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Multilevel marketing (MLM) is a strategy used by direct sales companies wherein members are encouraged to sell their products and services while also bringing in new recruits into the business. These new recruits become the distributor’s “downline” or network. In turn, they are also encouraged to make sales and recruit new members to earn money.

In this setup, distributors are paid a certain percentage of their recruits’ sales. Multilevel marketing gets a bad reputation because of illegal operations that run in a similar way, also known as pyramid schemes. But a lot of MLM schemes are legal and are operated legitimately, and that is what we are going to focus on as we discuss how you can grow your own MLM downline.

When it comes to MLM, there are two sides of the business: promoting the products and recruiting new people. You need to sharpen your skills at selling and recruiting if you want to succeed in this industry. Growing your downline involves a lot of hard work, and if you don’t get good at recruiting, you cannot grow.

Improving your MLM recruiting is all about establishing a system that works for you. Here we will talk about how you can grow your Le-Vel MLM downline.

What Do Le-Vel Reps Sell? About Le-Vel

Le-Vel is a direct selling and multilevel marketing company that produces and sells health and wellness products. Started in 2012, Le-Vel’s core product offering is Thrive. Thrive is a simple regimen that consists of the following: Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, Ultra Micronized Shake Mix, and Lifestyle DFT With Fusion 2.0 Technology.

Le-Vel reps mostly sell Thrive as well as other products that aim to help people reach their physical and mental potential. Le-Vel products include Thrive W, Thrive M, and other premium capsules.

This MLM company is unique because of its modern approach to its day-to-day operations, running purely using cloud-based technology. It is currently the only health and wellness company to do so.

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Jump Start Your Le-Vel MLM Business with These Industry Leading Strategies

If you want your Le-Vel business to grow, here are a few strategies and platforms you need to try.

Know where your target audience “hangs out” or spends time IRL and online. Finding out how people are looking for opportunities via a search function like Google or YouTube (where the user is looking to extract data from a database) or being pushed a message onto them via discovery via hashtags on your social media feed—knowing where your ideal prospects spend time online, and how they learn or educate themselves as well as entertain themselves is essential. 

  • Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform with over 2 billion monthly active users.  That is 17.6% of the world population.

Over 200 million businesses are actively using the platform to promote themselves. A significant portion of the Instagram user population is from the US, with 123 million users. Meanwhile, 87% of Instagram users are from outside the US.

51.6% of all Instagram users are male while 48.4% are female. It is more popular among younger demographics, with 31% of all Instagram users being 18 to 24 years old. In fact, 73% of US teens say that the best way for brands to reach them is through Instagram. 25% of US teens say it is their preferred social media platform.

In 2021, Instagram users spent an average of 30 minutes per day on the platform.

Needless to say, this is an incredibly popular social network that can help you grow your MLM downline if you can use it correctly. Instagram is all about influencer marketing and aesthetics. You need to understand your brand and identity so you can post relevant pictures that capture the attention of your leads.

It is especially useful for businesses that are in the fashion, beauty, health, fitness, and parenting industries.  But you can succeed on Instagram no matter what you are selling as long as you maintain a solid and recognizable brand.

Keep in mind that Instagram users do not appreciate seeing product post after product post. You need to create a page that revolves around the lifestyle that you are selling. That’s what makes them want to follow a brand.

  • Facebook

If you thought Instagram was popular, Facebook takes this to a whole other level, with 2.91 billion users as of 2022. It also has a high number of daily active users at 1.93 billion. Around 69% of US adults are on Facebook. However, almost 90% of all active Facebook users come from outside the US and Canada. India, Indonesia, and Brazil all have over 100 million Facebook users each.

56% of Facebook users are male while 44% are female. 1.7% of all Facebook users are on desktop while 1.59 billion use their mobile device. In terms of income, 75% of users with an income above $75k are on Facebook.

The largest demographic group on Facebook is between 25 and 35 years old, so you should use this social network if your target audience is within that age range. Facebook appeals to older users unlike Instagram. However, there is also a significant population of Facebook users who are between the ages 18 and 24, with 23.8% of the user population falling within that age range.

If you want to use Facebook for MLM, it’s all about content marketing. Attracting people to your brand and products is better than selling stuff directly on Facebook. Most people do not come to social media to buy things. Instead, you need to make them realize that what you are offering may be something that they need.

