What Makes A Good Enterprise Sales Rep?

A sales rep is someone who represents his or her company and its products. A sales rep is not the same as a sales agent because they work for the company and receive regular pay with commission. A sales agent, on the other hand, is an independent contractor. They are someone whose salary is based strictly on commission and not a salary.

Sales reps typically work in the office and are expected to communicate with management on a regular basis. Their job is to help the company by bringing in the profits made from goods and services.

Do Sales Reps Receive Benefits?

Since they are considered employees of the company, most sales reps have direct access to a full benefits package. This package usually includes health, dental, and vision insurance, and can come with retirement benefits as well. There is also sick leave, paid vacation, and other related benefits for company workers.

The Primary Role of the Sales Rep

Sales reps have a critical role. Their job is to keep company revenue flowing, and they do this through direct communication with customers. This is known as the sales process. Most corporate sales reps have a duty to make sales calls, meet with individual customers, and take thorough and accurate notes of such exchanges.

Good sales skills aren’t limited to profit-making for companies. It requires good etiquette in knowing what the customer wants and expects during the sales process. Good listening skills require taking notes on customer preferences and being able to find products that fit those preferences.

A good sales rep sends follow-up emails and updates customer records to include new contact information. Their job is to keep all of that information updated so that company records remain current. Most companies cover recordkeeping along with the sales process through new and ongoing sales training.

Sales Rep vs. Enterprise Sales Rep: Is There a Difference?

The first thing that comes to mind with a sales rep is someone who interacts with individual customers. In most cases, that’s true. People in sales are often expected to work one-on-one with people in an office or a store. But enterprise sales work differently than regular sales.

Regular sales deals with individual customers at the micro-level. But enterprise sales operate at a more advanced level. Enterprise sales reps are people who work at the macro level in order to attain profits from bigger industries. Their job is to interact with businesses and companies rather than people. With their level of complex responsibility, it’s no surprise that the average enterprise sales rep can make more than a decent income.

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The Complex Role of Enterprise Sales

Enterprise sales reps are involved in complex sales, which is sales at the macro level. The duties of an enterprise sales role must be fulfilled completely in order to maintain current business customers and attract new ones. Although these transactions may sometimes lead to a long sales cycle, securing a sales contract with major corporations is good for the life of the company.

What Qualifies as Good Enterprise Sales?

Successful enterprise sales require the following traits:

  • Good sales skills

  • Experience

  • Resilience under pressure

Enterprise sales personnel are the very people who go beyond the basics of cold calling and prospecting. They are the ones who are expected to establish big contracts with major corporations and chains in order to bring in fair and consistent revenue. These are the criteria for successful complex sales.

Having Good Sales Skills and What it Means for Enterprise Sales

Enterprise sales require a variety of complex skills, from dealing with major corporations to building a good sales team. A good enterprise sales team should consist of a group of people who have knowledge of the products and services being sold as well as the willingness to meet sales quotas under pressure.

The enterprise sales process includes the ability to sell goods or services to multiple stakeholders. For example, you might be a big company that makes milk and dairy products to sell to grocery chains across the nation. Some of your corporate stakeholders might be Meijer, Walmart, and Kroger. These clients invest in your products and place them in the dairy section to be sold. That’s one example of dealing with more than one potential corporate stakeholder.


Like most professions, experience is a must. You should have most of the critical sales skills needed to do the job. Having a wealth of experience reduces the time and expense needed to train a new enterprise salesperson. Plus, good experience allows a new sales rep a chance to add new ideas to a sales team. They may think of other ways that goals can be met by drawing on their previous experience with another corporation.

Resilience Under Pressure

Enterprise sales are competitive and require ambition and persistence. People working in the field need to meet and exceed sales goals under pressure. Enterprise sales require strong negotiation skills and the willingness to meet with corporate customers to provide new information about current and upcoming products and services.

Another major aspect of enterprise sales is giving presentations about new products and upcoming developments. Product demonstrations may be needed as part of this process, and sales professionals may be required to conduct periodic sales training for current and new enterprise sales team members.

Customer Relations and Enterprise Sales

A good enterprise sales model consists of maintaining positive and trustworthy relationships with stakeholders. This involves the use of solution sales when problems arise.

Solution sales are a critical component in enterprise sales. They are a sales process where a problem is identified. Also known as problem-led sales, the goal is to make any changes to what is being sold so that the problem can be solved. This paves the way for a long sales cycle that leads to customer relationship management. Good enterprise sales require keeping abreast of any changes in products, and that’s critical in maintaining professional relations with your consumers.

But there are many times when companies cannot attempt to seek solutions on their own. Other issues such as lack of communication, limited or inaccurate documentation, and corporate red tape become obstacles to progress. Hiring business process analysts can cut through these obstructions, target the problem, and recommend change. In short, they can guide a company’s enterprise sales team toward solution sales.

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