How To Grow Your LinkedIn Community

There are various ways to grow your LinkedIn:

  • Write engaging LinkedIn content

  • Reshare content

  • Engage with other LinkedIn members

  • Create and/or join a LinkedIn group

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile

  • Add a follow button to your website

  • Add a page link to your email signature

  • Use hashtags

  • Adjust content based on page insights

  • Incorporate video content

  • Spy on the competition

  • Create showcase pages

  • Share job postings on your page

The business world is more interconnected than ever before, and LinkedIn marketing is proud to play a part.

And unlike Facebook and Instagram, people on LinkedIn are there to further their professional network, build their brand, and increase their industry knowledge.

You might have thought that LinkedIn was only a good social network for those in the B2B sector to locate their target audience.

However, you can use it for the B2C sector too. Either way, LinkedIn is a media site anyone can use to grow a business.

With nearly 740 million members across 200+ countries, the platform has become more than just a portal for job seekers.

Today, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and an excellent destination for B2B marketing.

The LinkedIn page is your organization’s hub within this global community: a place to share, connect, and grow.

The reality is that you need to know how to set up and market your own LinkedIn group if you want it to thrive. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can do just that.

By the end, you should know all that you need to so that you can join the other business owners who have created a successful LinkedIn group of their own.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform used to build brand awareness and relationships with consumers.

Businesses using LinkedIn can market to potential customers and partners by posting engaging content and participating in industry discussions.

Business owners can use LinkedIn to grow their email marketing list with their professional connections and network.

When it comes to establishing professional reach and building lasting impressions, LinkedIn is a preferred platform. Just ask top executives.

As it stands, 91% of executives turn to LinkedIn over any other business platform if they’re seeking quality content.

Attracting LinkedIn Page Followers

One in three professionals are on LinkedIn, so you shouldn’t find it too hard to seek out potential members for your group via the media site.

Let’s look at how you can find people who might be worth inviting to your group.

Whenever you publish content from your page, make sure you’re responding to comments received on your posts.  

LinkedIn lets pages engage in this way for their own posts, so take full advantage of being able to interact with your audience as a brand.

Share Valuable Content

Make sure that you get the community engaged. As the group grows, more and more members will invite other members.

And then they learn about you through the group and will also follow you in person. This is another way to organically grow your LinkedIn audience in 2022.

Write LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn has a unique publishing platform. You can use it to share blog posts on LinkedIn. LinkedIn prefers content hosted on their website.

By sharing an article, you will get more people sharing.

Add A "Follow" Button To Your Website

This simple addition can help turn your website visitors into LinkedIn page followers.

To compel action, you might include messaging like, “If you enjoy our content here, you’ll love the stuff we share on LinkedIn.”

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Invite People To LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups remain a trusted place for you and your members to gather. You can only invite people whom you’ve connected with on LinkedIn.

You can build a LinkedIn business page for free if you have a company name and email.

To invite your connections, click “Manage” on your LinkedIn Group homepage and select “Invited Users” on the left.

Let’s suppose you’re looking to invite people to a group centered around supplying marketing advice for dentists.

Go to the LinkedIn homepage and set the drop-down option to people. If you type in ‘dentists,’ you get tens of thousands of results related to the keyword dentist.

For some industries, you can just type in a keyword/job title, and many relevant individuals will appear in the listings.

However, that does not happen most of the time — so you need to refine your search.

Having a topic that your customers care about will not only attract them to be part of your LinkedIn Group.

It will also help keep the conversations in the group focused and make it easier for you and your team to manage the group.

Keep in mind, though, that you don’t want to invite anyone and everyone. You need to ensure that you’re only inviting people who will find your group valuable and of relevance.

When you have the ‘Request to Join’ option enabled, you’ll be able to investigate the profile of a potential member before they join your group.

Taking all these steps ensures that your group is a fun and interesting place to be.

When it’s like this, people won’t mind inviting other LinkedIn members to join the group, too.

 Find other groups online that are similar, but not identical, to yours and actively comment and provide feedback.

Here are some questions to help you decide on your group topic:

  • What are your goals for the community?

  • What conversations would be useful to your customers?

  • What are some questions that your customers often ask you?

  • What are the common topics that your brand is related to?