Do not push your leads away—pull them into your page using genuinely helpful content. This will also establish you as a thought leader in your industry, which makes it easier to gain people’s trust and recruit them into your downline later on. Bring value to your leads, optimize your profile to make the best first impression, and grow your downline authentically.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not be as big as other social networking platforms, with only 810 million users around the world, but it is the biggest platform that concentrates on building professional and business relationships. It is the world’s largest networking event. There are over 690 million professionals on LinkedIn, meaning it is full of CEOs, entrepreneurs, professionals, and other decision makers in various industries.

LinkedIn has over 15 million open jobs—but it is not just for job hunters and recruiters anymore. It has evolved into an essential tool for B2B marketers and salespeople.

It goes without saying that this social networking platform is full of highly valuable leads for your MLM company. In fact, 50% of LinkedIn users say they are more likely to buy from someone they’ve engaged with on LinkedIn.

More than 74% of LinkedIn users are from outside the US. Speaking of US, 48.5% of LinkedIn users in the US are actively using the platform each month.

56.9% of LinkedIn users are male while 43.1% are female. As for the age demographics, 60.1% of LinkedIn users are between the ages of 25 and 34—which makes sense considering it is mostly used by the working population. However, it also has its fair share of millennials: with 19.2% of LinkedIn users being 18 to 24 years old.

LinkedIn is such a relevant platform in today’s professional landscape that 50% of all internet users with a college degree or higher are using it. We can say that LinkedIn is not only a social channel but a business channel.

If you want to grow your MLM downline on LinkedIn, you need to identify your target audience. LinkedIn works best when you focus on the best leads rather than casting a wide net. Identify the people who will benefit most from your products and services and then target that demographic.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile and start building your network. To make LinkedIn prospecting easier, you can use Kennected, which is an automation tool for LinkedIn that gives you a continuous stream of leads, connections, and appointments. With Kennected, you can send personalized messages and follow-ups automatically without spamming your target audience. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more.

  • YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform out there, with over 2.6 billion users around the world. The number of active users on YouTube reaches 122 million per day. People spend an average of 18 minutes per day on the video platform.

The total daily hours of video watched on YouTube is 1 billion hours. This is no surprise considering that there are 500 hours’ worth of video uploaded per minute and over 1 billion videos watched per day.

53.9% of YouTube users are male while 46.1% are female. 81% of US adults use YouTube. In terms of age demographics, 95% of 18 to 29 year-olds in the US use YouTube. 91% of people in the US aged 30 to 49 use the platform. Up to 49% of people in the US over 65 years old are using YouTube.

US YouTube users are also very active on the platform. 62% of YouTube users in the US say they visit the site every day.

With all the content that is being published on YouTube, it’s hard to stand out unless you already have an established brand. So to succeed here, you need to start building your brand by publishing your own videos on a regular basis.

Edit your videos to make them look professional. Keep them short and to the point to maintain your audience’s interest. Most importantly, cover topics that are relevant to your niche to attract your ideal targets for your MLM business.

  • TikTok

TikTok has proven that it is not just a passing trend and that it is here to stay. Like YouTube, TikTok is also a video sharing platform, but it is more focused on short form content. TikTok now has 1.2 billion users around the world as of 2022, and is now worth $50 billion.

There are 138 million monthly active TikTok users in the US.  57% of TikTok users are female while 43% are male.

This platform is mostly populated by younger users, with 43% of its global audience being 18 to 24 years old.  32% of TikTok users are aged between 25 and 34. In fact, only 3.4% of the TikTok user population is over the age of 55.

With its viral videos and popular trends, it’s easy to see why many people would spend so much time on the platform. The average TikTok user spends around 52 minutes on the app per day. 90% of TikTok users visit the app more than once a day.

The key to being successful on TikTok, whether you are a content creator or an MLM company is to get on the For You page. TikTok provides curated content based on what users like and engage with. So by making content that are relevant to your target audience’s interests, you will be able to show up on their For You page—the equivalent of the Facebook timeline—even if they are not following you.

TikTok makes it very easy for users to find and discover content that are interesting through the For You page. Even users who are casually scrolling through the app may find your brand’s videos. Hop on the latest trends and make your own version of popular videos. Don’t forget to inject some humor and insight so that viewers are more likely to follow you.

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Typical Recruiting Strategies for Most Multi-Level Marketing Companies

There are plenty of strategies you can try to boost your multi-level marketing company’s downline. But you need to strike the perfect balance when recruiting so you don’t push your leads away. Here are a few of the most common recruitment strategies used by MLM companies that you can try for yourself.

