How Can I Get Free Lead Generation?

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Free tools you can use to increase lead generation are:

  1. Zendesk

  2. HubSpot

  3. Loom

  4. Sumo

  5. Boomerang

  6. HelloBar

  7. HubSpot Meeting Schedule

  8. Bitrix24

  9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator


  11. RightHello

  12. OptinMonster

  13. Mailchimp

  14. Pipedrive

My name is Devin-Johnson. I’m a leading conversion marketing expert, and online marketing thought leader. 

As CEO of Kennected, a growing SaaS company, Kennected’s content has been featured in mainstream media outlets like Forbes, GlobeNewswire, and Yahoo Finance, among others.

This blog will provide tangible processes on what lead generation is, what tools you can use, and if free tools are better than paid tools.

What Is Lead Generation?

Leads are some of the most effective means to measure the growth of your business. They can also be a tricky thing to manage.

Leads can be generated through various methods, though some are more effective than others depending on the nature of your business.

While there are many different lead generation strategies, quality is not always guaranteed, so you need to set a firm plan.

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What Is Lead Generation Software?

Lead generation software is a time-saving marketing and sales app that lets you automatically generate more leads and route them to the proper team.

It helps you increase brand awareness, attract more qualified leads, and close more sales deals.

Lead generation focuses on the top of the sales funnel, typically pulling leads from online channels like email, social media, and landing pages.

Why Is Lead Generation Important?

Lead generation is your doorway to earning more money. Without a regular (and, hopefully, increasing) flow of customers, your business won’t survive.

Competing for consumer attention requires constant effort. But even the most dedicated teams can find it tough to identify and engage with the right customers.

Luckily, with free lead generation platforms and apps geared toward beginners — and many with upgrade options for when your business grows — you can get the help you need when your budget’s still low.

Remember that lead generation is twofold: it refers to both attracting and converting leads.

Every day, businesses change addresses and phone numbers, contacts leave organizations, and new companies are started.

Lead gen software helps minimize the time your company spends tracking down leads all by automatically updating contact information.

That means you won’t find yourself working with outdated data.

Developing Trends

As developers push the envelope, here are some of the upcoming trends you can expect to see coming out of the lead generation landscape:


  • Better buyer intent data that lets you create even more personalized outreach methods.

  • Improved data sharing and communication tools between sales and marketing teams for generating higher-quality leads.

  • Accounts-based marketing that targets a narrower, more qualified pool of leads.

  • Video content that increases engagement and builds even greater brand awareness.

  • More powerful automation tools like AI-powered chat boxes and tool integrations for better communication.

Lead Generation Tools

The best free lead generation tools leave enough room for you to be the brand’s creative, distinctive and real brains.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that free lead gen tools are risk-free. If a tool doesn’t work out, you don’t have to worry about investing much money in a tool that doesn’t produce results.

You also want a free tool that can become a paid tool should you need it to grow with you. We also feel that lead generation shouldn’t be as passive as some tools would have you think.

Yes, it’s a wonderful perk to automate a good deal of your to-do list.

Still, some aspects of lead generation — like writing copy for a landing page, putting together an irresistible proposal, or providing a highly-valuable walkthrough that will make a customer say, “Where do I sign up?” — should be humanized.

We’ve listed the best free lead generation software for all your lead generation needs.


You’re right if you think that lead generation sounds like a wise investment. But if you’re not ready to commit to one yet, consider enrolling in a free CRM trial with Zendesk.

Zendesk Sales Suite offers a 14-day trial for you to test drive their all-in-one lead generation and engagement tool, Zendesk Ranch.

During your 2-week trial, you’ll have access to Zendesk’s powerful Reach Advanced sales engagement features and prospecting tools.

With its easy-to-use interface, Zendesk Reach can be up and running in no time,


This lead capturing software helps you convert leads into paying customers. It offers plenty of different tools to automate the growth of your website.

Sumo claims to be free forever, which, if practical for you, can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


Boomerang is a user-friendly and straightforward Gmail extension that helps with scheduling emails. This is an excellent tool for writing emails in bulk.

Despite its simplicity, it is a useful tool because it notifies you when you haven’t heard from your prospects. That makes building your lists so much easier.

You can identify which prospects you’ll want to reach out to and which ones you will no longer contact.

