How Can I Generate Leads Quickly?

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There are many kinds of tools that are useful for getting leads fast. Facebook, IG, Google ads as well as social media outreach are all ways to generate leads fast.

Some examples are tools to create landing pages, CRM software, email lookup software, live chat, social media automation, and more. Generating leads quickly is great, but how do you nurture those leads through a sequence of email drips, value-added text message followups and ultimate close them?

Generating leads fast is great. BUT, the low-effort ways to generate leads quickly aren’t methods that’ll bring the highest volume of leads in the shortest amount of time.

Instead, they’ll bring highly qualified leads with business potential – quality over quantity.

Businesses of all sizes and industries can use the following techniques. The key is to test and modify them to make them work for your customer base.

Why Is Lead Generation Important?

When done well, lead generation can nurture qualified prospects from tentative interest to the customers and ambassadors your brand relies on.

Lead generation is vital because it asks the fundamental question, “what does your potential customer want?”

Once you can answer that question and tie it to a high-converting landing page, you’ll consistently generate leads.

You’ve still got to turn the lead into a customer, but it’s the starting point, and once you’ve got a sales pipeline full of leads, it’s much easier to tweak your sales strategies.

Determine Your Target Audience

If you want to quickly earn an influx of qualified leads, you can’t skip the step of nailing down your target audience.

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Social Media Marketing

It’s everywhere, but not physically anywhere. Social media has changed the marketing game.

When you think about in-depth guides on technical guides, step-by-step tutorials for important tasks, or industry tips you’ve picked up over the years, start by promoting those on social media to capture new leads.

Make yourself known on Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter conversations, and any other place your target audience goes to for help or advice.

You can market your webinar through social media. And, don’t be afraid of paid media or promoting your webinar through keynote speakers.

Linking to or citing a high-value webinar within your content will position you as a go-to expert in your industry who cares about people.

You need to do more than “like” or “re-share” content to get a solid following on social media.

Add comments on their blog posts referring to your ideas and piece of content, making it clear which brand you represent.

You want to raise awareness of your brand and make life easier for people — your customers.

The more versatile and involved your company is digitally, the better.

The social world has brought us convenience across the web.

Our full names, residential addresses, phone numbers, and more are now stored on trusted sites such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Optimize Social Posts

There are pros and cons to automating social posts, but this qualifies as a low-effort way to quickly generate leads.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not saying you should automate everything.

Scheduling your posts will drastically enhance your manual social activity – especially on networks like Twitter, where content has a short shelf life.

We recommend a good rule of thumb is to do 50% of your social activity manually. Automation can make a serious difference to the number of leads you generate daily.

Optimize Conversions

One of the worst conversion killers on your site is forms that frustrate users.

It doesn’t matter how fast or easy your lead generation tactics are if your forms stop people from converting at the crucial moment

So invest in a good form optimization tool to ensure you’re not shutting the door on potential leads.

Any good form optimization tool will show you where users are running into problems with your forms so you can put things right.

Offer Discounts And Coupons

To drive leads with discounts and coupons, focus on “new customer coupons.”

In a 2016 CouponBox survey, 75% of retailers said this was the best coupon/discount for increasing long-term revenue.

Once you’ve created your deal or coupon, it’s time to distribute — you can’t expect customers to find these discounts and deals themselves.

Share with current and future customers via your online platforms, including social media and email.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential part of lead generation.

Minor changes to your landing pages can make a big difference to your conversion rate, and you want it to be as easy as possible to optimize this process.

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Content Marketing

Content is a great way to build search engine optimization for your website, show your knowledge as a business, and generate leads.

The first step in using content as a lead-driving tool is to remember that this term encompasses more than just blog posts.

Content could be an e-book, guide, white paper, graphic, in-depth study, or video.

Consider writing content for guest blogs and additional services.

The content is then gated, so potential customers give you their contact information in exchange for access to it.

To make the most of this content, consider how you can make it most valuable and targeted.

Unlike academic writing, marketing copy is straightforward and knowledgeable.

Search Engine Optimization

When you’re looking for an answer to a question, what’s the first thing you do? The vast majority of people will type a query in a search engine.

Google processes more than 8.5 billion searches every day, and the businesses that appear at the top of these search results are benefiting.

Search engine optimization is the perfect tactic because you reach people when they’re looking for the information you have. You know they’re engaged and ripe to be converted into a lead.

Calls To Action

To convert those blog readers into email sign-ups, place CTAs for your free downloads on every blog post.

When crafting a call to action, you must research and write about topics relevant to your services with a personalized approach.

