How To Get Client Video Testimonials For Your Business

There are a lot of different marketing strategies you can try if you want to find new customers, introduce your brand to a larger audience, and increase your revenue. But your most convincing sales pitch will always come from your loyal customers.

Studies show that customers are beginning to lose their trust in traditional forms of business communication such as marketing, advertising, and sales.

People are quick to lose interest if you approach them with a tone that’s a little too “sales-y”. Similarly, a lot of consumers will hit the “Skip Ad” button as soon as the option is available.

So unless the lead really needs your product, you are gonna have to earn their trust before you can make that sale. As a marketer, you need a genuine and authentic way to do that.

Word of mouth marketing and video testimonials can help establish that trust. Even if the lead doesn’t know you or your brand enough to trust it, they will surely trust their friends and family members. People will sooner believe the reviews left by other buyers than the advertisement you put out for that product.

If you can get lots of glowing reviews and testimonials, you will surely enjoy a continuous stream of sales and leads. Here we will talk about how you can get your satisfied customers to create video testimonials for your business.

Learn the Best Way to Earn Raving Customer Video Reviews​

The first step in getting great reviews for your product or service is, of course, providing great products and services. This is something you need to accomplish by yourself, but it’s necessary for earning raving customer reviews. If your product or service is great, the reviews will naturally come flowing in on their own.

Other times, people forget to leave comments or reviews, so you have to remind them yourself. To do this, you need to get the timing right. Analyze your target audience and their customer journey. This will help you find the optimal time to ask for a testimonial.

Typically, the best time to ask for a testimonial is after you’ve given them what they needed and they’ve experienced success with your product or service. If the customer is happy with the results, it will reflect on the testimonial they film.

Timing is essential because you want to send that first request when the customer is completely satisfied with your business. For example, if they’ve been using your product for 30 days, it might be a good time to ask for a video testimonial. They are more likely to give you glowing reviews.

One good tip for writing that testimonial request is to start off with a compliment. Say something along the lines of “you crushed it this month!” or “congratulations on reaching your target”. This will help them remember all the good work you’ve done for them, whether they’ve exceeded their goals or achieved success with the help of your product.

After your greeting, ask them if they would be willing to submit a testimonial about their experience using your product or service. Video testimonials are great, and we’ll talk more about why they are so much better than written reviews. With any luck, your customer should be more than happy to leave even a short video about your business.

Why Video Reviews are King​

People often read reviews online to see if a business is trustworthy and reliable. But video testimonials are even more effective because the viewer can see the person’s face and voice. Things like tone and facial expressions are often lost in written reviews. A video testimonial provides authenticity, and makes it easier for the viewer to feel at ease.

If you’re not seeking video testimonials from happy customers, you may be missing out on one of the best marketing resources at your disposal. Remember that your current customers are the best advocates for your brand, and they can help you win the trust of future customers.

They are More Authentic than a Written Review​

The main purpose of video testimonials is to boost your credibility. It’s not just about selling your products: it’s about selling your brand as a whole by showing people who’ve benefited from your products and services.

That is why a video testimonial is better than a written review. Videos can capture subtle details like a person’s facial reactions and shifts in their voice. It creates an emotional connection with the viewer that makes it easier for them to relate to the person speaking. This bridges the gap between you and your target audience.

The thought process behind video testimonials is that if customers are happy enough to leave positive reviews—and talk about it in front of a camera—then you should be worth checking out.

Video testimonials can capture your customers’ experiences while putting it all in an easily digestible visual format. Videos are simple and easy to create. They are also attention-grabbing. That is why testimonial-based marketing videos are impactful. They can improve brand awareness and increase your engagement.

A recent study showed that 26 percent of video viewers searched for additional information about companies associated with video testimonials. Additionally, 15 percent of people who viewed video testimonials ended up visiting the store.

They Come From Trustworthy People​

Even though it’s possible to just write down testimonies and put them on your website, it’s better to have someone with real experience to speak on behalf of your brand. Video testimonials can boost your credibility because the people speaking are viewed as trustworthy. With this format, prospects can hear it straight from the mouths of their peers.

Viewers appreciate the honesty and unscripted opinions featured in video testimonials. They don’t want to hear it coming from the company itself because then there would be nothing but praise. They want to hear from someone who knows firsthand what it’s like to work with you.