  • Build a list of friends and family

Some people are lucky enough to have many friends and family members that they can convince to join their business. But remember that you can’t rely on this. For your MLM company to grow, you need to develop a recruiting mindset.

You need to make friends wherever you go. The key is being able to recruit even strangers and casual acquaintances.

With that in mind, building a list with your friends and family is a good way to jumpstart your downline. You can expand it from there by connecting with mutual friends, colleagues, neighbors, old school friends, regular service providers, mentors, teachers, and members of your community.

Building your downline takes a lot of work, but everyone starts somewhere.

  • Attend BNI meetings

BNI, also known as Business Networking International, is a business referral organization founded by Ivan Misner in 1985. BNI is a good way for small businesses to get together and obtain referrals.

A BNI meeting typically involves a breakfast meeting with a local BNI chapter where you pitch your business and then set up one-on-one meetings with individuals within the group. The group can then work on getting referrals for one another.

Do take note that BNI has an annual membership fee. You also have to pay for breakfast in the restaurant you are meeting at. This recruitment strategy works fine for some companies, but it works best if you have a physical business with a mainstream niche. BNI is mostly for traditional small businesses rather than internet-based businesses and those with an unusual niche.

  • Build a network of referral partners

Speaking of referrals, you can try to build your own network of referral partners. Start by listing a few businesses that may serve as a strategic partner for you. Include businesses that you have collaborated with in the past.

You can then develop a referral system that makes it easy for you and your partners to generate referrals for one another. You can have clients fill up a form and provide their contact details.

You can also use your existing CRM system to capture this information so you can further support your strategic partner.

  • Post content on social media

If you’re still not promoting yourself on social media, you are definitely missing out. Just based on the few demographics we’ve listed above, most people are spending a significant amount of time on social media.

Establishing an online presence is a great way to get ahead of the competition. It has several undeniable benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on. Posting content on social media builds brand familiarity, which then helps you gain the trust of your target audience. If you continue posting high quality content, they will see you as a thought leader—which is exactly what you need to influence them to join your MLM downline.

In this digital age, content marketing is more important than ever. You can get discovered by new leads, build a following, provide value, and cultivate customer loyalty.

  • Talk about your product or service at every opportunity

In order to grow your MLM downline, you need to be the number one ambassador for your company and your brand. This means promoting your products and services every chance you get. But since you don’t want to push away your leads, recognizing the appropriate times to bring it up is an important skill to develop. Once you’ve mastered the art of promoting your company organically, you will be able to grow your MLM company with ease.

What Most Direct Sales Business Owners Are Doing Wrong

Most MLM business owners do it wrong. They come on too strong and assume that every single person they come into contact with is a potential sale or customer and they treat them with such reckless abandon that they end up burning family and friendships. Most of this could be avoided by proper sales training executed from the top of the direct sales organization.

Let’s face it: most direct sales organizations do not recruit professional salespeople. Some do, but by and large these are regular people who have no sales experience, have never been coached on the consultative approach, or social selling, or looping. Most new reps are so excited about the opportunity to change their life and the life of their family that they get overly zealous and often get angry when people don’t see the same opportunity and say “no”.

If you need further proof look at all the MLM fail screenshots online. The industry needs to educate and train sales reps in a way that encourages them to learn how to deal with rejection and how to remain positive without rubbing their friends, family and perfect strangers the wrong way.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a business model that involves person-to-person sales by company representatives. This is often done with a work from home (WFH) setup. If you are in a network marketing business, you may have to build your own network of business partners or your own sales team that can help you generate and convert leads into sales.

While many networking marketing operations are perfectly legal and reliable, their reputation is somewhat affected by the existence of pyramid schemes. The latter is less concerned with giving value to customers through high quality products and more focused on the recruitment of salespeople who are required to pay for expensive starter kits or training materials upfront. It is important to note that not all multi-tier marketing businesses are pyramid schemes.

Network marketing appeals to people with strong sales skills who are able to create a profitable business even with just a modest investment.

What is a Downline Building Service?

Downline building services are gaining traction on the internet, similar to how MLM programs are becoming more and more popular. This is because the internet is an ideal medium for marketing. It’s free and it is used by everybody.