It is free from the get-go, but you can upgrade to their Personal Plan for $4.99, which is pretty affordable for what it does!

This is probably more useful to smaller businesses that won’t have thousands upon thousands of contacts to reach out to.

If you run a small to medium-sized business with a smaller team, it can provide an accessible platform with useful automation.


Whether it’s putting together a list of email addresses that can apply to you, or bringing in more sales, HelloBar will surely deliver.

A significant thing about this tool is that it is easy to integrate it into your website.

It won’t need any extra services from software developers or website builders to get it on your site at all.

It also helps send data to other platforms you may use, like: Buffer, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The catch here is its limitations within the free plan they offer.

Then again, putting this on your website for free will require a certain attribution. This certainly means that their logo will probably be present.

Branding options are limited if you don’t pay for an account, but if you’re not too concerned with their logo showing up on your website, you may not care.

You’ll choose your pop-up based on your goal, whether growing your email list, getting more phone calls, or making sales (you can also target a specific URL, make an announcement or send people to your social profiles).


HubSpot’s free marketing tools make it easy to create a successful marketing campaign that delivers an end-to-end customer experience.

HubSpot provides an all-in-one platform of tools to help businesses generate more leads for their business.

Create ads, emails, forms, and landing pages within the same software.

HubSpot is best known for creating landing pages that convert leads into customers.

HubSpot has a ton of business tools for everything from CRM to sales, but for our purposes, we’re going to talk specifically about their marketing hub.

You can:

  • Create drip campaigns to send leads on the path to purchase.

  • Launch landing pages (without the help of a designer or developer).

  • Attach forms to gather information.

  • Chat with website visitors in real-time using live chat.

  • Perform A/B testing to discover which methods will increase conversions the best.

HubSpot’s marketing, sales CRM, customer service, CMS, and operations software are on one platform.

However, you can start using some of HubSpot‘s free tools right now to see if you like the CRM.

No-cost features include contact management, list segmentation, email marketing, and others that will certainly help with free lead generation.

HubSpot Meeting Scheduling

Use this free tool to schedule your meetings fast and forget the back-and-forth emails.

It integrates with your calendar and HubSpot CRM for a smooth meeting with your leads, prospects, or customers.


Almost any task from: lead qualification, and lead scoring to lead conversion can be fully automated in Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 is used by 10 million companies and growing.

Bitrix24 captures leads from email, web forms, messengers, social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and other channels.

Yes, you can generate sales leads for your company without spending a dime and Bitrix24 makes automated lead generation and management easier and more effective than cold calling or cold emailing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Use the free chrome extension version of the navigator to get insights into people you communicate with on emails.

Capture leads directly from your own website with’s lead generation software.’s incredible CRM is easy to use and fully customizable to meet your team’s needs, keep you aligned, and manage lead relationships at scale. helps you efficiently manage your leads, customer relationships, sales pipeline, etc.


RightHello is a B2B lead generation tool for marketing agencies, software developers, and tech start-ups.


  • Prospecting tools

  • Lead capture

  • Lead segmentation

  • Campaign management


OptinMonster is a lead generation tool for small businesses, bloggers, marketing agencies, and eCommerce websites.


  • Prospecting tools

  • Lead capture

  • Lead segmentation

  • Email integration


Mailchimp has cited itself to be the world’s largest marketing automation platform. With Mailchimp, relationship development with potential customers has never been easier.

Newsletters and email marketing help nurture your prospects and maintain relationships with them. With email marketing, it’s crucial to keep content fresh and creative.

Mailchimp specializes in email marketing software.


Pipedrive is a lead management and CRM platform for sales teams, including pipeline management and code-free development.



Loom is another free tool to integrate. It helps you record video instructions with helpful insights for which prospects will be grateful.

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Is Lead Generation Software A Marketing Tool Or A Sales Tool?

In some ways, it’s both. The marketing department’s job is to create materials that target your ideal customer and attract leads.

Sales take over to nurture the lead until the deal is closed.

Free Lead Generation Software vs. Paid Lead Generation Software

Free lead generation software is typically designed for small businesses.

If you’re a small company with no plans for growth, it would be possible to continue using a free platform forever.

However, the more qualified leads you bring in, the more profit you’ll make. At some point, investing in lead gen software will give you a greater ROI.