If you have other marketing channels, such as other social media profiles, email, or a blog, you could use them to promote your new LinkedIn Group.

If you’ve already built a hefty following on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, you shouldn’t be afraid to promote your LinkedIn group there.

The chances are good that the people who engage with you on these platforms will like what you’re talking about in your social network groups.

Alternatively, you could also share your LinkedIn Group on your personal LinkedIn profile and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Include Group Links In Emails

You can also reach a broader audience by sharing your “Group Join” link on other social networks.

Add the link to your email footer, your website, your profile (of course), and any other locations where potential community members might be.

Encourage your existing members to take an active role in promoting the group beyond LinkedIn, too. That being said, don’t let everyone into the party. 

Set your group account to be on pre-approval so you can make sure there are no spam accounts or people that don’t fit your group.

Creating A "Welcome Message"

One item you should focus on is creating a ‘Welcome Message.’ A welcome message is a message that people receive as soon as they join your group.

If you want to create a welcome message, do the following.

  1. Go to the page where you can manage the settings for your group.

  2. Then, pick the ‘Templates’ option in the drop-down menu.

  3. Then, select ‘Welcome Message.’

You’ll see this page — For the subject line, you don’t have to make it too complicated. You can just say, ‘ Thanks for Joining the Group – Here’s What to Expect!’

You can develop something much better, though this is a good starting point.

Optimize Group Information

Make it easy for people to find your group by optimizing the group information with relevant keywords.

It would be unfortunate for someone never to find your group, simply because you didn’t spend a little time optimizing your content upfront.

Be sure to keep an eye on the conversations and vet whether someone is lowering the quality of collective conversation.

One way to set the group up to avoid this is to have “group rules” or policies posted visibly for new members to understand how to navigate topics like:

  • Self-promotion

  • Harassment of other members, and content that is not invited (memes, job postings)

On the flip side, regular maintenance is a great way to find members who enhance the group and bring great feedback and input.

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Dealing With Troublemakers

There’s never a group of apples without a rotten one or two or three. If they become a problem, you can boot them or have a quiet word with them.

You can also moderate people who are new to the LinkedIn platform.

These individuals might not know the LinkedIn environment and how they should interact with other LinkedIn members.

Because of this, you might also want to monitor these individuals for a set period. There’s also the option to moderate people with little or no LinkedIn connections.

Join LinkedIn Groups

For small business owners, ensure you join groups relevant to your target audience.

Not only is this a great way to hone in on what your audience is talking about, but there may also be times for small business owners to interact or offer their advice.

Showcase Pages

A showcase page is an affiliated extension of your company’s LinkedIn page, designed to highlight a specific sub-brand, business unit, or initiative.

Creating them, when warranted, develops multiple points of discovery and entry for your main Page.

Don’t dilute your LinkedIn presence by creating showcase pages for every product, or different regions; it’s better to utilize this feature for broader (yet distinct) verticals or business lines.

Engaging With Other Group Members

Engaging with other company pages, especially those within the same niche as yours, is important. Often people will get an instant notification.

It can be a little bit more difficult for company pages because not every company page is monitored, and not every company page is engaging.

But especially if you’re tagging people, you will find that they will often engage with your posts. They will leave a comment or like or share. This will then be shown to their audience.

Some of those people will come over to your post. And will become followers of you, enticing group members to check out your profile and the organization you represent.

Add A Page Link To Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

Your personal LinkedIn profile is another opportunity to capture relevant members and direct them toward your company’s hub on the platform.

Consider adding a short link to your LinkedIn page in the “Website URL” field on your profile or your headline.

Advertise Your LinkedIn Group

You might also want to use LinkedIn ads to grow your group if you can afford it. This can get a little expensive, but it is still worth considering.

Act-On Group Insights

As a social media manager, you can drive awareness and advocacy for your brand by establishing relationships with the right audience and engaging with them through relevant content and personalized interactions.

But it’s hard to drive results for your business unless you know who you are engaging and what content drives engagement. LinkedIn page insights can help.

Your “Analytics” page – built into your LinkedIn page – displays monthly engagement metrics for all your posts.

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Listed Or Unlisted?

LinkedIn made an update to adjust groups as either listed or unlisted. 

When a group is listed, its title is searchable and will appear on a member’s profile. 

