How Do You Generate Sales Leads Without Cold Calling


Cold calling has become a key marketing technique, and many companies still employ it for their business growth. They are practical, efficient, and direct.

This strategy is not always the most appropriate, and a cold call is an essential element in any business strategy that fails.

The best possible way to contact potential clients is through online chats.

Typically it takes money to invest in a new channel, so it’s a good idea to stop attracting leads without cold calling for long periods.

Many of these strategies are in tandem with cold calling, and your salespeople will continue to dial.

Increasing sales leads can be challenging. Sixty-two percent of B2B marketers believe that getting branded leads has become an essential challenge.

Many companies hate to contact customers by phone. Cold-Calls are a quick way for people to reach out to prospects. This isn’t as effective as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or blog posts.

It doesn’t require you to contact strangers for business. What’s one of the best ways to increase sales without cold calling? That is exactly why we wrote this article.

My name is Chris Hoffmann, and I’m the vice president of sales at Kennected. There’s a need for direction and the right path for a sales company.

The sales service team is usually the easy point of contact between a company and prospects. I know how to reach the sales team through leaderboards and other competitive ways to grow.

What Is Lead Generation?

Companies want to start crafting more efficient ways of lead attraction, whether it’s through email, a phone call, or social media.

Lead generation is the act of marketers or sales representatives reaching out to people interested in your product.

These leads may sometimes want to see your product in a demo or view more background of your company via your site.

You can start anywhere with lead generation, but we’re focusing on generating leads without cold calling.

What Is Cold Calling?

Cold calling occurs when a salesperson calls someone that has not expressed interest in the sales product. Maybe they did, but their interest was very small, and they may have forgotten.

It enables you to create leads through outbound efforts. It’s carried out by the business development representative because it focuses more on the growth or the sales of the company.

Cold calling is one of the most known ways, but it can be disruptive, confusing, and sometimes make people feel as if they are being scammed.

As the business industry moves into more digital prospecting methods like social media, there are more ways to generate leads without cold calling than ever before. 

Benefits of Cold Calling

Cold calling is an easy and effective method for fine-tuning your pitch for maximum effectiveness.

Has anyone forgotten something? What is your complaint on how much time did this take?

You might frequently receive calls from prospects about whether they are interested. The insight is then used as a basis for creating marketing strategies.

Finally, cold calling can often provide future warmer calls, where your sales are easier to come by.

Cold Calling vs. Warm Calling

After discussing what a cold call is, let us look into something more promising – warm calling.

It’s the term used to call a person interested in what they’ve got in mind. This includes anyone that has populated your website form before.

Write Effective Linkedin InMail

InMail is an excellent prospect marketing tool if properly handled. Messages usually are too long. 

Clicking on links or landing pages is often a turning point. Messages and sometimes emails must not exceed 200 words.

Get Personal

Tell me the easiest way to get to know someone? Find a referral, look for potential clients or read current news from an organization.

How are people affected? Show your empathy to their pain points and tell them about your problem and how it was solved in your life.

Get As Many Referrals As Possible

Currently, a successful sales agent often receives referrals from existing customers. What’s the importance of this?

Eighty-two percent of B2B decision-makers are referring salespeople,  and 83% are looking to make sales by referring a friend to an existing customer, and referrals convert 30% quicker.

Using Net Promoter Score, one must ask why a user has a 9/10 rating. Invest in relationships with other people to gain more value and develop more relationships.

Leveraging customer service is also a key way to generate additional leads, without investing a lot of additional time or resources into prospecting.

Offer Free Advice

When your company sells niche goods or essential services, your customers will be looking for answers to their queries as well.

Give the prospect what they want(at least a portion of your knowledge), for free and the law of reciprocity will kick in as well.

Meaning that there are multiple ways to generate leads, you just need to know when to give without expecting a sale, and be willing to invest in that person because you legitimately care about their success as a person.

Kennected’s motto is “relationships over revenue”, that does not mean we give our service away.

We just know that when we provide value, without expecting anything in return, we typically get referrals and sales numbers that we could not have gotten if we had simply gone for the jugular, real ones know what we mean.

If you don’t invite potential lead contacts to ask a question or ask them questions, it’s unlikely that you will initiate contact immediately.

