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Online appointment scheduling has become such an important part of every business’s strategy.  This has been the case even before the pandemic, but it has certainly accelerated the transition from manual booking to online appointment setting. Now more people prefer this option and would go for it if it is available.

By giving your clients the freedom to choose the best schedule that works for them, you make your products and services more accessible. You also make the experience more convenient for them. This creates a ripple effect that leaves a positive impact on your entire organization. It improves brand recall, increases revenue, and helps you develop a stronger relationship with clients. With an appointment booking software, your business operation becomes a lot more efficient and you get more work done.

Simply put, appointment scheduling apps offer a ton of benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Now the only problem is figuring out which one out of all the appointment scheduling apps out there you should go for. Most apps of this type have a free plan that offers basic functions and limited calendars. Here we are going to list some recommendations that you should definitely check out.

No Cost Appointment Booking Apps

Freemium plans are common among appointment scheduling apps. These are plans that are mostly free, but you have to pay for certain features if you want your software to have more functionality. Whether you upgrade your plan and pay for these additional services depends on your needs and the size of your team.

That said, there are plenty of options that actually give you a lot of features even with the free plan. You can get started with automated appointment scheduling without worrying about subscription costs.

Just look for certain essential features like the ability to sync with an external calendar, an easy to use booking page for your customers, notifications and reminders, helpful integrations, and the ability to set up flexible schedules and appointments.

Top Free Appointment Booking Applications

When it comes to scheduling appointments, customers love personalization. So when choosing a free appointment scheduling app, try to see just how much personalization you can get from the free version. At the end of the day, you want to make it as easy as possible for your leads and prospects to book an appointment or meeting with you. This way, you can get a new customer and they can enjoy a convenient scheduling experience. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Here are some of the best free appointment booking applications. Take note that we saved the best for last, so you can skip to the bottom of this article if you want to learn more about Kennected Calendar.


ScheduleOnce has a free plan that lets up to 25 users collaborate. What’s great about this app is that it’s comprehensive but still easy to use. It allows you to build almost any scheduling scenario that you may need, from group meetings to video conferences to one-on-one calls.

You can even book in-person meetings with your leads. And just as the name implies, you only have to schedule it once—no need for the constant back and forth that usually happens when you try to set up a meeting. This is one of the biggest time wasters for businesses, both small and large. With tools like ScheduleOnce and Kennected Calendar, you can solve this problem for free. You can make sure that everyone is on the same page, without the need for countless emails, texts, and phone calls.

You can connect ScheduleOnce to your website, payment system, or email provider for a seamless experience. ScheduleOnce also has paid plans that start at $10 per month. They even have an enterprise package with a custom pricing for your company’s specific needs.


Calendly is another good free option that easily syncs up with your favorite calendar. Founded in 2013, this is now one of the most popular appointment booking apps. With Calendly, you can schedule meetings automatically while collaborating with multiple people. While it can be used by any organization, Calendly has recently been targeting sales teams, recruiters, and people in the education industry.

Calendly lets you set up a custom meeting link, choose your own availability preferences, and invite others to pick a date and time that suits them. Collaborate with leads to save time and energy on booking appointments.

The free version of Calendly gives you access to all of its basic booking functions. It also comes with one calendar view. You are also limited to one type of meeting. For example, if you choose to set up a 15 minute one-on-one meeting, you can’t also set up a 30 or 60 minute one-on-one meeting.

If you want more calendars and more solutions, the paid plans start at $8. You could see how it works using the 14-day free trial if you want to try out the paid version. The good news is that you could probably get a lot of things done with just the free plan.

Created in 2011, is a free appointment scheduling software that mainly targets the health and wellness industry, but it can be used by other businesses as well. It’s very easy to use and it even lets you specify how many services your business offers.

It also helps improve brand recall by allowing users to choose their preferred theme, color, and background when setting up their booking page.

One of its most unique qualities is the fact that it is available in 32 different languages. You can make the booking process convenient and accessible to a much wider crowd. It even supports over two dozen payment processing services including Blockchain, PayPal, Square, Stripe, and Worldpay. supports calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook. While this service is free, you can only use it for up to 50 bookings per month, and just up to 5 providers. If you want to remove these limitations, there are paid packages that start at $8.25 a month.

So while it doesn’t have any restrictions in terms of calendars and event types, the number of appointments you can book through this software is limited.

Why Kennected Calendar is the Top Free Appointment Booking Software

If you are looking for the best free appointment scheduling app, look no further than Kennected Calendar. It is the number one software when it comes to scheduling appointments.

Your leads can set appointments automatically while Kennected Calendar helps you stay organized. Basically what it does is help you sell more by chasing less. This appointment booking app simplifies the booking process.

With Kennected Calendar, you get to manage your schedule all from one place. It’s all about helping you provide a better customer experience so you can increase your sales. It also boosts your productivity by letting you stay on top of your schedule. You will never be double-booked again.

Kennected Calendar is great because it syncs up with Google Calendar seamlessly—it makes appointment setting a breeze. Plus it ensures that your calendar is always up-to-date. Check your schedule from anywhere: Kennected Calendar stores your calendar in Kennected’s cloud servers.

You can just log in with your desktop or phone to check it anytime you need to. On top of all that, it also integrates with some of your favorite meeting platforms and CRMs.

The best part is that you can get started on Kennected Calendar for free and with no credit card required. You just sign up using your email address. Focus on running your business instead of chasing leads. Let them come to you instead. Customers prefer the freedom provided by online bookings over talking to someone on the phone. Kennected Calendar helps you open up more booking channels so leads can book directly. You can even accept payments ahead of the schedule so you don’t lose any business in case someone cancels.

These are some of our recommendations for the top free appointment scheduling software that are currently available. Accept bookings and accept payments with ease using these online booking systems. But why not go for the best option? Use Kennected Calendar and start booking your meetings and appointments on autopilot today. 

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