If possible, create a banner ad or pop-up for your website, enticing potential customers to buy right then and there.

If direct mailing is part of your marketing budget, use this to distribute discounts and coupons as well.

If your reader is in the healthcare field, try to relate how your product can match their needs.

You can use a call to action to attract new leads and create a sense of urgency for those you’re already generating.

Promote Content

You can promote these in your PPC ads, social posts, blog articles, emails, and every other channel you’re using to connect with prospects.

What you offer and how often you run promotions is entirely up to you.

When you see a Quora page full of answers from businesses recommending their products, break the mold and genuinely try to help people.

Trust me, both your answer and your brand will stand out miles ahead of the other self-interested answers all over Quora.

Experiment with a few campaigns to see what gets people excited; you may find some audiences respond to different incentives more than others.

Create Campaigns

Create campaigns designed to turn your existing customers into repeat buyers, reach out to them for referrals and reward them for inviting their friends or contacts to buy from you.

You’ve already invested in winning each customer, so you want to make sure you get the most out of that marketing spend, even after making the final commitment.

Customer Reviews

People want reassurance that they’re buying from the best possible source.

This is why reviews from third-party sources like Google, Trustpilot, and are important.

Not only do people visit these sites to get feedback from your former customers, but these reviews are often embedded in search results and your PPC ads, while you can also place them on your landing pages to boost on-site conversions.

Of course, you need to be confident you can get a healthy collection of positive reviews for this to generate leads, rather than scare them away.

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Paid Advertising

Paid advertising gives you this choice, and a good PPC agency will have you generating leads right away.

Your job is to make sure you’re capable of converting those leads once they land on your site.

Show personalized or generic ads, depending on your settings, Google, and across the web.

For non-personalized content and ads, what you see may be influenced by the content you’re currently viewing and your location (ad serving is based on general location).

Likewise, you can use PPC to capture leads who aren’t so close to buying but nurture those leads along the buying process to make sure they buy with you, rather than one of your competitors.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to drive leads. If you’re willing to “pay to play,” you can access specific targeting options, including age, location, interests, and more.

Use best practices and follow your data to make your ads successful and drive qualified leads.

Compete With Industry Leaders

Competing with industry leaders is tough. It seems like they’ve got all the exposure, and there’s little space left for the smaller brands to make a name for themselves.

So take the fight to them by challenging industry leaders with your content.

If they publish something saying your industry is heading in one direction and you disagree, tell them. 

Publish your own content that gives your side of things and reach out to them with it.


One of the best lead generation tips you should take away from this post is how a webinar can work brilliantly in your favor.

A webinar is a relatively low-cost way to get your useful message before a targeted audience who asked for it when they registered.

A small consulting firm used webinars to generate over 100 new, qualified leads and resulted in six opportunity-based meetings. This, in turn, led to $50,000 in services being discussed.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to drive leads, especially when your emails are personalized to the person receiving them.

A study by Experian found that personalized emails generated up to 6x higher revenue than non-personalized emails and campaigns.

Use your email platform to personalize your email greeting to include the recipient’s name. Group your contacts by name, location, purchase history, or expressed interests.

This slight touch can help you drive more leads while building brand loyalty with potential customers.

As you begin sending emails, it’s crucial to track your success. This allows you to test, modify and evolve, driving more leads with each send.

Don’t forget to check where people are clicking within the email itself.

If you place links in more than one place in your email — which you should to increase total clicks — track which ones are being clicked more often.

In-Person Events

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of networking events yearly, but not all are created for your potential customers.

Ensure you attend these events to network, gather ideas, and feel free to host your events.

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Effective marketing can be efficiently deployed when you see and address your customers not as a group, but as individuals.

With these techniques, you should be reaching a good audience.

That’s why Kennected believes in connecting with individuals. Most digital companies have not been using this hack to get more leads. How we connect with most individuals is through our LinkedIn automation tool, Cloud Kennect.

Cloud Kennect is the #1 prospecting tool for finding your ideal potential customers, building out value-added direct messages on LinkedIn, and nurture the relationship once you start to engage with them directly. Kennected believes in Social Selling and building real relationships, and not spamming people.

We leverage automation to develop targeted prospect lists, and free up your time to find out who is truly interested in talking to you. Don’t waste time trying to do it manually, work with Kennected and see how automation can change your prospecting efforts.

Kennected uses LinkedIn to generate up to 100 leads daily. It’s a progress of patience and personal control, but the numbers tell you everything you need to know.

It’s a matter of a few simple clicks, narrowing your target audience, and watching the leads roll in.

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