How To Land More Web Design Clients With LinkedIn

The biggest struggle freelance web designers face on a daily basis is finding new leads and clients for their business. This is a problem for many businesses. The time you spend looking for leads is time that you are not spending on revenue generating activities. So if you are a web designer, you need to find better ways to generate leads.

Nowadays, companies are making the most out of social media because everyone is online. The best social networking platform for generating leads is LinkedIn. Here we will teach you how to use LinkedIn to find more clients.

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Land More Web Design Clients​

There are plenty of ways design professionals can benefit from LinkedIn, whether you are a freelancer or working in a corporate art department. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to establish your brand and showcase your talents.

You can use your LinkedIn profile to display your current position, your profile photo, your specializations, etc. You can also use it to post about your previous projects so that prospects can see your skills.

Make sure you fill out your LinkedIn profile, because according to LinkedIn, profiles that are 100 percent complete are 40 times more likely to be found in a LinkedIn search. One convenient way to get more clients is to set up a profile, impress prospects, and let them come to you.

Your goal is to show people who you are, tell them about your brand, and let them know what you can do for them. If your profile can showcase your value as a web designer, your business will grow. Log in to your account, check the “Edit your profile” page and complete your profile.

As you type in your work summary, positions, and specialties, be sure to incorporate relevant keywords that will help your profile rank higher in search results. The same goes for your content. Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy that can pay off in a big way if you use it continuously.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is where all the business owners and professionals hang out. It is the biggest online platform for professionals, with over 675 million users across 200 countries. Unlike other social networking sites that are more casual and focused on socializing, LinkedIn is designed for building professional and business relationships. To put it simply, this site is full of leads and prospects who are actually ready to do business.

LinkedIn is like a business-networking event—but online and with a much larger pool of prospective customers and business partners. LinkedIn is where all the CEOs and key decision makers are hanging out online. You can also use it to distribute your content to a wider audience.

When it comes to generating leads, LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective than Facebook and Twitter. It is the ultimate relationship-building platform for professionals.

Reach Out With Value before Pitching Web Design​

Aside from just putting your profile out there and letting the leads come to you, there are proactive ways to generate leads on LinkedIn. Publishing content on LinkedIn helps you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. It builds your brand and builds trust by showcasing what you can offer as a web designer.

Post high quality articles, press releases, videos, blog posts, and images that will attract the attention of your target audience. Make sure you post about things that are relevant to your target audience’s interests. Your goal is to build your own community of people who trust you and your work.

To take your LinkedIn outreach to the next level, use Kennected. This automation tool uses LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to bring you the most qualified leads. Kennected gives you a steady stream of connections, sales, and appointments so that you can generate leads at scale. This helps you save time so that you can focus on more important tasks. Once you’ve found your ideal clients, you can use Kennected to set up and schedule personalized automated messages. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more!

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