How Do You Generate High-Quality Leads?

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Use these tactics to generate high-quality leads:

  1. Add testimonials to your landing pages

  2. Apply SEO practices in content marketing to grab your audience’s attention

  3. Create a call-to-action (CTA)

  4. Email marketing

  5. Implement cold calling

  6. Develop a social media presence

Ask most executives and marketers what salespeople need to sell in this economy, and they will say, “more leads.”

However, generating high-quality leads is the biggest challenge companies face.

The trick to winning more business is to generate high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into actual paying customers.

More and more businesses are implementing a lead generation strategy to support their sales teams‘ efforts, but what are the best ways to generate qualified leads?

This blog will provide the best lead generation strategies.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects to your business and increasing their interest through nurturing, all with the end goal of converting them into a customer.

Some ways to generate leads are job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content.

These lead generators are just a few examples of lead generation strategies to attract potential customers and guide them towards your offers.

Why Is Lead Generation Important?

Growth is the number one priority for every business, and, to grow, every business needs leads.

However, the quality of the generated leads is the top priority for 68% of B2B professionals, followed by increased volume (55%).

Without leads, you don’t have customers, and without customers, you don’t make sales, and without sales, you don’t have a business. It’s safe to say leads are pretty vital.

Attracting and converting leads isn’t an easy task, particularly when considering the sheer amount of competition behind the scenes.

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What Is A Sales Qualified Lead?

Sales qualified leads are contacts who’ve taken actions that expressly indicate their interest in becoming a paying customer.

An example of SQL is a contact who fills out a form to ask a question about your product or service.

Sales And Marketing Alignment

Before any lead strategies are planned out, companies need to ensure their sales and marketing teams are on the same page.

This includes discussing what qualified leads are, what CRM tool works best, what goals the teams are working toward, etc.

Marketers often produce a high volume of leads passed to the sales team, who nurture the leads until they close a deal.

No one strategy or team outperforms the other. SEO is a great example – just because you rank doesn’t mean the leads (let alone) quality leads will come pouring in.

Too often, simply achieving rank is seen as a success — but if it generates no sales, it won’t matter.

Wherever your best customers come from, there are many more you can reach in the same way.

Here are some tactics to align both teams:

  • Develop a universal lead definition with sales and marketing.

  • Co-develop lead generation programs with both marketing and sales team input.

  • Get input from sales on target companies and contacts.

  • Qualify all leads against your lead definition and pass only qualified leads to your sales team.

When teams are aligned, it becomes easier to generate higher-quality leads earlier in the sales funnel.

Layout Buyer Personas

Identify your target and then analyze your existing customers‘ behavioral patterns by the audience.

Recognizing your ideal buyer personas will take you closer to defining a high-quality lead for your business.

Layout the characteristics of your ideal customers by describing the most relevant attributes for your business, such as job title and decision-making authority, and implicit attributes that describe the desired online behavior.

The former establishes the qualifying factors to assess the basic fit of your leads, and the latter sets up certain thresholds that a prospect must reach in the buying journey to progress.

Lead scoring determines how well a lead satisfies your target buyer persona by assigning measurable values to the desired attributes.

Create A Lead Magnet

Want to know if a prospect is genuinely interested in your products or services?

You should create insightful lead magnets to attract genuinely interested people in what you’re selling.

A lead magnet could be anything — from how-to guides to do-it-yourself checklists and cheat sheets.

You can offer these lead magnets to your website visitors in exchange for their email addresses.

What Is Outbound Lead Generation?

This might sound easy to execute when we talk about outbound tactics such as cold calling and cold emailing.

But such a campaign could quickly turn into an overwhelming project that needs a full-fledged team of marketers and sales reps.

This might mean a significant spend, which you may not be prepared for at this time.

You can get your sales team involved in outbound lead generation, increasing alignment between your sales and marketing leads.

Chances are, you’ve never done this, and you’re not alone. Consumers today are savvier than ever and don’t buy into the whole cold-selling mentality. They hate being sold to.

Instead, they’d rather find a brand they love under their own steam.

When someone shows an organic interest in your business and initiates the relationship, taking them from stranger to customer becomes ten times easier.

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Cold Calling

Sure, SDRs must keep up with the current trends, as they are constantly evolving.

But while sales have developed new digital ways of prospecting, cold calling has remained as effective as ever.

Marketers often frown upon cold calls, but when done properly, it can yield results faster than the standard 6-12 months often experienced with inbound marketing tactics.

You might have heard that cold calling is outdated, but this could not be more wrong. According to a RAIN Group report, 51% of buyers prefer to be contacted by phone.

Out of 15 outreach methods studied, sellers found that using the phone made three of the top five most effective methods to connect with prospects.

Connect With Decision Makers

If you have a business-to-consumer (B2C) business, social media, paid ads and product-listing websites are an easy medium to reach and engage your potential buyers.

However, as a business-to-business (B2B) business owner, it is important to connect with the right people from your target companies.

Curating a quality lead generation plan can take some time, during which there will be much trial and error.

As you learn the ins and outs of defining high-quality leads for your business, categorize your marketing campaigns that best resonate with your target audience and lead to conversions.

You can classify these campaigns under different monikers based on ideal buyer profiles, high-performing content, or best-converting marketing channels to refer to them in the future.

Content Marketing

Marketing software products can be complicated without relevant content. When a B2B buyer contacts your business, they are already 57% into their purchase journey.

Create amazing offers for all different stages of the buying cycle. Not all of your site visitors are ready to talk to your sales team or see a demo of your product.

Someone at the beginning of the buyer’s journey might be interested in an informational piece like an e-book or a guide.

