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LinkedIn allows you to expand your network in many ways. The more people you are connected with, the more leads you can generate.

Marketers and business owners spend a lot of time sending connection requests and follow ups to people who are outside of their network. But sometimes, you can get the most value from people who are already connected to you.

Your best outreach campaign will always be with people who are already in your network because they know who you are. Maybe they’ve even done business with you in the past. The people in your LinkedIn network are your greatest asset.

The good news is that LinkedIn lets you export your contacts effortlessly. Today we will be talking about how to do just that.

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts​

Cultivating your network is a big part of your LinkedIn marketing campaign. Being able to download the information of all your contacts comes with a ton of benefits. So here’s how to export your LinkedIn contacts:

First, you have to click the My Network button. This is found on top of the LinkedIn homepage. Under “Manage my network”, click on Connections. You will see the option to “Manage synced and imported contacts”.

Select “Export contacts” under “Advanced options”. You can then choose the data file that you are going to export. Select Connections.

Finally, click on “Request archive” and enter your password. You will receive an email from LinkedIn with all your requested info, which you can then download.

After clicking the link, it will take you back to the Data Privacy section, which will let you download the whole archive. You can then view the downloaded information in a CSV file.

The spreadsheet file will include information like your contacts’ First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company, Position, and the Date you connected on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn users can prevent others from seeing their email address, so even if you export your LinkedIn contacts, you will not be able to see their email listed in your CSV file.

How to Import Your Address Book and Contacts on LinkedIn

Alternatively, you can import your address book to manage your LinkedIn connections. This is perfect for those who are only getting started on LinkedIn. It is a good way to connect with people who are not on your LinkedIn network yet but know personally.

Click on your LinkedIn profile picture to access the Account section and then choose Settings & Privacy.

Click on Account Preferences and Syncing Options to sync your contacts. You will have to choose the location you want to sync your contacts from.

Importing your address book helps LinkedIn identify people you already know who are also on LinkedIn. You can use this method to select who you would like to connect with. Of course, you can also turn off the sync at any time.

Another way to connect with people you know is by importing your contacts. On the left sidebar, click on My Network then choose Continue. You may see an option that will let you import your contacts. This will show you LinkedIn users you already know. Use this to expand your network effortlessly.

Importing your contacts on LinkedIn will help you grow your network. Exporting and downloading their information can help you if your LinkedIn account is ever suspended. With access to your entire contact list, you can reconnect with your network quickly.

Why You Should Automate Your LinkedIn Outreach​

Even if you have a long list of warm leads, you still need a way to engage with them and start a conversation. Sending all of them the same canned message is not a good idea as it will only come across as spam. You are more likely to get a response from your leads if you personalize your messages.

The problem is that you can’t personalize your messages when you’re doing mass outreach.

The solution to this problem is automation. Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that lets you reach more people at scale. This automation, messaging, and outreach tool lets you send personalized messages and follow ups.

Kennected even uses LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to help you find your ideal targets. With your existing contact list, you can use Kennected to create a stream of leads, connections, and meetings. Take the time to look through your spreadsheet file and identify the people who are part of your target audience. Not everyone you are connected with on LinkedIn is a lead, and that’s okay.

You should automate your LinkedIn outreach so you don’t waste your time spraying and praying on LinkedIn. Kennected can handle the mundane and repetitive tasks like sending connection requests, so you can focus on more important things. You can spend more time having conversations with your leads, building relationships, and converting them into paying customers.

Kennected empowers clients with the scripts, knowledge, and tools they need to generate more leads, reach a larger audience, and increase their revenue. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more!

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