On the other hand, using video testimonials will also strengthen your relationship with the people giving the reviews. Asking for video testimonials from satisfied customers means that you are entrusting your company’s reputation to them. It shows that you value their opinions and care enough to post it online.

With video testimonials, you can create a strong connection with your most loyal customers by encouraging them to speak about your business and give valuable feedback.

They Can Put a Face on Your Business

Sometimes when you’re building a brand and establishing your identity online, the humanity gets lost in the process. While branding is important to stand out from the competition, it can sometimes create a wall between you and your audience.

Ever seen a website that’s just full of pictures of products and nothing else? While it serves its purpose, it lacks the human factor.

That’s why it is very important to remind them of the person behind the brand. Video testimonials can showcase your strong connections with your customers. These reviews can show that you are concerned with building relationships with your clients, and not just sell them things.

They Can Be Shared on Social Media

One of the biggest benefits of video testimonials is their easily shareable format. Although written reviews are short and sweet, companies don’t typically share them on their social media profiles. But because video testimonials make for great content, you can post them anywhere online.

You can have them up on your website, or share them on some of the biggest social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If you are active on all of these platforms, there’s nothing stopping you from sharing your video testimonials everywhere.

If your goal is to have greater presence online, this is one way to achieve it. Make sure you add keywords and relevant hashtags to your captions so that your video testimonials will show up when people use search engines.

Video testimonials also add to your content schedule, allowing you to keep your calendar full. Adding videos to your landing pages helps attract more people online. Done correctly, you can even improve your search rankings.

At the end of the day, these video testimonials can improve your exposure, boost your online visibility, and secure future customers. Now let’s talk about how you can get those customer reviews.

Here are Some Great Examples of How to Ask Customers for Reviews

Convincing people to give you a client testimonial can be tricky, especially if you want a video testimonial. Even a short video will take precious time away from your customers. They have to set up their camera, think about what to say, and give an honest review of your product or service. This means they have to spend time working on the video.

Sometimes even satisfied customers will refuse to give a video testimonial simply because they are too busy to make one. But you can improve your chances of getting one by following the tips we have below.

Reward them for Leaving a Testimonial

Everyone loves a freebie. If you are asking someone to create a video testimonial for you, you might as well reward them for their troubles. Asking for a favor is not enough: give them a reason to say yes.

Providing an incentive for submitting a testimonial will encourage a lot of people to give you their client review. You can give them a gift card, some memorabilia, a discount off of their next purchase, etc.

You can even time it around the holidays and offer them a free gift in exchange for a video testimonial about why they love using your product. You can give them the discount as soon as they submit their testimonial. A solid 50 percent discount should appeal to a lot of people.

Give them a once-in-a-lifetime offer that they simply cannot pass up on.

Make it Easy for Them​

Taking a video is easy—but it still requires more setup than a simple written review. As much as possible, you don’t want your customer to spend too much time on creating that video testimonial. You don’t want them to get stressed out over it.

That’s why you need to make this process as easy as possible for them. Encourage them to make a short video: it doesn’t have to be longer than 30 seconds, unless they are willing to go into detail about their experiences with you.

To make it easier on your reviewers, give them particular points to talk about. Before they record their testimonial, orient them about the things you want them to mention. Do you want them to talk about the product? Do you want them to describe their experience working with you? Do you want them to speak about how you’ve helped them?

Give them an idea of what they should be talking about so they don’t have to spend as much time thinking about it. Whatever the topic, just encourage them to be open and honest.

Give Them a Review First​

If your customer is also a business owner or a professional, and it’s possible for you to review their work, make sure you give them a video testimonial of your own. Afterwards, you can ask them to return the favor.

By giving them a review or testimonial, you might be able to get one for your company. Just make sure you make your intentions clear. Tell them that you will give them a video testimonial in exchange for theirs.

Of course, you will want to choose a person you’ve personally worked with, and someone you want to get a video testimonial from. Look at your list of contacts, find people who genuinely appreciate the work that you do, and give them a raving review.

Make the first move and your customer might be inclined to give you one in return.

Ask for a Referral

If you want to start the conversation more naturally, then asking for a referral is a good option for you. Since you are talking to your satisfied customers, it is only natural to ask if they know any other professionals in their network who might benefit from your products and services.

