How Can I Get Free B2B Leads

The holy grail of lead generation. FREE B2B leads. It’s whispered in the inner sancombs of networking groups. Legend tells that few possess the strength of constitution and the dedication to pull this off. Let’s dive into this and see if its fact or fiction.

There is more than one way to land potential leads, or in this case, B2B leads. However, lead generation is hardly a free effort as lead generation strategies come at a cost to create. Either in time or money. So how does one obtain free leads for a business? Will nonpaid efforts hamper your lead quality? And are free sales leads better than any other lead?

Our director of marketing Ryan Forrest knows a thing or two about working costly lead generation and how to use a free tool to attract a target audience.

How Much Does B2B Cost?

Business to business is the process of sales between two businesses. Most people are aware of business to consumer or B2C as we take part in the process almost every day. When a business leads a sales funnel with paying customers, that’s B2C. The retail and automotive industries are some of the more well-known examples.

Setting a cost for a product or service sold to another company is a prominent aspect of B2B. The cost of the product depends on business information like the markup percentage and the price to create the product itself. Computer software companies like Kennected are one of the local companies in Indiana.

“Facebook ads cost you anywhere from $150 to $500, and you can do those almost for free on Kennected, and it’s happening automatically for you,” said Forrest.

How Are Free Leads Created?

When it comes to free tools for lead generation, one tool comes to mind. A person’s LinkedIn profile is one of the best lead generation tools. LinkedIn is completely free and allows a user to craft a profile summary and profile picture amongst other resources. Although making social media profiles can be time-consuming, an entire profile can say a lot about the person you are and the company you work for.

Most companies use a mix of paid and free B2B efforts to generate more leads. Some of the best lead generation strategies can come from local leads. Another way to generate more free leads is to take a sales approach. Cold calling and email marketing are other free tools to attract potential clients.

Knowing a company is not paying to get your attention can take you far. A landing page with a grabbing call to action and overall design may push leads for free toward your company. Testimonials from past free leads can increase credibility and the idea of a free lead in bright light.

Although sales software is not a free tool, it’s become one of the best tools for lead generation. A potential lead can be right down the street while other potential leads are countries away. But which is the cheaper option? Kennected uses a LinkedIn sales navigator, which carefully focuses on lead generation efforts.

How Do I Get B2B Contacts?

A crucial role in lead generation is relationship development. Getting a lead’s phone number or a Google search of a company profile can spark conversations aspiring to potential leads. Whether you want to attract free leads or qualified leads at a slight cost, there are several approaches companies can take.

Companies take this so seriously that customer relationship management analyzes customer behavior and drives more leads. Digital marketing has made inbound marketing easier than ever as website visitors and free trials can go hand in hand for business.

Landing pages crafted with a good photographer and designer can attract leads to your website. Lead generation tools can now go beyond the website as a business can add links to emails and social media for new leads.

Where Can I Find B2B Prospects?

Digital marketing and services through a paid account can find potential leads, and that’s usually one of the first lead tools a company thinks of. When companies visit your website and other services, analytics can provide a list of public records. These records who took the time to visit your profile summary or about page can be worth reaching out to.

On a less subtle note, doing a blatant promotion about your company or website is another lead generator idea for B2B. These promotion efforts are rarely completely free but can generate leads for your business.

Know Where Your Potential Customers Hangout

When thinking about your target audience and potential clients, it’s common sense to wonder where they spend their time in the digital space. Free leads don’t always come from phone numbers business connections. Social media is playing a role in generating leads now more than ever. Not all the tools will sift out the free leads or any leads for that matter.

Sometimes, tools are not acquired with the ability to rid your website of bots and IPSs. Using a Chrome extension for a leadfeeder tracker is one of the best business services for making lead generation easier. It’s possible to generate leads for free without this tracker. However, obtaining new leads can be a tedious mission; your business might want more time for other efforts.

“If you’re a fisherman , what’s the importance of knowing where the fish are hanging out,” Forrest asked. “You can go out to the middle of the ocean and drop your line, but if there’s no fish there, you’re not going to catch anything.”

Throwing a “net” out too far is a common mistake companies make when attracting leads. Businesses need to have a targeted approach.

Start Talking About Topics That Matter To Them On The Platforms They Use

When it comes to marketing, there is such thing as motive and incentive. Getting free leads will rarely give you inside knowledge on what topics matter most to them. Leads may want more LinkedIn connections, and others might want more customers. Basic tools won’t give you that information.

Tools like landing pages are one way of narrowing down the search for leads. Some tools shape their approach depending on the leads for better optimization. Cookies and other tracking services have made it easier for advertisements to convince leads to purchase products. It’s potentially the same situation here.

“Market research is the first step in any marketing efforts,” said Forrest. “So knowing what your target audience wants is crucial so that you can make an offer that you can solve their pains and move forward to pleasure.”

How Do I Generate B2B Leads On LinkedIn?

B2B leads are generally more niche-specific rather than B2C leads. Still, you can get free leads through the most formal social media platform, LinkedIn. Be interactive and transparent on who you are when it comes to profile creating. This tip can apply to both an individual’s and company profiles. A free lead can come from a basic viewing of your profile summary.

One of LinkedIn’s best interactive tools is its reactions underneath each article or blog. Similar to Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn allows users to react to one’s blog post or article. Take advantage of this and comment if deemed appropriate.

You want others to know you’re interested in what others have to say. Of course, this can go in the wrong direction like anything else. Stay away from anything political or religion-related, as it’s a sure way to disregard a free lead.

LinkedIn offers a free tool titled Slideshare, which can be used for product promotion. While specific to LinkedIn, Slideshare is another way of obtaining leads for free.

Build A Lead Magnet Or Value Add For Email Opt-In

Lead magnets ensure information is gathered on leads so companies can improve sales leads. For example, a lead magnet like a landing page sets the sales journey on course. It comes full circle to what the customer or partnering business needs.

Emails with a successful elevator pitch capture the interest of leads. If the conversation is successful, a follow-up call can be scheduled to discuss the company and product.

“Opening and reading emails that provide value and tell stories that get leads to know, like, and trust you further you as a business,” said Forrest.

Leverage Kennected To Create an Accurate B2B Lead Prospect List

If you’re looking to better your B2B transactions, look no further than our website. Our main product Cloud Kennect saves you time and effort to find sales and establish LinkedIn connections. Cloud Kennect is the best of LinkedIn’s outreach tools. Instead of you doing all the work of reaching out to prospects, they will start finding you. 

“The beautiful thing about Kennected is that it automates the entire engagement process consisting of connection requests, introduction messages, and the follow-up messages,” said Forrest. “This allows business owners to cut down the prospecting time from 1-4 hours a day to about 10 minutes a day.”

Reach Out To The Key People In The Companies You Want To Meet With

While tools like landing pages can get free leads, simply reaching out to the experts themselves can establish personal connections earlier. Customers will return to businesses they know to have their best interests at heart. Free tools like cold calling and emailing can establish a connection just as easily as paid tools.

You can be on top of lead generation manually reaching out to hundreds of connections per day, but automated efforts rank over all else.

“When the software is working automatically, you can put time toward managing your team, closing more deals, and being with the people you love,” said Forrest.

If you’re lucking out when you try to get free leads, consider Kennected’s products. Our company not only works to get potential leads but leads that are loyal.

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