How To Generate Sales Team Leads


Generating leads is a fun challenge to the creative eye. You may immediately consider social media or landing page development to generate leads, but the lead generation process isn’t always the same. Many factors like the company audience, the product being sold, and the company’s overall reputation are things to consider.

Because lead gen can be done differently, not every sales lead is won over by the pitch. Many companies get it wrong when it comes to sales lead generation. Getting leads acquires a team of specialists to search out social media and other modern forms of communication to find potential customers.

What Is Lead Generation?

Every company depends on its customers to grow its reputation and revenue. Lead generation is attracting and keeping customers during the sales process. It’s when employees generate leads that progress starts to happen. It’s the central role for sales reps and the primary foundation for sales companies.

While much of lead generation is an individual effort, it’s not done alone all the time. A team of professionals works to track data and set goals to increase lead generation.

What Are Sales Leads?

A sales team works 24/7 toward generating leads. They work with new leads through the sales funnel to (hopefully) turn them into their own leads. Without sales leads, a new business or any sales business cannot bring in revenue. So, it’s an integral part of growing a company to attract a paying customer.

The sales rep keeps tabs on their company’s sales pipeline to keep track of sales progress. A qualified lead is what a sales rep aims for, as they can bring in more high-quality leads. Prospecting skills like cold calls are not an ideal lead generation strategy unless the sales lead is a part of the company’s targeted audience.

Generate Your Own Leads With Trust

Qualifying leads don’t appear for the sales reps by themselves. A company must build relationships with their own leads and produce lead nurturing to get sales results that matter. A new lead is a chance for them to become a potential customer, something many salespeople fail to recognize. Why? Because instant access to potential leads is as far as many sales teams go.

When the sales cycle begins with a sales pitch through cold calling leads or direct mail, most leads need further convincing for lead qualification. Background research on the company’s own leads can generate sales leads. This lead generation strategy displays the company’s effort and care into knowing more about its target audience.

Research on new leads can help in identifying the target audience and what sales process is needed to produce more sales. Background knowledge can help in social media strategy and landing page development. Play to your own leads as it will increase sales and reduce cold calling.

Business leads may attend industry events scouting out sales teams and how companies are handling their lead generation campaign. If existing customers attend these events, they’re likely bringing all the leads they know of. Top performers at Kennected like chief revenue officer David Inman speak at our sales events. Be on the lookout for upcoming events by following our Facebook page and additional social media platforms.

How To Use Account-Based Marketing To Generate Leads

One secret to generating leads is something we do every day, talk. Engaging in personalized conversations with leads through social media, on the phone, or in person, gives sales members a head start on the competition inside and outside the salesroom.

Leads want to feel heard and when you generate leads, you need to engage in helpful conversation. Of course, the talking will lead back to sales at some point but let your own leads know what’s in it for them. Remember, your account will represent not just yourself, but your entire company, so tread carefully with this form of lead generation.

Qualified Leads vs. Unqualified Leads

Qualifying leads are spotted by the marketing team, to which the sales team can work on the lead generation process. A qualified lead is sought out because they believe their product or service will solve a problem. They’re the cream of the crop, and more sales leads will become easier to spot. Many existing customers of sales companies started with a sales call or cold calls from sales people. Many salespeople use cold calling as the standard plan for sales lead generation but it doesn’t always attract qualified leads. Sometimes generating leads can produce what is called unqualified leads. Unqualified sales leads are sales leads that won’t benefit from the sales company and should be disregarded or put on the side. A company needs to generate leads that will increase sales.

Optimizing Content For Search Engines

Increasing online traffic to the website is another tactic for generating sales leads. Using SEO and keyword generation tools, search results online attract sales leads. More sales leads will become present if the website content is relevant to them. So we always want to be sure the paying customer and more leads are being recognized.

It’s not the main source of lead gen, and sometimes online content like a Facebook page works better some weeks than others. But credit should be given to the salespeople putting the thought and idea creation into lead generation strategies.

Kennected works 24/7 to make sure our own leads are engaged with the product or service we’re offering. Our sales managers work with lead scoring to adjust lead generation strategies to fit the sales-qualified lead.

You can read more on why the sales rep position is so important here.

Managing Blog Posts For Lead Generation

A blog post like this one, gives advice, tips, and tricks of the trade for the sales organization. Almost every marketing team writes a blog post throughout the week for a couple of reasons. Potential customers or potential prospects interested in sales might read through for a few tips on the sales strategy.

Kennected has a specialist that will spend hours on each blog post. They write on multiple relevant topics including the sales process, lead generation strategies, or how to become successful salespeople. It’s a competitive piece of the lead generation process because it’s not a unique idea. Everyone can write, but not everyone can craft well-written content on the company’s product or buyer’s journey. 

Value of SEO & Content Marketing To Drive Sales Leads

Not everyone understands the value of SEO and content marketing and how to drive traffic from Google. The differentiator of what drives multiple tens of thousands of visitors to Kenencted each month from our blog is our big brain CTO and head of SEO. Stephen is also super humble too 😂. Google is often an overlooked driver of leads, because the process to generate leads is often, long and slow and under whelming during the first several months. 

Lead generation takes more than sales reps and high-quality leads. At Kennected, adequately trained professionals collaborate with each other to grow and increase revenue. Our blogs work to attract potential customers, warm leads, and more sales revenue.

Competing With Other Sales Teams For Leads

When you’re a member of a sales team, you’re in it to win it. Find that part of yourself that motivates you to generate your own leads daily. Leads are out there looking for the best companies to work with. Why can’t it be you?

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