What Are The Goals Of Sales Enablement

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The main goal of sales enablement strategy is to strengthen the sales process by providing resources, content, and support to your sales team every day. Sales enablement is rooted in streamlining sales operations by utilizing the talents of sales and marketing teams.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following subjects in depth:

  • What sales enablement is

  • What a sales enablement team does

  • How to create a solid sales enablement strategy

  • What your sales enablement teams should be doing on an everyday basis

Read on to learn all about the goals of sales enablement and how this process is used to strengthen your sales organization.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing resources, sales training, and content geared specifically towards improving the sales process.

A sales enablement program is designed specifically to help your sales reps do their jobs well and ensure that they are well prepared to make conversions from leads into customers.

Your sales enablement efforts should do the following:

  • Improve the efficacy of your sales teams

  • Lean on the talents of your marketing and sales teams

  • Employ sales enablement software to help with content creation and storing client data

  • Have designated training programs for sales leaders

  • Focus on sales performance

  • Focus on equipping sales teams with sales content and graphics

Your sales enablement processes should ultimately work to strengthen sales strategy and the efficacy of your sales cycle.

This is an ongoing process, and effective sales enablement does not happen overnight.

As long as you keep your sales enablement goals centric to your processes and continue to use data to gauge the efficacy of your strategy, your sales enablement process will be heading in the right direction.

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What Does a Sales Enablement Team Do?

Having a designated sales enablement team can be a valuable asset to utilize in the pursuit of your goals.

Your sales teams are made up of sales reps, and you don’t want to take any of these individuals away from selling in order to focus on sales enablement strategy.

Having a group of individuals focused solely on sales enablement success may be just what your business growth needs to help with closing deals and generating revenue.

Here is what a sales enablement team could do for your business:

  • Monitor the success of the sales funnel

  • Measure sales efficiency

  • Train sales representatives on how to optimize customer success

  • Find the right sales enablement strategy for each sales rep

  • Measure the effectiveness of each of your sales enablement solutions

Having a sales enablement team gives your sales reps the unique opportunity to receive feedback and tips in a manner that they likely would not have access to without a designated group.

Each sales rep will sell a bit differently, so having a team dedicated to improving each person individually is truly an invaluable service.

How to Craft Your Sales Enablement Strategy

Before you get to work on designing your specific sales enablement strategy, you must first take time to evaluate your specific goals when it comes to sales and generating revenue.

The ultimate goal of any sales enablement strategy is to increase the efficacy of your sales department and get more conversions during this process.

Here are some other functions that your sales enablement strategy could focus on aside from the main goal of strengthening sales cycles:

  • Streamlining the process of converting a marketing qualified lead into a sales ready lead

  • Shortening sales cycle length

  • Outlining ways to measure success across the sales force

  • Best ways to use your marketing team in this process

  • Storing customer data and generating more revenue

  • Employing sales enablement technology and sales tools for customer relationship management

Figure out what matters most to your business and what areas need to be improved before you launch your sales enablement efforts.

Focusing on sales effectiveness is a given, so dig deeper and uncover all of the goals that you have for your sales enablement leaders.

What Your Sales Enablement Teams Should Be Doing Everyday

Once you have figured out what matters most to your business and how sales enablement can be used to alleviate certain issues, you can then begin utilizing your business’s sales enablement team.

It is worth noting that your marketing team is also instrumental to the sales enablement process, especially regarding content creation and graphics that can be used in sales conversations.

Making sure your sales enablement leaders are working alongside your marketers will help strengthen this process right from the get-go.

Once you designate who “owns” sales enablement, they should be doing the following daily:

  • Monitoring sales and marketing teams daily

  • Looking into sales enablement metrics

  • Making sure sales representatives are supporting the buyer’s journey

  • Drawing up a sales enablement solution if needed

  • Speaking with sales professionals

  • Partaking in sales coaching when needed

  • Monitoring the success and efficacy of the sales pipeline

Selling your products and services is what makes your business profitable, and this is what makes sales enablement important.

Your sales enablement programs should constantly be working to strengthen the sales effectiveness of your business, and this is best accomplished through a designated group that works to optimize sales enablement success.

Keep your goals in mind throughout this process.

Make sure each sales enablement tool has a purpose, and use these tools effectively.

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How Kennected Uses Sales Enablement Tools

Here at Kennected, sales enablement is a vital process to the success of our own sales force, as well as something we strive to educate our clients on.

We work with businesses who are looking to strengthen their own sales enablement strategy, so we worked hard to improve our approach and learn what we could about the subject in order to educate others.

As an ongoing process, it is important to remember that sales enablement will improve your sales efforts if implemented correctly.

Take the time to learn where support is needed and work to reduce any pain points.

Your sales force will thank you!

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