Downline builders have become a popular way to recruit people for MLM companies. Just as the name implies, MLM downline builders help you build your downline. It is a marketing plan in which prospects are placed after signing up. This marketing plan may have a different organizational structure from other marketing plans. But regardless of structure, most downline builders are free.

What is a Direct Sales Company?

A direct sales company is a company that engages in direct selling. Direct selling involves selling products directly to consumers in a non-retail environment. This means that the sale occurs elsewhere like at home, work, online, or any other non-store location.

With the direct selling approach, businesses can avoid the usual intermediaries in the supply chain, allowing them to provide direct value to their customers. Direct selling mostly relies on a salesperson’s ability to get in front of a customer and sell the products to them.

Multilevel marketing is actually one type of direct selling. Other types of direct selling include single-level direct sales, and party-plan sales.

Are MLM (Multilevel Marketing) & Direct Sales Organizations the Same?

There are many similarities between MLM and direct sales organizations. However, they are not exactly interchangeable because of certain nuances and differences between them. Direct selling is more of an umbrella term that includes all types of companies in the industry—and that includes MLM companies. As long as a business is selling directly to the consumers, it can be considered a direct selling company.

On the other hand, multilevel marketing is a business structure wherein the seller earns from direct sales and the sales of recruits. The MLM is a tiered structure consisting of independent sellers and recruits. This is what sets MLM apart from direct sales organizations. So while MLM companies are doing direct selling, it does not mean all direct selling companies are MLMs.

How Do I Improve My Downline?

When building a downline, you have to be the biggest ambassador for your brand. You need to be loyal to your company brand so you can lead by example. You can’t sell your products convincingly unless you’ve tried them yourself and seen their results. You should essentially be a walking billboard for your brand.

Next, you need to encourage your downline to attend group-wide meetings and conventions whenever possible. These events and venues where distributors can all get together are perfect for getting everyone motivated. It helps people stay focused on their goals. This ultimately leads to improved sales.

You also have to be there to mentor your downline. You can offer advice and give them some inspiration. Tell them all about the business tools you used to grow your own downline. Encourage them to seek more information from books and online guides.

This business is built upon trust. Building your network is not an easy task, but you will eventually reach your goals by nurturing your existing connections and attracting more people into your downline.

How Do I Grow My Le-Vel Team?

Growing your Le-Vel team means you have to recruit more people to become Le-Vel distributors. Distributors for Le-Vel are called brand promoters. But in order to grow your business, you need to focus less on recruitment and put more effort into selling the products. That’s how you attract a larger audience, and how you can identify people with the same entrepreneurial spirit that you want on your Le-Vel team.

You need a solid social selling strategy. You don’t have to be a natural salesperson, but to grow in any MLM business, you need to sharpen your marketing skills, sales skills, networking skills, and communication skills. These are all necessary as they will help you target the right people and convince them to buy Le-Vel products from you.

When it comes to direct selling, you need to put yourself out there, right in front of your target audience. Whether it’s your friends, family members, co-workers, or total strangers, you need the ability to sell the Le-Vel experience.

It helps to be the biggest advocate for the Le-Vel brand. The best brand promoters are the ones who actually believe in the brand. Successful brand advocates were customers first before deciding to sell Le-Vel products.

To convince people to buy from you, you need to show them your results. Try these Thrive products yourself and see how they work for you. With your own success story, people are more likely to flock towards you and see what your products are all about. These people will want to see how Le-Vel can change their lives. This is how you spot potential customers and new distributors to recruit.

How Can I Make My Le-Vel Business Faster?

Social selling strategies will allow you to grow your Le-Vel business faster and more efficiently—and there are plenty of ways to connect with your leads and prospects. You can go for the traditional method of investing in advertising, but there are other creative ways to promote your business.

First, you need to let everyone know about your business. They can’t buy from you if you don’t tell them that you are selling something. This is where social media comes in handy. Everyone is spending time online, and you need to capitalize on that opportunity. Make a big announcement on social media.

You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or YouTube—wherever your target audience is hanging out online. You can even be present on all of these platforms to cast the widest net possible. What matters is that you maintain an active online presence so that customers and leads know where to reach you.

To complement your online marketing, you can host events and parties where people can attend and learn more about your products in a pressure-free environment. Selling your Le-Vel products should not be the main focus of these events. It will be more effective if people actually enjoy the event you are hosting.

