Stop Buying Leads: Generate Your Own Leads For Commercial Insurance

A lot of marketers are still purchasing commercial insurance leads through lead companies. But nowadays, with the large number of tools available out there, there are far more cost-effective ways to generate leads.

In fact, you need to start putting more focus on generating your own leads with the help of one massive social networking platform: LinkedIn.

How to Close More Business Insurance​

More and more marketers are using inbound marketing for their lead generation efforts. This refers to the process of setting up a website and other online content that allows leads to come to you, instead of having to track them down yourself.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for inbound marketing. With a user base of over 675 million, LinkedIn has a wide reach. If you set up a good profile there, you can set yourself up for an effective inbound marketing strategy.

Gone are the days of manual prospecting and reaching out with a cold pitch—and that goes for business insurance agents as well.

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Help Generate Leads​

LinkedIn’s audience is not only massive, but it is also full of leads and prospects. The social networking site puts more focus on professional and business interactions compared to Facebook and Twitter, which are more geared towards casual socializing.

Because of this, LinkedIn is the biggest professional platform online. If you’re not using it to your advantage, you’re missing out. Simply put, LinkedIn is where professionals go to level up their brand and take their business to the next level.

Many people create a LinkedIn profile and leave it to act as their online resume. But as an insurance agent, you want to be more proactive than that. You want to use LinkedIn to generate leads.

To do this, you need to make sure your profile has all the information prospects need, and then post high quality content regularly to let the leads come to you. LinkedIn is the best environment for attracting the right people’s attention.

How to Scale Your Commercial Insurance Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Publish articles on your site and then share the link on LinkedIn. With a larger network, your content will drive more traffic to your website. Optimize your content and use keywords so that you show up higher in search results.

Content plays a very important role in lead generation. It acts as social proof that establishes your authority on the given subject. It also shows people that you are a knowledgeable person who can help them with their concerns. You will be the one they turn to if they need insurance.

Why Kennected is the Best Choice for LinkedIn Automation​

Once you’ve set up a profile that attracts clients, it’s time to use LinkedIn actively. With Kennected, you can identify and find your ideal targets using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters. This automation tool uses laser accurate data to bring you the freshest, most qualified leads.

Kennected empowers clients with its superior onboarding process and lifetime support, bringing you a steady stream of sales, connections, and appointments.

What sets it apart from other LinkedIn automation tools is that it takes a personalized approach that caters to each individual customer’s unique needs. It lets you set up personalized messages so that recipients are more likely to respond. It also saves a lot of your time by helping you scale your outreach.

Kennected fine tunes your lead generation efforts so that you don’t waste any of your time “spraying and praying” on LinkedIn. Book a demo today to learn more!

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