How Do I Generate Leads While Working Remotely?

Working remotely doesn’t mean your business has to come to a screeching halt. Lead generation is a vital part of growing your business and gaining new clients, and you can still generate leads, even if you are not going out and physically pounding the pavement to get them. Generating leads while working remotely is not only possible but one of the most effective ways to get new sales for your business.

Generating Leads Effectively

In general, your best leads are going to be those people who have expressed an interest in your product or service. In most cases, they will have filled out an online questionnaire, taken a survey or signed up for a free trial. They may have given you their email address in order to receive a free e-book. However they came to you, the next task is for you to use those leads to grow your business and sell more. There are a few ways that have proven most effective in generating more leads for your business. You can do all of these while working remotely.


Most people search the Web for information, not necessarily to buy. The buying usually happens after they have found the information they need and have made the choice to make a purchase. This is where you come in. By maintaining a blog in which you provide your readers with useful information, you will be able to provide them with the information they need to make a purchase. Your blog is where you will answer their questions, compare product offerings and guide them to the right choice.

Your blog is a sales tool, but it should appear to be more of an informational tool. Avoid the “hard sell” content on your blog. You want your readers to visit again and again when they need information. Make it easy for them to provide their email addresses to receive your newsletter or get updates when you provide new content.

Social Media Marketing

What are your ideal customers talking about online? If you run a real estate company, find conversations about home buying. Add your voice to the conversation and position yourself as an expert. On your own page, share photos of homes you have sold recently or write an interesting post on how to stage your home to get the highest price. Share a viral video that is related to your business and include a link back to your website. Make sure that there are ways for your customers to provide their email addresses when they visit your site.

Create profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and regularly create content that your readers will want to view and share. This, in turn, will drive customers to your website where you can capture their email addresses and market to them.

Email Marketing

Create a periodic newsletter that gives your subscribers interesting information about your company. If you’re selling employee incentive software, create a newsletter about how to motivate employees. The key is to keep your company’s name in front of your customers so that when they are ready to buy, they will reach out to you first.

You can also use your email marketing to send them to your blog where they can read about a new product or service that you’re offering. The key is to give them useful content that they can look forward to and read quickly. This useful information will make them more likely to buy from you.

Create Lead Generation Content Incentives

Customers are not simply going to give you their email addresses because you ask for them. You need to create content that makes you willing to exchange their information. Write an e-book that provides them with useful information that they need.

If you are selling accounting services, create an e-book that tells people how to manage their finances or save for their children’s college tuition. Creating a course is another excellent way to generate leads. Teach people how to start their own businesses from home, then capture their email addresses to sell them on your business startup services.

When it comes to generating the best new leads for your business, there are many steps that you can take to increase your reach and close more sales. From setting up a blog and creating useful content to engaging with your potential customers on social media and marketing through your newsletter, there are many ways that you can generate hot new leads for your business, even while working remotely.

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