How To Grow Your Insurance Agency

Growing your insurance agency means venturing into uncharted territory and trying out different strategies. You need to upgrade every single aspect of your business, including your marketing, sales, staffing, and everything else in between.

It takes a lot of time, effort, investment, and commitment to build an insurance agency—and it takes even more to build a successful one. But thankfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to growth strategies and sales. It’s all been done before, and you just need to adopt some of the most effective techniques out there.

How to Grow Your Insurance Agency the Right Way

Your number one priority should be goal-setting. It is the first step towards helping you realize your personal goals as well as your agency growth targets. If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s going to be tough to get anywhere.

Set long term goals and then make sure you gear your daily goals towards them. You can then evaluate your progress at the 90-day mark, the six-month mark, and beyond. At the same time, you need to hold other people accountable to your goals as well.

If an insurance agency doesn’t have goals, or doesn’t track its own progress, then it’s not likely to become very successful. When you hold yourself and your staff accountable on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis, you will start seeing more results.

If your agency isn’t making their targets, ask yourself why. Try to identify the obstacles that are keeping you from meeting your goals.

Create a Winning Environment

Keeping your agents motivated and maintaining a positive atmosphere in the workplace is just as important as meeting your sales goals. You want to create a winning environment that breeds success. You want to empower your team so that each agent can feel free to ask you questions and interact with you in a way that is honest and genuine.

Help your entire team as needed and as often as possible to earn everyone’s trust. Remember that every person working in your insurance agency has a role. If you can maximize their talents, you will create experts who can fulfill the duties of each position better than anyone else.

Before your business can grow, you need to invest in your staff—and in yourself. Your employees are the lifeblood of your agency, so make sure they receive the training they need. At the same time, you should also keep pushing yourself to learn more. Don’t just rest on your laurels: try to grow with your company. Don’t stop learning, and don’t stop investing in yourself because you are the future of your agency.

Set Up a Bulletproof Marketing Game Plan​

When it comes to insurance agency marketing, there are plenty of tried and tested strategies that you can incorporate into your own game plan. You need to use both passive and active marketing strategies because one won’t work without the other.

For example, you need to use content marketing to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You need to set up a LinkedIn profile, start your own website, and become active in other social networking platforms. All of these will help establish your online presence and attract prospects—but you still need to engage in active marketing.

Some business owners hesitate to pay for marketing, but as long as it’s profitable, paid marketing is worth it. Of course, there are more cost-effective investments such as LinkedIn lead generation. Investing in Kennected, for example, will get you in front of the most qualified leads. Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that uses laser accurate data to find your ideal targets. You can then use its personalized messages and follow-ups to reach out to more people at scale.

Generating leads through LinkedIn is a very effective strategy because it has a large user base of over 675 million—all of which are working professionals. You want your insurance agency to be able to find leads by tapping into this massive platform. LinkedIn is full of leads and prospects.

To succeed in your natural market, you need to use all of these different strategies. From content creation to organic SEO, from online marketing to LinkedIn automation, you shouldn’t be afraid to test the waters.

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