In contrast, unlisted groups are “off the grid,” meaning they are not searchable and can only be accessed through a direct link or invite from the group admin.

If you want to build a larger audience and grow awareness of your niche and expertise, being listed will help.

Your content will be searchable, and your group title will appear when a member hunts for a topic related to your group.

Give Out Business Cards

When you go to a networking event, you’re meeting people in person. Give them your business card and tell them to follow you or connect with you on LinkedIn.

You can also use that at events. Put a business card on every seat. The interested people will pick up a business card.

And then have another opportunity to scan the QR code and follow you. And this is another way you can grow your audience quickly in 2022.

Use Hashtags

On social platforms, hashtags help people find topics and content of interest. On LinkedIn, hashtags are searchable; members can click on hashtag links to find similar posts.

Using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts helps members discover and join relevant conversations, enabling you to appear in trending conversations.

To make your LinkedIn page appear lively, interactive, and approachable, you’ll want to engage with others and help shape existing conversations on the platform.

Community hashtags present a simple way to do so.

You can choose up to three specific hashtags to associate with your page, making it more discoverable for members interested in the hashtag.

You’ll also be able to react to and comment on conversations on the hashtag feeds from the perspective of your brand, carving a distinct point of view.

So, target each LinkedIn page update to the most relevant audience by creating a customized feed featuring hashtags.

You can even mention people mentioned in an update or in the content you share to gain exposure to their network.

Content Marketing Personalization

Many people check a VIP profile’s ‘Recent Activity’ section to see what they’ve been doing.

Whether you’re looking to message VIPs or small business owners, you must ensure that your messages are always thoughtfully constructed. Personalization is essential here.

Always use their name when writing to them. Figure out what the other person is into and mention why the group might interest them.

Create Video Content

LinkedIn members are 20x more likely to share a video on LinkedIn than any other post type. To create remarkable and professional video content for LinkedIn:

  1. Get the right equipment: video camera, tripod, microphone, and lighting

  2. Make a video focused on a single idea or topic and aligned with your goals

  3. Edit your video for length and add a call to action

  4. Post your video on LinkedIn

Have Employees Reshare Your Content

We’ve used OPA (Other People’s Audiences) before, and it’s no different on LinkedIn.

Encourage key employees to share to their network — key employees could be anyone on your team from founders, senior leaders, sales, or anyone in HR or customer-facing, depending on the content they’re sharing.

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Run A Webinar

For the first few webinars, you run, you might not want to have something for sale at the end.

Instead, you might want to build up some trust, so that members respond better to future messages you send.

Remember, 93% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is effective for generating leads, so the potential is there. You just need to pick the right moment.

Even if you want to offer something at the end of the webinar, ensure that the content is amazing and that your pitch is not over the top.

Sponsoring Posts

The basic idea behind sponsored posts on LinkedIn is to advertise native content to a new audience.

There’s no hard and fast rule for what type of sponsored content converts new followers.

People want free content and don’t want to see pure advertising anymore.

Through a LinkedIn Sponsored Update, a firm can market its content (whitepapers, guides, etc.) to a niche audience, boost website traffic, and generate sales leads with compelling content.

Share Job Postings On Your Page

LinkedIn is, of course, a very popular destination for job-hunting. Leveraging your page for talent acquisition and marketing can open it up to new audiences.

Analyze Your Competitor's Pages

Competitor analysis is important in all aspects of digital marketing, and this is no different.

You should review what others are doing on LinkedIn, not so you can replicate these practices, but the opposite: so you can identify the white space and provide something members won’t find elsewhere.

Grow Your Other Social Media Channels

Grow your other social media channels. Don’t just focus on LinkedIn. Make sure you grow your other social media channels as well, so you have a backup.

You don’t know what’s happening with the LinkedIn algorithm. At some point, this platform might not be there anymore.

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The Bottom Line

At its core, LinkedIn is a professional social network. It’s about career development, professional connections, industry discussions, and other business-related activities.

You can find customers, employees, and partners alike on LinkedIn.

By you being willing to share some of that expertise and knowledge with your LinkedIn network, you are becoming precious to them.

The moment you share a lot of value with your audience. You make it much more likely that they want to follow you because they want to get more value in the future.

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