand should be incorporated into your entire Facebook page: from the tone of your posts to the colors you use in your content. Choose images that convey your brand’s story so people can relate to it better.

Create High Quality Content

Having an optimized Facebook page isn’t enough: you need to use it actively. Posting content is a great way to connect with your target audience, reach more people, give value to your community, and prove that you are a thought leader in your industry.

As you can see, content marketing has a lot of benefits. If you include your keywords and key phrases into your posts and add relevant hashtags, more people can see your content. You’ll be able to find and reach your targets more consistently.

Keep in mind that visual content usually receive the highest engagement, so post pictures and videos often. Talk about real estate: give them tips and tricks, guides, life hacks, etc. Teach them what they need to know about your industry so they can get value out of you before they even convert into a client.

Facebook marketing is all about social proof. If you build strong relationships with your followers, your brand will enjoy more engagement and conversions.

Engage With Your Community​

Lastly, don’t forget the social aspect of social media. Even when you’re busy promoting your brand, you should remember that it’s not about selling all the time. It’s about building relationships and growing your own community.

This will take time, care, and a lot of effort, but it’s a surefire way to generate leads organically. You will be developing a good reputation for your company, and you’ll even enjoy some good word of mouth from your loyal customers.

When people comment on your content, try to start conversations with them—or at least reply to their comment in a thoughtful way. The key to Facebook success is being an active participant, and not just a marketer or real estate agent. Start using Facebook to grow your real estate business today!

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