How To Attract More Home Listings Using LinkedIn

The professional audience on LinkedIn is not just for business owners and managers. In fact, a lot of real estate agents and realtors are realizing the benefits of LinkedIn’s massive user base. More and more people in real estate are taking advantage of it and seeing results.

LinkedIn marketing will help you attract more home listings. You just need to use the platform proactively. There is more to LinkedIn than just signing up for an account. Unfortunately, a lot of people use it as an online resume and miss out on its many benefits.

If you want to attract more home listings on this social networking platform, you need to use it right.

Get More Homes under Contract with LinkedIn Marketing

Buying a house will involve a great deal of trust between two parties. So this means as a real estate agent, you want to build your name and credibility. You want to reassure your potential buyers that you know what you are talking about and that you have the experience to handle this important deal.

They will probably look you up online—and this is where LinkedIn comes in. You want to set up a great LinkedIn profile so that you can leave the best impression possible. When the clients do their research, they will know exactly who you are and what you can do for them.

One crucial part of LinkedIn marketing is setting up your profile properly. Your page needs to have all the details of your experience and your specialties. This helps establish trust with a homebuyer and strengthens the relationship before you even start working together.

Once you have established yourself as a trustworthy real estate agent or realtor, you need to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You can do this by posting high quality content—just like you do for your real estate blog and other social media accounts. Content attracts more clients and drives more business.

When marketing on LinkedIn, you need to be proactive. Participate in groups, engage with people, and slowly build your network.

Why LinkedIn is the Best Place to Find People Who Are Looking to Sell

There are more than 7 million real estate professionals on LinkedIn right now. So if you want to attract more home listings using this platform, you need to have an active presence. Achieving success using LinkedIn is more than just putting your profile out there.

In fact, data compiled from more than 5,000 companies found that LinkedIn produced 277 more leads than Facebook and Twitter. This means having an active presence on LinkedIn can work wonders for you.

Prospect and Reach Out at Scale Using Kennected

LinkedIn helps real estate agents connect with more prospects. But Kennected takes this a step further by helping you reach out and build real relationships at scale.

With this automation tool, you can send automated and personalized messages. You can also check responses from users, view profiles, and access current conversations using the Responses tab. It also lets you set up and schedule follow-ups for people who have not yet responded. The follow-ups automatically stop when the recipient responds to you.

Kennected has many valuable features such as reply detection, response and acceptance tracking, and teamwork security. You can even track and manage your outreach approach with actionable insights.

Provide Value and Build Relationships Instead of Spamming People​

People hate it when you spam them. At the same time, you would be wasting your time on LinkedIn if you are just “spraying and praying” with your connection requests. Kennected uses laser accurate filters and data to find the perfect audience for you. This is perfect for realtors and real estate agents because Kennected’s data-rich search feature allows you to find potential homebuyers with ease.

Kennected finds new, highly qualified prospects for you. If manual prospecting has ever frustrated you, then automation tools like Kennected would feel like a godsend. Book a demo with Kennected today and learn more.

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