How Do I Get Followers On LinkedIn Company Page?

How do I get Followers on LinkedIn Company Page?

Complete Your Company Page and Optimize It

Post High Quality Content Regularly

You can gain followers at least six times faster by posting on LinkedIn at least once a month. Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum for content, because you want to be as active as possible. To attract more followers, you need to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Don’t just post content: post high quality content that are relevant to your target audience’s interests. Consistency is the key. If people see you posting informative videos, images, and articles that catch their attention, they are more likely to follow you.

LinkedIn content performs well if they have a descriptive caption and an eye-catching image. Hashtags are also great for reaching new audiences who are interested in your topic.

Company pages with at least 150 followers typically get five times more company page views than those with fewer followers, so try to get your numbers up as quickly as possible. Aim to post at least once per week to keep your followers engaged. Set up a posting schedule to maintain that consistency.

Publishing high quality content boosts your visibility, effectively increasing your engagement. Keep your audience interested by regularly posting content so that they will check back often for new ones. Additionally, when your followers engage with your content by commenting, their connections will see the activity in their feed, further increasing your visibility to potential followers.

Share your content with as many relevant groups as possible to maximize your post’s reach.

Repost Your Top Content and Share Curated Posts

The content you post on your company page doesn’t always have to be 100 percent original. If you are running out of content ideas, you can re-share your top posts from the past. Because of social media’s sophisticated algorithms, it is likely that only a small percentage of your followers have seen your posts in the LinkedIn feed. This is why sharing your own content every now and then is an effective tactic.

Keep a backlog of successful social media content and re-use them. These posts are likely to perform well again in the future.

You can also share other people’s content as long as they are relevant to your target audience’s interests. This is called content curation, and it helps companies save time. Unless you have your own team of content creators, it is impossible to keep posting valuable content on a regular basis.

Sharing industry content helps you fill up your content calendar with very minimal effort. It also helps establish trust with your network because it shows that you are interested in providing value even when you can’t monetize it. Overall, it makes your company look good, and it keeps your target audience updated on the latest industry content. Share posts from credible sources that are related to your niche.

Another benefit of using curated content is that it puts you on the radar of influencers. When you share other people’s content, you can get on their radar and increase your chances of making a valuable connection.

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