How To Find High Net Worth Donors For 501c3 Organizations

For nonprofit organizations, high net worth donors or HNW donors are a top priority. But engaging with them can be challenging. In fact, one of the biggest obstacles is finding these HNW donors in the first place. How many people with a high net worth do you encounter on a regular basis?

But with that in mind, finding these donors is not impossible—especially in this age of social media.

Most nonprofits have already realized the benefits of promoting their organizations on social media, particularly Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. But some of them haven’t realized the potential and the power of LinkedIn.

While LinkedIn is also a social networking platform, it is unique from every other social media out there because it is designed with professionals in mind. It has over 756 million users around the world, and it is primarily made up of professionals, CEOs, business owners, and decision makers in different industries. If you want to find high net worth donors for your 501c3 organization, this is the social media for you.

High Net Worth Potential Donors are on LinkedIn: Here is How You Find Them

Finding donors for your nonprofit is all about knowing where your target audience is. In this case, you want to find out where high net worth potential donors are hanging out online. Out of all the social networks, LinkedIn is the most likely to be used by high net worth individuals. They use it mainly for networking, industry updates, etc.

With that in mind, you need to be where your target audience is. If they are spending time on LinkedIn, that’s where you need to be.

Business people typically check LinkedIn several times per day. This gives you several opportunities throughout the day to reach them with your LinkedIn outreach.

High net worth donors are on LinkedIn, and here we will talk about different ways you can find and connect with them.

Start with Connections You Already Have and See Who Your Connections Know

Always start with your own network. If you already have a few connections that may be able to give you leads, go for it. This will be one of your best sources of high quality leads because there’s already an established relationship for you to pull from.

It will be much easier to introduce yourself to a high net worth donor if there’s a mutual friend or connection that can bridge that gap. Use your LinkedIn network. Ask around. You may be surprised by your second-degree and third-degree connections.

Network with Like-Minded Financial Planners Who Share Your Passions

The key is to make it clear that you are a nonprofit organization looking for potential donors. This way, when you finally do your LinkedIn outreach, people aren’t confused about your intentions.

If you come across some financial planners who share your passions, make sure you connect with them and build that relationship. Let them know about your nonprofit and see if they have any clients who would like to donate. You can mention benefits like getting a tax deduction from donating to your organization.

It’s all about familiarizing yourself with the needs of your potential donors. High net worth donors want to give with purpose. They want to help in ways that are actually impactful, informed, and actionable. So make it clear what your nonprofit is all about and what they can get out of donating to your cause.

Reach Out to Like-Minded CPA’s On LinkedIn

Same with financial planners, if you can network with like-minded CPAs on LinkedIn, you can see if their clients are interested in making a donation to your nonprofit organization.

Build a compelling story about what your organization does. Create a Google slideshow or PDF that showcases the core values of your nonprofit.

You can also create a visually-appealing and all-encompassing YouTube video or Kennected Video that you can send them. You want to paint that picture so that high net worth donors know exactly where their money is going. If your goals align with theirs, they are more likely to donate.

When you’re reaching out to CPAs or HNW potential donors on LinkedIn, you need to send a well-crafted message. You should never send them a copy-pasted message that you’ve already sent to thousands of other prospects. Not only is this a quick way to get ignored, it is also an effective way to get your LinkedIn account in trouble for being a spammer.

This will hurt your organization’s credibility. Instead, create the perfect outreach script by doing your research and personalizing your approach. Know who you are talking to and use that information to communicate with them.

Build Outreach Campaigns that Are Based Off Geographic Areas

On LinkedIn, you can find large corporations with senior staff members that oversee corporate donations. You can use Kennected to find these people on LinkedIn.

Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that lets you create outreach campaigns based on geographic areas and other filters like job positions, etc. Imagine being able to reach every single high net worth potential donor in your defined geographic area and sending them a well-crafted personalized message. That’s the power of Kennected.

Kennected automates your outreach without spamming other users. You can reach out to different targets based on where they are.

One important tip to know when using LinkedIn outreach is to make sure your page is complete. You should include all the relevant information about your nonprofit organization in your LinkedIn page. This way, when you start reaching out to HNW individuals on LinkedIn, they can visit your page or profile and see that you are a legitimate operation. You don’t want them to visit an empty LinkedIn page or one that’s not optimized.

Establish your presence on LinkedIn, and then start using Kennected to reach those potential donors.

Build an Outreach Campaign Based on Colleges to Personalize Campaigns

When personalizing your messages, you don’t need to directly mention the name of the person you are talking to. It’s enough to reference things that are related to them such as their college or their company, to show that you’ve done your research on them.

Personalizing your LinkedIn outreach is crucial because you don’t want to be seen as a spammer. Do your research, personalize your outreach, and then connect with these HNW donors on LinkedIn.

Speaking of personalization, there’s nothing more personal than a video message. Again, you don’t need to use their name in the video, but you can mention things about them like where they live, where they went to school, etc. This will create the appearance of a video that is dedicated to them.

Use Kennected Video to take your personalized videos to the next level. Kennected Video allows you to send personalized video messages through your favorite channels so you can stay connected from anywhere.

This easy-to-use video marketing software lets you record and upload videos to improve your pitch and personalize your outreach. It also lets you record your screen using Kennected Video’s Chrome extension. Trim, merge, and edit your videos in a snap. Kennected Video lets you reach out to potential donors with style.

Post about Things that Matter to HNW Individuals on Your LinkedIn

Another important strategy to use when looking for donors on LinkedIn is content marketing. Publishing high quality content is a great way to establish your presence on social media, and that also applies to LinkedIn.

When high net worth donors see that you are actively posting valuable content on LinkedIn, they will be more motivated to engage with you. This also gives you the opportunity to write and post about things that your prospective donors care about. Think about the things that matter to HNW individuals and post about them on your LinkedIn.

If you want to find high net worth donors for your nonprofit organization, you need to know as much about them as possible, including their interests, dislikes, and financial situation.

This is a good way to establish a connection with HNW LinkedIn users. It shows that the things they care about and the organization you are running have something in common. Content can help you prove that their goals are similar to your goals as a nonprofit organization.

It’s not enough to have a LinkedIn profile. You need to have an active presence on LinkedIn.

You can also post announcements about new hires, board members joining your organization, blog posts, community celebrations, volunteers at an event, etc.

How to Leverage Kennected to Build Better Prospecting Lists & Raise Money

When donating money, HNW individuals really want to make a difference. You can use LinkedIn to find these individuals and show that you can help them make that difference. There are other benefits for them too, like tax breaks, legacies, and a bit of an ego boost. So use your network, use LinkedIn’s search filters, and do your research on prospective organizations who may have connections to HNW prospects.

Of course you can make this process easier with LinkedIn automation. When automating, you should only use a high quality tool, or else you will risk getting your account restricted or suspended for violating LinkedIn’s rules.

Kennected is the safest automation tool out there that brings you a stream of HNW leads, connections, and meetings—all on autopilot. That’s because when you set up a Kennected campaign, it limits the amount of messages sent per day, so you don’t end up spamming those prospects. It sends your personalized messages and follow-ups automatically so you don’t have to worry about it anymore—but it doesn’t send them in bulk. It’s like you’re sending the messages yourself.

This way, you can focus on developing genuine connections and relationships with the HNW individuals who respond to you. No need to wait for them to reply. Reach everyone in your defined geographic area and Kennected will notify you when they respond.

Kennected’s goal is to make your outreach easier by automating mundane and repetitive tasks. Kennected can help you write the perfect outreach script, or you can use one of our highly-effective templates.

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