How Do You Generate Leads For Cloud Services?

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You can generate leads for cloud services by:

  • Pay-per-click Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Asking For Referrals

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Incorporating SEO

  • Using Automated Tools

  • Offering Free Trials

  • Building Credibility

What is the fastest solution to increase sales from cloud-based services? You are there now!

Cloud services allow you to get more quality leads and increase profits for a cloud-based company.

Nevertheless, it is hard to make a business stand out in the cloud market, so your product and service are more attractive and attract new clients.

There is no wonder that most SaaS companies are constantly looking for lead generation tactics that are as efficient as possible.

There are many ways to B2B lead generation, but for today we want to focus on using multi-channel lead generation tactics for cloud services.

This is Stephen-Twomey, and I serve as Kennected’s chief marketing officer.

This blog will break down the basic steps in generating high-quality leads for cloud service providers.

Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud computing technologies are rapidly advancing and are becoming increasingly popular.

Cloud service providers are growing at an unprecedented rate, with a projected growth rate of 17.5% in 2019. According to Gartner, this is expected to be up 28% in 2022.

A few other cloud computing technology trends are cloud-based services like hybrid and multi-cloud systems and serverless computing.

The Hybrid Cloud Model offers transition solutions that integrate your existing infrastructure into private cloud services and open cloud.

It allows the company to adopt Cloud technology at its own pace.

Multiple channels can be used to enhance the B2B lead generation efforts for cloud providers.

What Is SaaS Business Lead Generation?

Andreessen Horowitz lied about the fact that software was killing humanity. SaaS continues to expand in value as a service provider. These changes are due to technological developments.

Software as a service has never been so cheap or so easy. Credits go out for the vast Internet availability. More corporations are competing for consumers.

As the entry barrier is lower, customers are more likely to access the software. Software businesses need to do their job quickly.

We should first learn what SaaS lead generation is before examining the strategy. Leads could be categorized according to the model. 

Lead generation strategies are vast, but acquiring customers through online marketing will be a huge focus of this article.

A SaaS is a different type of business that requires different marketing strategies for customer acquisition.

SaaS companies generate leads through email marketing, social media marketing, artificial intelligence platforms, and other proven tactics.

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What Is Lead Generation For Cloud Computing Companies?

Leads generation is how we identify and convert your target audience into paying customers via various marketing platforms for your brand and products.

This leads to a more engaged consumer who will be willing to buy.

Lead generation for cloud companies is vital for several reasons, mainly because it attracts quality customers.

Digital transformation pushes every business to adopt digital solutions for their business processes and the products or services they offer to their consumers.

Customers do not need a server now or spend a tremendous amount of money configuring the technology, as customers can avail the cloud-based platform for a wide range of helpful tools for different applications and working data.

Why Is Lead Generation Important For Cloud Service Providers?

In a global market, lead generation is critical because it enables companies to attract important prospects actively looking online for their product or service.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising For Cloud Computing

PPC ads can help your cloud-based business grow by generating sales through ad placement.

PPC advertising can promote your business and product to improve your online reputation and increase customer loyalty. PPC ads improve brand recognition by 80%.

You pay your advertising fees only when the user clicks. PPC ads allow advertisers to bid on a specific keyword they already want online.

Moreover, PPC ads have several targeting capabilities to help you attract qualified cloud business users.

Social Media Marketing & Cloud Technology

Social media is a tool for creating advertisements to reach prospective buyers promptly.

By delivering this information to customers, you will gain more customers in the longer term. This will help you boost sales, increase revenue, and lead generation for a cloud provider.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Quickly generating leads through Internet providers helps to continually add helpful and relevant content to your site.

In doing so, you will assist your potential customers in their research process.

Search engine optimization or SEO means optimizing websites for search engine optimization. SEO strategy helps in achieving top rankings for your website.

Perform keyword research and optimize your website for all the on-page factors like title, meta tags, keywords, image tags, etc., and off-page link building. Shocker if you follow Kenencted’s website, I (Stephen), love SEO. Its the primary driver of traffic to our website. We produce a ton of content daily. We are a trusted publisher on Google, and our efforts at becoming multi channel lead generation experts is never ending.

Find Out The Platforms Your Customers Use

When you’re trying to find the ideal audience for SaaS applications, particularly in an application like SaaS, the answer needs to be able to find them.

You might like LinkedIn or similar platforms when you create sales tools for a B2C food maker.

If you know who your customers want and the kind of platform they need, you can figure it out.

Cloud Security Concerns

Since security concerns have risen recently, the General Data Protection Regulation was enacted in 2019 to protect Cloud data.

Slow internet connection while working with data is a matter of concern for many businesses, and to overcome this, internet providers are working rigorously to bring the best.

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Create Engaging And Informative Content

Don’t forget your content marketing which includes blog post writing on your website and other social media platforms.

Content marketing arguably dominates SaaS marketing. It is impossible to write a business article without researching buyers’ personas first.

It’s vital to understand the audience and study previously written content in the field. In other words, your posts should be posted daily.

A month might not cut it – you must give the audience something new every time, if not every time they read.

Companies With Excellent Lead Generation Strategies

Developing qualified leads is an expensive procedure, and not everybody has the resources for the task. Many businesses have no advertising department in place.

Clients usually don’t care as much about individual features like patch management, anti-spyware, anti-spam, recovery, endpoint protection, tracking, cloud storage, or SaaS applications as we do.

To effectively sell your customers the idea of managed services, it is important to focus on the result of your offering rather than the bits and bytes of how you deliver it.

Many companies employ lead generation companies. We’ve listed three companies that have a lead generation plan:


  • Belkins: Belkins is primarily based on B2B lead generation services that help companies build sales lead lists and book appointments with qualified prospects.