Get involved in the business with the clients you work with. Find what your customer needs and then develop content to meet their needs and present your business and benefits.

Create a video guide or blog post that answers the most important questions in the industry.

Accelerate Your Lead Generation

Many companies have no idea how to generate leads using cold calling. If your business is generating leads quickly and efficiently, it should be more effective to attract more sales.

If you are not confident that this will work in your business, then be sure that your work does not involve just marketing.

We have tons of marketing resources and a well-respected team of specialized Internet marketing experts.

How can I improve my lead generation program? How do I find an effective lead generation solution that will help me?

Call the team today for information and additional contact information.

Content And More Content!

Our LinkedIn audience is predominantly salespeople and managers.

When you provide valuable information and do not sell a sales product, you can make the readers see your generosity and expertise.

My experience has been that providing good quality information is a great way to bring prospects to you and not just the opposite.

Give the chance to raise your prospect’s hands and help them! Produce valuable information in any way you can.

Connect With Clients Online

You can still use offline marketing tactics to generate additional leads. You can also use the Internet to enhance your customer’s relationships through social networking.

Make a business card available at your reception desk that contains a link to your social networking site.

When you meet new people during business engagements or tradeshows, ask them to contact your company online or by phone.

Better yet, it is possible to incorporate it into other lead generation strategies.

Keep A Healthy Sales Pipeline

Ensure you are bursting with potential. A void pipeline may cause salespeople to place unnecessary value on only a few clients.

The problem for many is the lack of knowledge of maintenance. My biggest transactions happen via the network. I am always ready to assist in sales. It makes me a trusted expert.

The little time I give to provide free assistance has a definite impact on my business. Those I help always inform friends and others in the group and give me constant requests.

Understand Your Prospects

Find the key characteristics of your ideal client. And unless you get into a sales trap, you could be too busy to work.

Many salespeople only take demographic data into account when developing a marketing strategy.

Similarly important to this are prospects’ psychographics and attitudes and culture.

Are the managers committed to putting more resources into developing? Does the audience appreciate the advice and use it? What about prices? Find the most suitable clients.

Is Cold Calling A Problem For Your Sales Team?

Eighty-one percent of buyers like getting in touch via email instead of by phone call, and cold calls leave an unpleasant odor in their mouths.

Many calls are made by phone or in-person with a potential prospect,  and 80% are sent by text message.

This is why sales leaders want to improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and improve their sales effectiveness. I’ve seen some things.

Have A Presence On Directories

Another valuable way to get leads without cold calling is through directories.

Popular directories like G2 and Capterra offer the best opportunity for companies and products to be listed and ensure they see potential customers in their market.

This directory is often paid-to-play, meaning you have to invest money in order to get your product shown in more prominent locations like a search engine result.

Most listings offer organic listings, meaning that you will appear right below the paid listing.

Having the right online lead generator that is highly qualified is an advantage over the competitors.

Use Content Marketing To Generate Inbound Leads

Almost all B2B companies use content marketing in various ways. So if you don’t have any content, you should reconsider what you do and want to do with your marketing budget.

If a potential prospect asks a question about the situation, then it may take them a few minutes. From there, they can start discovering a helpful solution to a problem for them.

Content marketing is the key thing here. Content Marketing is a way of targeting a target market without sending a cold email or phone call to someone else.

Companies can use content marketing alongside cold calling to create new account-based marketing campaigns.

Convert Your Audience Into Customers With Lead Nurturing

Sending leads an informative email educating them on what you have created, and focusing on key benefits will be beneficial.

Marketers with such segments had 761% higher revenue than the non-segmented marketers.

If a company wants to generate leads without cold calling, it can convert leads and subscribers to paid users.

Give them some value instead of being aggressive in a way.

Make Sure To Build Your Brand With Social Selling

Social selling has become somewhat popular. According to Hootsuite, social selling can help you reach, connect with, understand, and nurture prospects.

You might compare it to meetings at conferences as this allows you to make many contacts to promote business, but all in one sitting.

How should you approach social sales? Kennected is the best place in the sales industry for marketing and ensuring professionals in the world meet with prospective customers and partners.

However, it is not only about bringing in the conversation by talking to other companies.

Referral Marketing

Word of mouth and recommendations influence the decision-making for purchases. Word-of-mouth is attributed to approximately 80% of purchases.

