What Is The First Rule Of Sales?

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The first rule of sales is to always agree with the customer.

If there are no sales, there will be no business. Sales are the gasoline of any business as they just flourish the cash flow of the company.

There are many sales techniques and rules that you can learn online.

However, there is one rule, which you hardly find or hear from the sales specialists.

This rule will help you gain many clients, reinforce your market share, make much more money and develop your business.

Out of all the sales rules, there is one, in particular, that should never be broken. Being loyal to this one single rule can mean the difference between sales success and sales disaster.

What is the number one sales rule? Drum roll, please!

The First Rule of Sales | Sales Rules To Live By

Sales is a numbers game. Always agree with the customer, even if you know you shouldn’t. But to get there, you have to get the customers.

Always be prospecting. That’s right, if you don’t prospect, you won’t have anyone to speak to.

I witness many salespeople and companies have an incredibly profitable month or quarter only to be followed up with a terrible sales period. It’s very predictable. Why?

Because during the busy sales periods, sellers forget to prospect.

They see consistency in their sales and start to party (figuratively and literally), as a result, they lose focus on their future because they’re too busy enjoying the present.

When you are winning deals it’s easy to slip into a euphoric mindset and completely forget about the process that got you there in the first place.

Don’t let this happen to you! Yes – rules can be adjusted, bent, and sometimes broken. But, always stay loyal to the rule of daily prospecting and your sales will remain in good shape!

Sales rules are important to success because they guide us in the direction to reach and achieve our goals.

This is Chris-Hoffmann, and I’m vice president of the sales team here at Kennected.

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The Golden Rule for a Sales Representative

Salespeople have a different attitude. They look at sales as a calling and view their role as helping people.

With this in mind, the golden rule sales professionals try to take care of clients and prospects by treating them the way that they would like to be treated.

This means remembering that while people love to buy things, they hate to be sold to.

They also go one step further and treat clients this way even if the client doesn’t reciprocate.

Being treated honestly is the first thing that most people want. While the golden rule of sales is inherently unselfish, its results aren’t.

The Great Harvest Law of Sales says that if you follow the golden rule with your clients, enough of them will reciprocate — even though you don’t specifically expect any of them to — that you’ll end up doing more business.

Being unselfish, ironically enough, helps you to achieve your selfish goals.

The 3 Types of Salespeople

In sales, there are three levels, depending on their strategy and goals.

Traditional Salesperson: They’re largely ego and money-driven and look at customers as tools to help themselves to achieve their goals.

Professional Salesperson: They are still ego-driven, but they realize that they need to craft win-win situations where the customers’ needs get served.

Golden Rule Salesperson: They focus on one thing: doing right by the client.

Practice Overcoming Objections

Find a partner to practice with. One person acts as the customer and one person acts as the sales representative.

The customer gives the sales representative a commonly heard objection. For example “it’s too much money.”

The sales representative responds with an agreement. For example, “I’m with you. I’d feel the same way.”

The customer gives another objection, and the sales representative responds with another agreement. Continue this way for about 1-2 minutes.

Know Your Customer

To get to know your client, you must be curious enough to care.

Anthony Iannarino, the best-selling author who also writes one of the most popular sales blogs, teaches that “It’s about caring enough to create value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy.”

Caring is the starting point of relationships. When you sell, build relationships first. Not a best-friend relationship, but working together toward a common goal relationship.

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Listen To Reply vs. Listen To Understand

You need to learn how to read between the lines. In addition, you should not be a silent listener, either. You should ask a few questions to stimulate your talker.

Listen to what they need and ask good questions. Don’t dive into your pitch. After asking a question, record the information and then ask another question.

Instead, go back to your office and create a strategic plan for them. Then meet again to discuss.

That will help him/her express more, and it will help you understand the situation better. To conclude, listen to find a solution. Listen to add value. Listen to gaining clients’ loyalties.

A Sales Rule To Live By : Act Proactively

It doesn’t matter what the activity is; you must act proactively and put yourself in front of probable prospects.

I suggest that you commit to completing your business development activities first thing in the morning to make sure they get completed.

While making sales calls5 first thing in the morning may not be the best time of day to make a call (studies show that calling between 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. yields the greatest results), too many salespeople procrastinate.

Collaboration vs. Competition

The best sales conversations are based on a mutual desire to solve a problem.

When all stakeholders are working toward the same objective, the old way of selling can finally be forgotten. Sales and selling shouldn’t be competitive or manipulative.

Selling is usually competitive, though. Some people love and thrive on the competition.

Competition is wrong when the competition is with your client, the industry, or colleagues. Competition against your best self, well, is needed.

Product Knowledge

Product knowledge goes a long way. Knowing your products inside-out helps you to better explain its features and benefits to prospects.

Additionally, you will gain their trust by being a product expert. Prospects can quickly determine if a salesperson is just in it for their gain.

To steer clear of that, showing a genuine concern for your prospects makes them confident enough to buy something from you.

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Be Unique

Be different than your competitors. The Internet and technology, in general, have made customers more educated.

They will often come to a meeting knowing who the competitors are and what the pricing should be.

To get and keep your prospect’s attention, you need to be different from your competitors. Stand out to get the sale.

Step Into The Customer's Shoes

Consider how you would want to be treated by a sales professional, and then treat your customer in the same manner.

Be polite, not pushy; be helpful; and make the customer feel welcome.

Sales functions have various parameters; sales cycle, goal, prospects, meet, closure, and re-sell.

There are various research and surveys conducted to study the customer behavior and decision making so as we can sell them fast and increase our speed of sales transaction but its always difficult to reach the result as different human beings behave differently in different situations, and that is the hardest part of sales in B2C.

Don't Give Up

No matter how much practice and planning goes into your pitch, there will come a moment when things don’t go according to that mental plan you had. That’s life!

But instead of giving up, calling it a day, or moving on to the next, try to embrace the idea of improvisation.

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