Whether they say yes or no, you can pivot to the testimonial request. Tell them how you would love for more people to learn about your work, and if they could create a video testimonial on your behalf, that would be very helpful.

Great Examples of How to Display Testimonials​

Getting testimonials is an art form. Once you’ve mastered it, you can get a constant stream of satisfied customers who are more than willing to speak on your company’s behalf.

Now that you have your video testimonials, you need to display them for all the world to see. It’s time to reap the fruits of your labor and get that credibility boost you need. You have a few options: posting them on your website and on social media are your best choices.

Kennected, for example, does a great job at securing and displaying these client reviews and video testimonials. In fact, Kennected features testimonials prominently on their website. There’s even an entire page dedicated to it, which you can check out here:

It has video testimonials, as well as written reviews at the bottom of the page, where you can scroll through glowing reviews for Kennected. Even the written reviews for Kennected include a picture of the reviewer, so that readers can still get that authentic human touch.

You can do the same thing for your website and add all the video testimonials to one page so that visitors can see them all in one place.

Kennected’s testimonials tend to talk about clients’ experiences working with the Kennected team. It’s important to not just talk about the product but also the team behind it. Because clients love working with the people of Kennected, they can leave positive reviews about their experience.

Kennected also features a few of these video testimonials on their home page, so even if people don’t click through the Testimonials tab, they will still see a handful of them while browsing. Just by scrolling through the Kennected home page, you can get a sense that clients don’t just use Kennected—they love it. And this is the same type of energy you want from your video testimonials.

Salesforce is another example of a company that knows how to utilize video testimonials. Salesforce goes for the emotional approach with their videos, letting their clients tell a story before shifting to talk about Salesforce. While this may not always connect with the audience, it can still leave an impact for those who do watch the whole thing. These types of testimonials resonate with viewers.

Another example of great video testimonial use is Hootsuite. Like Kennected, Hootsuite testimonials focus on collaboration and teamwork. Rather than working for a client, they work with a client, and their customers are happy to report that.

Finally, we have Amazon, a company that takes a unique approach when it comes to client testimonials. They appeal to their viewers’ rational side rather than their emotional side. Although an emotional connection can be powerful, sometimes simply stating the facts and why you should work with them can be just as effective.

It doesn’t mean that your video testimonials are going to throw tons of data at the viewers. Instead, they should highlight a few of the most impressive statistics that show what you can do for your customers. Striking that balance between facts and emotional impact may give you the best results. Receiving that kind of video testimonial from a satisfied customer can be very helpful for your company.

Interview Your Customers to Earn Testimonials​

Kennected has figured out an effective way to not only secure those valuable video testimonials but also make it easier for clients to give their honest opinions. Kennected does Customer Spotlights wherein we interview our customers and then shout them out via social media and link to their website.

Customer Spotlights promotes not only Kennected’s products and services, but also the customer’s. It gives them the opportunity to reach a larger audience thanks to Kennected’s social media presence, while also being able to talk about their experience with Kennected.

You can interview your own customers and get the chance to record some amazing testimonials, which can also double as content for your social media. With an interview format, you get to ask the questions and hopefully get the answers you are looking for. It also has a conversational tone that lets everyone just talk casually.

The things that your customers say will impact the effectiveness of the testimonial on your prospects. But by posing questions, you can create an open and honest conversation about their experiences. Doing so will help make the testimonial a lot more engaging and interesting for viewers.

The interview format also gives the customer a lot more to talk about, rather than just having to think of what to say all by themselves. You can ask them about what pains they were experiencing that led them to search for a solution. You can ask why they chose your company as their service provider, or what they hoped to gain from working with you.

Even if the customer had a great time working with you, it can be difficult for them to describe their experience. Help them get over that writer’s block by giving them something to talk about.

Interviewing customers to get video testimonials is much easier now because you can do it through a video call. You don’t have to schedule a meeting just to shoot their testimonial live. You can record your call and have a long distance interview.

Traditional marketing strategies can still help you find new clients for your business. But there’s no denying how valuable word of mouth marketing can be, especially when you can get people to talk about your company in detail on camera. Start working on your video testimonials today.

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