You can use a few different means of promoting yourself. People refer their friends when selling products or services to promote virality.

Dropbox offers one such example. Its referral programs were crucial to its growth strategy in its earliest years. All customers referred by previous customers to Dropbox get extra free data.

Save Time By Cold Emailing

If you have cold calls, the most likely initial step would be to use cold emails. Like cold calling, emails are sent directly to the prospects in a direct manner.

Email has a long history in the industry and is a helpful service to communicate with the public. The companies also offer impressive returns to investors.

Create email marketing campaigns to optimize engagements, conversion/click-through rates, or other metrics based on a customer’s website. So it’s possible to achieve your growth goals.

Now is the time for businesses to convert those users into clients.

Be Honest About Your Services

Transparency is essential. The truth about your business is essential – despite its potential, it can help gain trust from other companies.

Recognizing your mistakes is crucial to making the changes needed.

Flexibility allows you the commodity of modifying your products to meet the unique needs of each prospective customer and is an effective means to resolve certain problems.

Become A Thought Leader

Social networking and blogging are incredibly important for gaining the confidence of aspiring entrepreneurs. Engage your audience and get your message across to them.

LinkedIn has become the primary sales tool.

Meet Qualified Prospects By Attending Events

How do we reach leads without calling? It means that you must talk to someone as you would in person. However, you will never be pressured to stick to scripts to grab attention.

Several business organizations attend conferences to find new vendors and potential partners.

Turn Your Network Into Your Extended Sales Team

Your network is the catalyst for your next purchase. You must understand how you can build an effective and efficient network.

Make sure your network has an effective way of mapping success and knows where to start.

Re-engage Former Clients

What is the cost of creating customers? According to studies, the cost of getting new customers and retaining existing customers is 10 times more.

This is a good strategy of acquiring leads without cold calling, which focuses on bringing back customers who have lost their jobs.

You can increase your influence by getting your old subscribers interested in your brand. Create an emotional connection by raising the level of participation of your customers.

Use Social Media

How can one get the audience a certain way? This is a common frustration from cold phone calls.

Your intention is not to disturb customers in their homes but to attract people interested in your product or service. Thankfully, using social media has made an impact.

Twitter is a fantastic tool to get customers regardless of the region. Kennected is available on all platforms.

Social media platforms are the easiest and most effective method for building a solid customer success team influence on websites, attracting your target audience, and not forcing yourself into a search for qualified leads.

Our product Cloud Kennect, makes LinkedIn easy for every customer. LinkedIn opens a company up to various new connections and potential prospects.

Producing Search Engine Optimization

One service growing more popular amongst marketing companies is search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO consists of various keywords, phrases, topics, and subheadings that drive traffic to the website when used right.

It’s common for companies to use SEO in blogs and articles on their site to attract potential leads without cold calling. But SEO can be used in other forms of lead generation.

Marketing ads, social media campaigns, and email marketing can feature SEO. They all will inspire opt-ins and traffic back to the website.

Make It Easy For People To Find You

Create a website to describe your products/services and answer commonly asked questions. Make sure that people can find you easily through the opt-in form.

Get the list of clients and immediately reach out to all the communications that come up. Encourage your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as the three most visited websites.

Identify who you target and post it consistently.

Go Old-School – Visit Prospects In Person

When possible, visit an individual to show them what you like and need. If you meet a client online in person, you’ll be able to get the best possible answer.

This also indicates that your efforts are worthwhile. Overall prospective buyers generally buy stuff from people they like.

Refine Your Content

Do analytical research to understand how people will respond to you. Improving your content improves the quality and the curiosity of your target audience.

Wrapping Up

Cold calling is a successful lead generation strategy. However, you may miss other marketing channels which may be just as effective.

These strategies have been proven effective in businesses of all sizes. You have to do this for your growth, and you need to do it with some effort and time.

Some methods will initially require substantial investment like organic ads, email marketing, social media, and content marketing.

Get in touch with a qualified sales professional today and get an estimate from our lead generation experts. You can phone us directly at 317-342-1330 or by our contact form.

Kennected knows lead generation! We make it easy to start generating conversations on LinkedIn, the #1 social media channel for business people.

As a leader in the lead generation industry, we know how to help grow your company’s revenue.

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