How To Use LinkedIn To Generate Leads For Solar Businesses

Solar installation companies can really thrive these days because more and more people are expressing their interest in solar energy. But your company still needs to generate leads in order to take advantage of this. And the best place to find leads online is on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But it’s very unique because it focuses on building professional and business relationships. So while it’s not the perfect place for memes and pictures of your pets, it is an excellent source of high quality leads.

In fact, LinkedIn is now the biggest social network for professionals, with over 760 million users worldwide. Not to mention that it’s still growing. If there’s one social media that can help you grow your solar business—it’s LinkedIn.

So today we’re going to talk about how to use LinkedIn for generating leads for your solar business.

Why LinkedIn Works for Generating Solar Leads​

With the right strategy in the right channel, you can create your own stream of high quality leads. LinkedIn is the best place to focus all your lead generation efforts.

LinkedIn users have a high percentage of home ownership, and are often the ones to make decisions at home. If you offer residential solar installation, you should target LinkedIn users.

Aside from recruiters and professionals from different industries, LinkedIn is also where you will find C-suite executives: CEOs, COOs, and other executives. These are the leads you need to target if you offer commercial solar installation.

Because of LinkedIn’s professional user base, the average income is also higher compared to other social media.

LinkedIn users enjoy reading content, including long-form articles. This means your content marketing is welcome here. LinkedIn is perfect for establishing thought leadership through content creation.

Those are some of the best reasons why you need to choose LinkedIn and stick with it for the long term. Now we’ll talk about how you can use LinkedIn to its full potential.

How to Generate Leads & Sales for Solar Companies on LinkedIn​

The first step is to optimize your LinkedIn page to make sure it has all the right information regarding your solar company. If people get confused by what’s on your page, they might decide to take their business elsewhere. So make your LinkedIn page as optimized as possible, and get started on your outreach.

Optimizing your profile will also help you build trust with your target audience. When you begin your content marketing and LinkedIn outreach, you will get more engagement and responses.

Your LinkedIn page or profile should be set up in a way that allows you to convert traffic into customers. Even the most engaged leads will only convert if they trust you. So how do you gain their trust? By providing value.

Providing value doesn’t necessarily mean selling to them. It can come in the form of knowledge or information. One good way to achieve this is with the use of content marketing.

When writing content, do it in a way that answers frequently asked questions. Create content about things that people want to know about solar energy and installation. This gives you the opportunity to position yourself as the authority figure in your industry. When you give them the answers that they need, you will be able to convert them more easily.

Content is not only for conversion, of course. It can also drive traffic to your LinkedIn page in the first place. People who have absolutely no idea you exist can be attracted by a high quality piece of content you created and shared online.

This is a great way to make your leads come to you instead of chasing after them.

Content marketing goes hand in hand with SEO or search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is all about using relevant keywords to boost your ranking in search results. LinkedIn works the same way. If you use SEO for your LinkedIn content, more people will discover you—the more leads you can convert.

A lot of companies don’t even consider generating their own leads. They buy their leads only to find out that the poor quality wasn’t worth their investment.

Generating your own leads won’t be easy, as a matter of fact. But in the long run, this is your best chance at creating a sustainable pipeline for your solar company.

You Can Prospect Manually with Copy & Pasting​

Attracting leads towards your LinkedIn page is one thing—but sometimes you also need to take a proactive approach in terms of lead generation. This is where LinkedIn outreach comes in.

Cold calling may not be as effective as it used to be, but sending a cold message can still work wonders for you. You just need to send an outreach message that’s powerful and intriguing.

Once you’ve identified your targets on LinkedIn, you can send them a personalized message that will grab their attention. The goal is not to sell right away, but to engage them in a conversation. Opening up a conversation and building that relationship will help you convert them in the long run. But not before you’ve learned about their goals, motivations, and pain points. This conversation will help you convince them that they need solar.

The downside is that manual prospecting can be time-consuming. Copying and pasting the same message over and over again, and waiting for people to reply is a huge time suck. Not to mention it can get you in trouble with LinkedIn if they detect that you are spamming users.

There’s a better way to reach your target audience on LinkedIn without spamming them.

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn with Kennected & Automation

LinkedIn automation will allow you to reach a lot more people in a shorter amount of time. The problem is that some automation tools will still get you in trouble with LinkedIn. You can even end up in LinkedIn Jail—but not if you use Kennected.

Kennected is the safest, most effective LinkedIn automation tool that can bring you a stream of leads, connections, appointments, and meetings—all on autopilot.

After identifying your target audience using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters, you can just copy and paste the search results onto Kennected. Kennected will then send your personalized message to thousands of your targets automatically, but not in bulk, as if you were sending them yourself.

Kennected lets you set up personalized messages that are more likely to be opened by your targets. People are sick of reading the same spammy messages from marketers. They tend to just ignore those. But with personalization, you are more likely to get a response.

With a higher acceptance and response rate, you can safely automate without getting in trouble with LinkedIn.

Imagine being able to send personalized messages to thousands of solar leads on LinkedIn within your defined area. That’s the power of Kennected. We can help you reach thousands of people at a lower cost than mailers—or list buying. And it’s also a whole lot more effective.

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