How Do I Get Clients For Bulk SMS

Once you decide to begin your SMS marketing campaign, you’ll want to first collect a contact list of who will be subscribers to your business text messages.

This contact list will likely comprise your current clientele, individuals from your target audience, and people who have provided their contact information to you via social media or other platforms.

Once you have gathered your contact list, you’ll have to obtain consent from each customer in order to make sure you are not sending bulk SMS messages to someone who does not want to receive them.

Let’s take a look into the ins and outs of bulk SMS marketing and how best to reach your client base through this mobile marketing method.

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is a form of mobile marketing that involves sending text messages from your business to your prospective customers, current customers, and anyone else interested in employing your services.

Bulk SMS software allows you to send targeted messages to specific consumers using an SMS gateway.

Through this service, you’ll use the phone numbers that you have to send low cost mass texts directly to your client’s mobile devices.

Some great features of SMS bulk text message marketing include:

  1. Sending personalized messages to loyal customers.

  2. Building long lasting customer relationships through targeted SMS messages.

  3. Using a cost effective solution to reach potential customers through mass texting and lead generation tools.

  4. Being provided with an intuitive dashboard that shows you the strengths and weaknesses of your SMS campaigns and giving you the right tools to fix it.

  5. Reaching more customers than you do with email marketing.

  6. Tracking customer engagement through provided metrics.

  7. Having the ability to tailor your messaging campaigns to specific goals of your business.

  8. Creating an informal marketing channel for your clients to communicate with you in through text messaging.

Your bulk SMS service is extremely customizable and designed to fulfill the marketing and sales needs of your small business.

When you are creating your bulk SMS marketing campaign, there are a few key items to keep in mind.

You’ll likely start out with a contact list in mind for your initial bulk SMS messages.

How do you expand this list?

Utilize your social media platforms to see if you can gain contact information that way.

Check out what other small businesses do to engage potential clients. Model your approach after what you see that works!

Use your other marketing tools to help you gain phone numbers and clients that may be interested in your bulk text messages.

Check our your business reviews and who you have been receiving messages from– customers who have been pleased by your business and reached out to you are perfect for your mass text messaging.

Once you build a solid contact list, you’ll be ready to begin your bulk SMS messaging campaign.

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What are Bulk SMS Messages?

Now that we know you need a solid list of contacts to receive SMS messages, let’s review what bulk SMS messages are.

A bulk text is a message delivered via a short message service, sent directly from your business to a client’s mobile phone.

You bulk SMS messages can look very different, and should be tailored to fit the needs of your business.

When you begin to send bulk text messages, first take a moment to consider what message you are trying to convey to your customers.

Most businesses, and likely your company as well, will have the main goal of gaining customer feedback and engagement from these mass text messaging efforts.

Your text messaging should match your goals.

It can be easy to get lost in the speed of bulk SMS, especially once you’ve begun sending bulk sms messages often.

It is usually best to keep your bulk SMS and text messaging short and sweet, and with your marketing intent as the main focus and center of the message.

A good rule of thumb with bulk text messaging is to send messages that serve one of these three items:

  1. Obtaining customer feedback

  2. A call to action for your clients

  3. Using the feature to personalize messages to foster a client relationship

As long as your text messages accomplish one of these three goals, your bulk SMS marketing campaign should be running smoothly and giving your business many benefits.

Using your SMS service for mass text messaging can be a little complicated, so let’s go over the structure for your text message marketing and how best to accomplish the above goals.

How Should I Structure My SMS Messages?

When you begin to send SMS messages, the first thing your customer receives is a message from your company giving them two options: opt in or opt out.

Even though you have obtained a client’s phone number, you have to make sure they want to be receiving messages from your company.

Your first message must include the opt in and opt out options for your customers.

Since your goal is to create and foster positive relationships with your customers through your bulk SMS marketing, making sure that the customers who want to receive messages do and excluding the customers who do not want to receive your bulk text messaging is vital to the success of your campaign.

You’ll likely see some inactive numbers and response rates that aren’t awesome at first, and that is okay.

You bulk messaging is a learning experience designed to help you expand your mobile technology and marketing tools for your company, so embrace the learning curve!

Your messages should always open with a personalized greeting, ideally with both your company’s name and the client’s name included.

The text message should read as informal and inviting to the customers.

When you send text messages to your clients, make sure to embody the brand persona you’d like to portray within the messages.

Your bulk SMS marketing is a great way to illustrate your company is a new light, separate from the more business-like and formal side you may portray when you provide your service.

Your SMS and bulk text messaging gives you a unique opportunity to engage with your clients in an informal and friendly way.

With your friendly and personalized greeting, your customer will already see the tone of the message and be more inclined to read it.

Once you have successfully opened, create the content of your message while keeping the above goals and guidelines in mind.

Include updates about your service alongside an informal message, and include links to your website to provide your customers with more information if they want it.

The golden rule of bulk SMS marketing is to make sure you are accomplishing your marketing goals while gaining a better relationship with your customers.

As long as you keep the golden rule in mind, your SMS will give you a plethora of benefits.

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How to Best Use SMS Marketing To Your Advantage

Since most countries use SMS and bulk SMS software in some form, the service itself can be molded to check a lot of boxes for your marketing strategy.

You’ll want to create SMS that fits your specific needs.

Depending on your services and how you want to utilize your SMS marketing, you’ll likely have some choices to make in order to structure your bulk SMS marketing strategy.

The best piece of advice is to just start to send messages.

When you begin to send bulk, it may be rocky at first, but you will learn what your customers respond to and what they don’t.

Send SMS of all kinds in this beginning stage.

Experiment with photos, links, content length, punctuation, and even your brand persona.

There is no right away to send SMS.

You’ll send bulk that works, but even better, you’ll send bulk that does not.

Learn from these instances and use them to improve upon your SMS campaigns.

Continue to gain new clients and send messages regardless of the results you see at first– your service will reap the benefits of your persistence.

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