Growing your network is the best way to succeed in this business. Start with your connections and then ask for referrals as you get more and more customers. Eventually, you can start recruiting people into your Le-Vel team, building your downline and earning more commissions.

How do Le-Vel Reps Get Paid?

As an MLM, Le-Vel allows its brand promoters to earn in two ways: by selling their products and by recruiting new team members into the business. Commissions are paid on a rep’s personal retail sales. They also earn commissions based on the sales generated by their recruits.

Personal sales will earn you 20%. The first level of your downline will earn you 12%. Levels 2 and 3 will earn you 4%. That is why this business opportunity is attractive: the bigger your downline, the more commissions you can earn.

You can even earn a free Thrive product every month by enrolling at least two of your personal customers in auto-ship. To start earning commissions, you simply have to get Qualified and maintain an Active status in Le-Vel. To do this, you have to purchase or sell a product that is worth 100PV or $100.

Brand promoters are qualified when they hit 100PV in sales, whether it is done all at once or cumulatively.

Is Working for Le-Vel Worth it?

Le-Vel is a legitimate business that has earned over 30 patents. The company’s achievements have been featured in Yahoo Finance and other news articles. One of their greatest accomplishments is the fact that they broke $1 billion in sales in less than 5 years of operation.

Le-Vel Thrive products are also considered safe. Very few people have reported problems such as headaches, rashes, gastrointestinal troubles, and other side effects. Between this and the positive reviews from people who have benefited from their products, it is safe to say that you will not have any trouble selling these products.

A lot of distributors started out as customers who genuinely believed in the benefits of Le-Vel Thrive. Some of them have been using it for a while before jumping on the MLM business opportunity.

Joining any MLM company is not going to be an easy endeavor. It is definitely not for everyone. It is not easy to make money from selling products and recruiting people, but for some entrepreneurs this is the perfect challenge for them. While it is undoubtedly challenging, it can also be rewarding, fun, and exciting to be a Le-Vel brand promoter.

What Company Owns Le-Vel?

Le-Vel Thrive was founded in 2012 by Paul Gravette and Jason Camper. It is a direct sales company that mostly sells dietary supplements. Camper and Gravette’s partnership began online, where they met and discovered their mutual desire for an innovative business model.

Gravette used his sales expertise to expand and network the brand, while Camper supervised logistics and operations. They then engaged with brand promoters, shipped products, provided customer support, and ran the business until it was ready to take off. Needless to say their efforts paid off now that Le-Vel is a billion-dollar MLM company.

Can You Make Money in Le-Vel?

While Le-Vel is a legitimate business operation, it is not that easy to make money from this business. The good news is that it offers a flexible work schedule because you get to decide how much time and effort you put into this business. That said, it takes a lot of work to make this business profitable and there is no guarantee for success. A lot of Le-Vel’s brand promoters use it as a source of additional income rather than using it as their main source of income.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Le-Vel?

Joining Le-Vel as a brand promoter is free, unlike other MLMs that require you to purchase a starter kit or pay an annual fee. You can enroll for free as a Le-Vel brand promoter. The company prides in the fact that they do not charge their brand promoters a fee for joining the company.

There are also no purchase requirements for becoming or maintaining Qualified and Active Status. You do need to sell or purchase a product that is worth 100PV in order to be qualified and start earning commissions. You can achieve this either cumulatively or all at once.

Can Le-Vel Be Trusted?

Le-Vel is an MLM, and therefore suffers the occasional comparison to pyramid schemes and scams. But the only similarity is that it involves recruiting new members. Pyramid schemes, however, do not offer any products. Le-Vel offers high quality products that continuously receive positive reviews from users.

Le-Vel’s marketing structure relies on their network of brand promoters who are all passionate about their products. Le-Vel even shares real proof of success from people who have joined their business as brand promoters.

Can I Switch Teams in Le-Vel?

Switching teams is not common in the multilevel marketing industry, and this also applies to companies like Le-Vel Thrive. Most MLMs discourage team switching.

There isn’t a lot of information out there about whether or not you can switch teams in Le-Vel. While it may be possible, we can assume that this happens very rarely and is not encouraged. Very few MLMs allow consultants and distributors to switch teams once they have joined the business.

How Do I Get Started with Le-Vel

You only need to follow four easy steps to get started with Le-Vel. Just enroll for free as a Le-Vel brand promoter, achieve the Qualified status and maintain your Active status, refer two customers to their Autoship Program,  and that’s it—you can start growing your business.

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