How To Get Website Leads

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The best ways to get website leads are posting relevant content, using search engine optimization, and appealing to potential customers in your target audience whenever possible within your landing pages.

Throughout this blog article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What lead generation is

  • The best ways to generate leads from your website’s content

  • The benefits of blogging on your site

  • How to transform your site into a lead generation machine

  • The best tips for a solid lead generation web design

Keep reading to learn all about generating leads for your website effectively and how to best implement these methods into your lead generation strategy.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of curating content towards prospective customers in hopes of obtaining more leads.

These leads begin as curious individuals attracted to your business through various methods, and hopefully end as paying customers that have been converted through your lead generation strategy.

You will use all facets of your digital marketing to enhance your lead generation, and each lead capture form will look a little different for your business.

Despite this disparity, here is the general format that your lead generation will follow:

  1. Use content marketing to put out relevant and quality content for your potential customers to view.

  2. Include a call to action in this advertising to encourage leads to move from your ad to a specific landing page (this can be your company website)

  3. Have each lead move from this landing page into the sales funnel with a designated sales representative answering questions along the way.

  4. Your sales team will be repeatedly demonstrating the value of your product at this stage and providing any information needed.

  5. Convert leads into paying customers!

Since your website is a critical piece of the lead generation process, it is important to have all facets of your landing pages nailed down and conveying the necessary information.

Now that we know a little bit about lead generation and how it works, let’s outline the best ways to use your company website for lead generation purposes.

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Best Ways to Generate Leads From Your Website

Though many of your leads will be generated from your content marketing and advertising, there are still many ways that you can implement content into your website design.

Here are some of the best ways to promote your business and generate leads from your own website:

  • Include testimonials from existing customers within certain landing pages

  • Include contact details for your sales team to encourage entry into the sales funnel

  • Promote your online business through calls to action and ads within your site

  • Feature social proof examples

  • Include opt in forms for SMS, email marketing automation, and more

  • Include valuable content on your home page, or the landing pages where you get the most traffic from your existing content

  • Have a blog post landing page for more traffic

  • Generate more leads through a portal for sales leads

A big piece here is including multiple landing pages for your website visitors to look through and learn from.

The first place on your website where people land is your home page, so make this page a place where individuals can learn about your business or even earn a free quote.

You want your homepage to create organic traffic and contribute to conversion rate optimization, so make sure that site visitors are inclined to move between your web pages instead of just staying dormant on your landing page.

Not everyone will move from your home page, so be sure to also include information that leads into the sales funnel on this page as well.

One of your goals should be to get qualified leads onto your blog page.

Let’s go over why your blog page is instrumental for the lead generation aspect of your website.

Benefits of the Blog Post

Each blog post you create is written not only to inform, but also to include search engine optimization on a particular subject.

High converting websites will use google analytics to enhance their marketing strategy, and this comes into play for each blog post as well.

Here’s what each blog post should accomplish for your website lead generation:

  • Feature mobile friendly content

  • Attract ideal customers that want to learn more

  • Create traffic

  • Focus on conversion rate optimization

  • Serve as lead magnets

  • Have an opt in form for notification purposes

  • Feature information that your best customers will need to refer to

Blog posts are a great way to convey information to ideal customers, as well as provide additional content on any subject that is related to your business.

Even your blog posts can include a call to action, helping enhance lead generation while also serving as a lead magnet.

Additionally, you can use a live chat tool to get blog topics for future content on your website, fueling the lead generation and content cycle further.

In addition to a solid blog page, your other landing pages and the content within them can help further enhance your website.

How to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine

Since you want to make your website a place for new leads to learn more about your business and products, emphasize value and accessibility above all else on your site.

You should also feature the following items:

  • Frequent social proof

  • Aesthetically pleasing web design

  • A designated contact page with contact forms included

  • Free trials

  • A company phone number for leads to contact

  • A pop up ad for your product

  • Links to your other digital marketing platforms

  • Content to serve as a lead magnet

  • Opt in forms for potential customers to utilize

  • Various lead capture on a given landing page and links

All of these elements, coupled with the inclusion of quality content and the constant appeal to potential customers will help enhance lead generation.

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Tips and Tricks for a Lead Generating Website

Your website will not do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to lead generation, but it is an excellent way to supplement the work you are doing with your other digital marketing platforms.

Make sure that your website complements your digital marketing strategy.

You can do this by including content that has been posted on social media, or by linking your website within this content.

Don’t put your lead generating tools in competition with one another– rather, use them together to build an even stronger strategy.

Another item to consider when building a solid lead generation machine is to use content upgrades to your advantage.

What is meant by content upgrades?

A content upgrade is a piece of information that is essentially “traded” from you to a potential customer in exchange for their email or contact details.

A content upgrade is most likely to occur on your website, as this switch unlocks more content than what this lead was already reading.

Using content upgrades in your blog posts may help to increase traffic, as well as serving as an opt in form for you to reach out to this individual to continue the lead nurturing process.

Finally, using google analytics and studying each phase of the “buyer journey” may be the most helpful trick of them all.

First, you should use google analytics or a similar software site to track visitors, traffic, and the number of people who view your website’s content.

You will see if your content is generating enough leads and what areas need to improve moving forward.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, your website comes in at a critical time for the buyer journey, meaning that potential customers are still in the preliminary stages of the lead generation cycle and are likely still looking to gather information.

With this in mind, focus on content that is informational and valuable to each consumer.

Social proof and content that serves as a lead magnet will help you maintain each lead rather than drive them away, so focus on this maintenance mindset.

As long as your site contains quality content and the potential to create leads, you are in a great spot.

How Kennected Gets Website Leads

At Kennected, we help the businesses we work with gather leads and improve their own lead generation, but that also means that we have to improve our own strategy before we can help others.

Our goal is to help other businesses get their time, money, and energy back by spending less time on manual lead generation and more time running the many pieces of their venture.

In order to do this well, we have to take a good look at our own lead generation strategy and make sure we are doing all we can to not only reach our target audience, but to also continue to foster the lead generation machine we have created ourselves.

Put the work into your website and the content within it, and you’ll see amazing lead generation results. 

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Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

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