FlyteVu Launches New Division FV3

FlyteVu announced its Web3 offerings today to usher brands into the interactive age. 

FV3’s mission is to create actionable strategies that entice those who want to leverage the space’s potential. 

In October, FlyteVu will host an invitation-only event for C-suite executives & entertainment industry leaders in Nashville, Tennessee, followed by quarterly sessions starting in November with educational workshops & strategy services for FlyteVu clients. 

From a marketing & business perspective, the interactive sessions are meant to excite, educate, and engineer strategies. 

Here is what the article states –

“Over the past year, FlyteVu has been building next-gen Web3 marketing strategies and educating current clients on the Web3 space. The introduction of FV3 will further expand the agency’s skillset and knowledge of the metaverse and strategy offering.   

The one-day inaugural education forum is designed to create a ‘lightbulb moment’ for participants, helping marketers understand how to leverage the metaverse as more than just a marketing stunt but a transformative tool for community building, creative storytelling, and driving new business.”

Read the full story here.  

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