  • CIENCE: CIENCE offers lead generation strategies with over 350 sales team members throughout the globe. It operates on data-driven approaches and is focused on testing and exploring new techniques that help businesses attract prospects and create long-lasting relationships.

  • Visitor Queue: Visitor Queue is a powerful lead generation tool to boost sales directly on your website. This can help find a site and then contact them right away. Some of their key features include real-time leads, unlimited users, user-first design, and more.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

A website must be mobile-friendly as mobile is increasingly outpaced.

Nowadays the customer doesn’t have time to sit down at a computer screen searching for the products and information they need.

A site designed for mobile should load quickly. A mobile responsive site is therefore vital to business growth. This way, your lead captures and converts.

Unless done correctly, it might cause you to lose leads right away when they convert.

Write Guest Blog Posts

Many believe guest blogs have been destroyed, and many use them today to increase traffic to the website.

Search engines regard sites that are high in domain quality. Backlinks on your website increase your ranking on Google searches.

Use Customer Service Automation Tools

Once your website generates leads, you can slowly shift your focus to moving them along the sales funnel.

Automating customer support software is a fantastic way to provide support and ensure leads generation. One advantage of using this software is being accessible to users 24/7.

Even when business hours are limited, it’s essential to impress your clientele.

AI platforms support a faster, more effective, and more efficient way to work with data scientists and other team members.

EasyLeadz can track companies hiring for cloud computing roles and automatically reach out to the right decision-makers in these companies.

This automated sales solution can save you hours of manual research and help you scale your lead generation process.

Chatbots are great for automating simple tasks like answering a common question or giving users a guide on the basic functions of their software.

In addition, AI platforms can help reduce the costs in various ways, such as turning simple tasks into automated ones, preventing duplication of efforts, and taking over some expensive labor tasks like copying or extracting data.

Leverage Chatbots To Generate Leads

It’s common to use live chats in stores as simulated user experiences.

If your company lacks bandwidth for handling multiple requests simultaneously, the customer experience may suffer negative impacts.

AI chatbots help companies get more sales and score their clients by assisting them to generate leads.

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Social Media Platforms Are Goldmines

LinkedIn and Twitter have high popularity in marketing to B2B businesses. You can easily reach people looking for your Saas industry and ask them questions.

Inbound leads can significantly increase through direct marketing with customer contact.

Give Click Pop-Ups A Shot

Our final step in creating leads is the suggestion of clicking pop-ups. Pop-ups can be a useful source for leads, but there is no universal method.

Though entry, exit, and scrolling are still helpful, click pop-ups are the most useful type for lead generation.

The most obscene click pop-up is that your users won’t feel pressured to give you information. Pop-ups can be effective since they only ask for a few details, such as their email address. 

Pop-ups helped Kennected generate, on average, 7-10 leads a day and growing) from articles on our website. Previously we were getting less than three a day. 

So about 300% growth by adding some pop-ups?! Sign us up for that kind of growth.

Outbound Marketing

When advertising your product/service on the web or billboards, attracting prospective clients’ attention is one of the most popular and oldest methods.

SaaS startups often have difficulty utilizing traditional methods like TV advertising, advertisements, and Netflix’s $100 million billboard offer.

Unlike pay-per-click advertisements, Google offers almost any budget for advertising online.

The strategy is geared at companies starting with no resources available to develop other advertising channels.

Take Advantage Of Google Adwords

With Google Adwords, you gain quick exposure to your audience without investing a lot. In addition, it is possible to get a large target audience to visit your site.

Testing for ads with a specific strategy will help determine if the best ROI can be achieved with AdWords.

Using this working data, you will decide how much advertising will attract your audience.

Don't Underestimate The Power of Instant Demos

Lead conversion is a simple way to improve conversion rates in the quickest way possible.

Using the chat feature, you can clarify any question or concern of the prospect displayed by our customer support team.

Customers with high-quality customer service can lead the company in a good direction.

Free Trials

A free trial is a perfect strategy for SaaS companies that sell complex services.

The prospect will have the opportunity to trial a full service, and they will have more chances in making a decision and eventually purchase the product.

It is simple and easy for prospective customers to sign up for a free trial by providing not too many personal details.

Referral Marketing

References generate leads, and referrals have the same effect in SaaS businesses. Any software available in the market can be used for SaaS referral marketing.

A sales representative can use email marketing for recommendations or ask for advice about using the software.

It’s one of the best ways to generate leads for cloud companies.

As cloud providers, do not overlook this critical medium to generate leads.

Build Trust With Testimonials

Google trends change, and testimonials remain an effective lead generation strategy.

You can give your visitors the information they need about your business by displaying a testimonial page on your website.

Share positive reviews of your customers with others to gain their confidence. It can also improve revenues and lead generation processes.

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Lead Generation Platforms for SaaS Businesses

HubSpot has been widely recognized as an outstanding marketing tool. HubSpot offers lots of valuable tools that will increase the efficiency of your leads.

Artificial intelligence tools are a standard for sales teams and sales pipeline management.

Increasingly, the services tier offers even greater tools like sales forecasts, 1:1 video productions, thoughtful sentiment analysis, and predictive lead scoring.

These features allow you to generate more leads without more time or resources.

As A Final Note

SaaS leads generation has the potential to transform businesses’ products online by offering them as online services.

You could use any of the strategies above to increase sales, boost marketing efforts, and generate more leads.

In addition, all of these strategies are relatively straightforward to implement.

As part of any lead generation process, don’t forget to check out Kennected, and our product Cloud Kennect, allowing you to connect with hundreds of professionals via LinkedIn.

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