How To Book Insurance Leads On Autopilot

If you are an insurance agent and you’re not using LinkedIn to get more leads, you might be missing out. LinkedIn is not just a social networking site: it is the largest professional networking tool in the world, with over 675 million users. Its professional approach to social networking attracts many business-minded individuals who are looking to make new connections. This is why it is full of leads and prospects that you can target.

If you have an active presence on LinkedIn, it is easier to put yourself in front of consumers who may be interested in buying a policy from you. And with a good automation tool like Kennected, you can even put your lead generation on auto pilot, while you work on more important things.

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn and Kennected to book insurance leads on autopilot.

Expanding Your Network

LinkedIn is all about connections. To find more prospects, you need to expand your network. Finding new insurance clients isn’t always easy, even for the most seasoned agents. But luckily, LinkedIn is full of qualified leads.

To find your next client, you can start with the old fashioned approach of asking for referrals. You can’t beat a referral from a satisfied client. Not only will they help you find your next client, but they may also put in a good word for you.

Even if you are a new insurance agent with a small client list, you can still ask for referrals from people you trust. Your friends, your family, former colleagues and everyone in your LinkedIn network can introduce you to potential clients.

Publishing Content

Publishing content establishes your authority in the insurance industry. It shows prospects that you are a thought leader and that you know what you are talking about. High quality content can attract the attention of your ideal clients and prove that you have what it takes to help them.

Try publishing content on your website and sharing the link on your LinkedIn to drive more traffic to your website.

Optimizing Your Profile​

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile will help you set your lead generation on auto pilot. This is because it shows your profile visitors all the information they need. Through your profile, you can showcase your achievements, credentials, and specialties. This way, leads can get an idea of what you can do for them.

A good profile will serve as social proof and establish your authority. Make sure you write a comprehensive title and summary. Use keywords that explain your business in detail, just as you would with your website.

Try Different Lead Generation Methods​

Paid advertisements are still worthwhile investments nowadays, and it can help you get more insurance leads in the long term because it builds your name. Optimize your website and link it to your LinkedIn profile and vice-versa. There are plenty of methods to find your prospects. Figure out where they are hanging out online and find them there.

Automate Your LinkedIn Outreach​

The best way to put your lead generation on auto pilot is by using Kennected. Kennected is an automation tool that uses LinkedIn’s data rich filters to find the most qualified leads for your insurance business. Kennected puts you in front of your ideal insurance clients.

With Kennected’s personalized automated messages, you can connect with your prospects without having to waste time on manual prospecting. Kennected fine tunes your outreach and gives you a steady stream of connections, sales, and appointments. With Kennected’s personalized approach, you can increase your chances of getting a response, and making that sale. Book a demo today to learn more!

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