How to Find COOs on LinkedIn & What to Say to Them

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You can find a COO role or any other member of an executive team through plugging keywords into your automation system on LinkedIn. You can search by professional development, strong leadership skills, business strategy, or even networking police officers.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following concepts in depth:

  • What a COO role entails

  • Who a COO is within a company

  • How to search on LinkedIn by job descriptions

  • Best practices for messaging a senior executive

  • How Kennected uses LinkedIn automation to aid strategic initiatives and as the ultimate tool for outreach

Read on to learn all about how to find COOs on LinkedIn, what to say to them, and how search results can help you find anyone through your LinkedIn profile page.

What is a Chief Operating Officer?

A chief operating officer is a leadership role within a company that focuses on all things operations.

Successful COOs will work alongside the vice president to ensure that company goals are being reached and that the work environment supports these goals.

They will also ensure that public safety is a top priority when rolling out new software and products.

Like any other senior executive, they will have a professional profile picture that demonstrates the seriousness of their current position.

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What Do Chief Operating Officers Do?

As a member of the C suite, COOs have a unique position to work within several departments at once.

Smaller companies may not even have a designated operations team due to the fluidity of the department.

As COO, individuals must use their skills to ensure that software is functioning properly and that each new product is being implemented accordingly.

The operations team will also work to strengthen business strategy and see if any improvements can be made in any department.

These employees work with marketing, sales, and even human resources to make sure that the company is operating as it should be.

How to Search On LinkedIn By Job Title

Many people use LinkedIn to job search, but you can use the search results and features for finding specific members of a company instead.

With an automation tool, you can adjust settings to find leaders within your industry, and your objectives will come to fruition through the software tool.

You can adjust these settings to accommodate varying expertise levels and expand your network instantly.

Once you use your automation tool to find specific job titles, you can then begin messaging whoever you choose.

Best Practices for Communication with C Suite Members

The biggest item to remember when messaging senior executives is to be straightforward and intentional with your outreach.

As high level executives, COOs and other members of the C suite are busy dealing with customers or their day-to-day responsibilities.

Reach out to them with the understanding that they will write back to you as soon as they are able.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make your message stand out in some way.

Separate yourself from other messages they receive by complimenting them on their success, or appreciating some form of their social media presence.

Sincere appreciation for their business will help you appeal to this person and make them more likely to answer.

Finally, provide value to these individuals as well in some way.

Don’t structure your outreach around simply asking for advice or a short term solution.

Be kind, thoughtful, and provide something of value to them when possible.

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How Kennected Uses Automation to Connect with C Suite Members

Here at Kennected, automation on LinkedIn has transformed every aspect of our business, including outreach efforts to other businesses.

Your automation can do so much for your lead generation, prospecting, customer outreach, and even messaging capabilities.

When we reach out to someone at a different organization, we use automation to ensure that we have found the right person for our message and that we can provide value on our end too.

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