That means you’ll make more money even as you invest in more robust lead generation tools.

You also want a free tool that can become a paid tool should you need it to grow with you.

Marketing And Lead Generation Software

Customer-focused marketing goes beyond spinning up an ad, landing page, and kickback email.

With free marketing tools all built to work with a robust free CRM, it’s easy to create campaigns that deliver remarkable, consistent experiences customers now expect.

Video Marketing

Start shooting informative videos, webinars, and live chats to encourage engagement with your audience.

Include a clickable call to action button in your videos to funnel your leads to a relevant landing page where they can be further driven down your sales funnel.

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Content Marketing

Remember, you shouldn’t rely solely on tools to help you! A great inbound lead generation method optimizes your website for SEO visibility.

One way to increase your visibility is by creating content like blog posts and social media posts. These methods are free and add a more personal touch to your platforms.

Engaging with your audience personally will help nurture your relationships with them.

Writing Blogs

Writing blogs regularly helps keep your website fresh while building visibility on Google keyword searches.

According to a Hubspot Benchmarks report, an 11-blog per month target can help increase your lead volume by up to 4x while increasing traffic by up to 3x.

Don’t forget to include links to other websites and a prominent call to action.

Organic Search Marketing

Organic Search Marketing is arguably one of the most effective methods for consistent, long-term lead generation.

Despite its broader scope and higher difficulty, organic search optimization still drives a significant portion of new leads for most businesses.

The SEO landscape is highly competitive and has been for some time now.

But as long as you’re keeping up to date with the latest best practices and algorithm changes, you’ll be able to optimize your website’s pages accordingly.

Email Marketing

Generally considered one of the most effective ways to reach your target customers, email marketing is still widely used as a marketing tool due to its direct approach and, most importantly, its low cost.

Aim to send personalized emails with an opt-in method that utilizes an attractive call to action strategy.

This helps you gain subscribers who enjoy receiving emails from you and boosts your chances of conversions.

Social Media

Social media is a tremendous modern marketing channel thanks to its high penetration rate and the sheer volume of users.

Posting content and sharing what others post consistently can improve your visibility and boost your metrics.

You can amass a loyal following by building relationships with your potential customers through valuable social interactions.

Lead Magnets

Client acquisition requires an optimized process that converts visitors into leads.

Still, a problem arises when first-time visitors cannot leave their information, which is why they never hear from you again.

This is where lead magnets come in. Lead magnets offer value to your site visitors in exchange for their contact information.

They tend to come in e-books, training videos, trials, webinars, and white papers.

These freebies present an opportunity for a trade-off where you offer them valuable content or tools in exchange for their contact details.

Create Landing Pages

Best believe that a focused, minimal landing page will bring in more conversions. There are two different categories of landing pages.

Lead Generation

These are landing pages soliciting a call to action by diverse businesses. It collects data from visitors to build lists of highly qualified leads.



These landing pages are used in e-commerce and SaaS markets.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing programs involve effective tools and techniques that generate a consistent flow of leads referred by existing customers.

This can be done by reaching out to your existing customers, who can recommend your products or services to others.

The best way to get the ball rolling is through promos or rewards, as these provide incentives for existing customers to act as referrers.

Refined Marketing Tactics

See which marketing efforts are generating leads, track the channels driving the highest engagement, and monitor your sales team’s performance over time.

With powerful analytics reporting, your team will see exactly which marketing campaigns brought in the highest value leads.

With this information, you can continue to build campaigns that resonate with the most qualified leads.

Then you’ll attract even more high-value customers, and minimize time wasted with cold leads.

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Splurge On Kennected's Cloud Kennect

Generating quality leads doesn’t have to be expensive.

When you combine contact center, with CRM and website builder for easy landing page creation, you will be ready to drive and generate leads on a grand scale.

You have to keep these methods in mind as you build your lead generation methods and create a plan that combines all your chosen free strategies.

Keep this as a reference for when you want to give your customer acquisition efforts a boost without breaking the bank.

While not a free lead generation tool, Cloud Kennect is a step above most tools because of all the sales opportunities it’s been proven to bring.

There is no coding required, no advanced features to figure out, pop-ups, or any of that stuff.

Cloud Kennect works on LinkedIn to provide personalized messages to leads to grow your network and business revenue.

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