For Maroon 5 Fans, This Concert Pass Is Everything & More

Maroon 5’s Music After Dark main event is at Universal Studios, Florida, on Aug. 26, 2022.

Music After Dark is a show produced by EBG Presents that brings top talent & their biggest fans together.  

Fans get up close & personal with their favorite artists & groups, plus extended after-dark access to some Universal Studios attractions.

Fans can save 10% by purchasing tickets through Entrepreneur’s store. 

Here is what the article states –

“The world of entertainment is always changing and evolving. Today, there are so many more cool ways to schmooze and entertain potential clients beyond playing a round of golf. And let’s face it, in a competitive landscape, sometimes you have to pull out the big guns to convince the biggest fish to go with you.”

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While Kennected has friends in high places, we cannot guarantee a pass to see your favorite celebrity. 

HOWEVER, we can introduce a revolutionary tool for your business to succeed in lead generation.  

According to HubSpot, 61% of companies say their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads.

If you’re part of that 61%, keep reading because what you’re about to discover could be a game-changer for you and your business (like it has for thousands of people before you).

So many business owners & sales professionals that come to us are struggling to get ahead because they’re stuck relying on referrals, lead lists, or manual prospecting.

This is taking up too much of their time and isn’t creating the consistent income they’re looking for to fund the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

So they developed a new way of getting qualified leads that turn into new customers on the #1 platform for B2B lead generation… LinkedIn.

In the four years since we developed this lead gen strategy, we’ve earned a spot on the Inc. 5,000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America.

And more importantly, it helped over 17,000 businesses get new leads and sales for THEIR businesses.

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