In contrast, someone who’s more familiar with your company and product will be more willing to purchase.

Any content you create should inform, educate and help prospects through their research process.

To provide a fully-immersive experience across your digital resources, you should create different types of content for your blog and social media.

To get in on this trend, read this helpful blog post on creating content for different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO works by increasing your ranking in search engines for relevant keywords relating to your business.

Repurpose Content

It’s exciting running a blog, but trying to create fresh content consistently can be difficult, so recycling what you already have can help save time and money.

Here are a few ideas of how you can repurpose your content with ease:

  • Turn a blog post into some content for social media.

  • Produce a blog post that details what your latest webinar is about.

  • Turn your content into newsletters.

  • Change it into visual content (a video, infographic, or e-book).

Repurposing content can help you reach out to more potential customers, reiterate your message, and allow you to evaluate what content engages more customers.

Social Media Platforms

Before you get started with the specific tactics and strategies that can lead to getting tons of new leads into your sales funnel, make sure that the social media channel you are pursuing is ideal for your business.

For example, if you look at B2B marketers, 44% of those responding to a survey said they had generated leads through LinkedIn, 39% through Facebook, and 30% through Twitter.

Social media is currently one of the top channels in B2B, with 80% of organizations using it to assist with content marketing.

Many of your daily actions on social media can help you find new leads.

Social media gives people from the same industries a forum to discuss common interests and problems.


If you want to generate leads with Facebook, odds are you will have to invest some money into an ad campaign. 

Luckily for you, Facebook ads are less than half the price ($0.80) per click than Adwords ($2.50).

Treat your Facebook page as a sales page. One of the big mistakes we see many entrepreneurs make is that they don’t take their Facebook seriously.

The navigation is off, there is no clear CTA, and there is no way it is generating leads; they’re thinking.

Email Marketing

Once you’ve got consumers hooked with your content specifically geared to where they’re at in the sales cycle, you can begin to nurture that relationship.

Usually, this comes in email marketing, which gives you the chance to show up where your audience is hanging out.

Have you heard that getting people to open and read your marketing emails is difficult? It’s true. But have you tried personalizing your email subject lines and copy?

If not, you should use personalization in marketing to identify and nurture high-quality leads.

Sign up with an email marketing service, so you have a tool to send out mass and automated email sequences.

The best way to not annoy your email subscribers is to offer them content and solutions they will use.

Referral Program

Referral, or word-of-mouth marketing, is useful for lead generation in a different way.

It gets your brand in front of more people , which, in turn, increases your chances of generating more leads.

Before you activate your referral program, ask yourself, “Are my clients satisfied with my solution, level of service, and after-sales?”

Therefore, before you start asking for referrals, you have to put some work into it first by doing the following:

  • Identify influential customers from your client contact list.

  • Invest in a relationship with them.

  • Give them the best experience your company can provide.

  • Invest in moments that they will find worth sharing.

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Landing Pages

Whenever you want to promote a specific product, or capture new leads from paid or organic traffic, using forms on landing pages will give you access to the email addresses of leads that opt-in.

Offer Free Tools

We mentioned earlier that consumers today are leerier of sales teams more than ever. Offering a free tool to consumers has increased sales for various reasons.

The main reason is that prospects can try out a tool without a charge, usually around 14 days before having to begin paying for the tool.

There are high chances that this lead generation strategy will work for you.

Use Chatbots

Chatbots can communicate with site visitors using the language they prefer. Chatbots break the language barrier.

You don’t need SDRs speaking multiple languages; all you need is an AI-powered chatbot satisfying the needs of your visitors around the globe.

Here are a few tips on how to use a chatbot to find B2B sales leads on your website:

  • Pick the website pages that have the highest conversion rates. This will ensure that you can engage with the highest number of visitors.

  • Choose the tone of voice that corresponds with your company. Friendly, polite, and helpful.

If you’re looking to automate your processes, discover high-quality lead generation tools in this blog post.

Paid Advertising

Invest some of your time and money in paid ads as you execute your organic search strategy.

This is because paid ads get priority viewing on search engines and social media over other content. More so, paid ads increase brand awareness by 80%.

To Sum It Up

As mentioned earlier, lead generation is a great way to support business growth.

Revenue growth remains a top priority for most CEOs.

Lead generation is essentially the process of warming up potential buyers and pushing them through the different stages of the sales funnel until they click that all-important “buy” button.

High-quality leads are the backbone of any thriving business. Marketing services primarily gather leads, but this isn’t always the case.

To generate the cash flow you need to run your business, you need to attract people interested in buying what you’re selling.

Last but not least, never stop testing. The more you tweak and test every step of your inbound lead generation process, the more you’ll improve lead quality and increase revenue.

To help you grow your business, try these practical lead-generation tips that can help you attract and engage potential high-paying clients for your business.

The Ideal Lead Generation Strategy

One of the hardest parts of B2B marketing is that you often have to go through gatekeepers whose job is to keep people like you (translation: anyone trying to sell anything ever) away from the boss.

LinkedIn can help with this issue. It lets you walk past the gatekeepers and into the lion’s den.

Since LinkedIn is the platform that generates the most leads for B2B, it’s a natural place to start.

Kennected took the most challenging aspect of business — generating high-quality leads — and created an automation tool that does the outreach for you.

Cloud Kennect hyper targets mutual connections, and then after some careful message personalization, you’ll have hundreds of leads arriving in your inbox within weeks.

Acquiring new customers will take time, but know that if you put in the time to create the right lead generation strategy, the results will speak for themselves by driving revenue for your business.

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