How to Find Company Presidents on LinkedIn & What to Say to Them

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Whether you are looking for a specific company name, a CEO’s assistant, or a certain person, you can expand search capabilities through automation to find any person on the LinkedIn platform. Once you find this person and connect with them, you can begin messaging them about potential questions or learning opportunities for you and your business.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following concepts in depth:

  • How to find the right person on LinkedIn

  • How to message with high level executives

  • If you need a call to action in your messaging

  • Alternative methods to find executives, including weekly newsletter and blog posts

  • How Kennected connects with people in our industry through automation tools

Read on to learn how to find company presidents on LinkedIn, what to say to them, and other best practices for finding companies and their employees on the platform.

How to Find the Right Person On LinkedIn

The best way to find a specific person on LinkedIn is to use search features and filters on LinkedIn.

You can type in this person’s name, then press the “click here to view” button and view their profile.

If this person is the one you wish to communicate with, go to the comments section on their recent post and add a comment, showing your interest in their brand or product.

Ideally, the person will reply to this comment and you can sign in to reply to this comment, creating a back and forth that you can foster into a conversation.

If you don’t have a specific person in mind, but rather a title, like a president or CEO, you can employ automation search filters to find people that meet this description.

You’ll find certain companies and their blog posts, and you can look through articles by this author and add a comment, sign in to reply, and express your interest in their work.

Once you sign in to like or share someone’s post, you immediately become on this person’s radar, though only for a limited time.

From this time you find the business and engage with their content, you have about a week to reach out to this individual privately through LinkedIn messaging.

Begin talking with this CEO or other high level job title, but be sure to do your research before you engage in conversation.

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How to Converse With a President or Chief Executive Officer On LinkedIn

From the moment you find a CEO’s profile or a president’s profile and like this comment, you need to have a plan with how you will talk to this person through LinkedIn messaging.

As leaders of their organization, these high level executives are busy managing their employees and ensuring everything within their business is running smoothly.

With that in mind, you need to have a clear plan for your message and go into the conversation with the intention of being intentional with both their time and yours.

In your message, you need the following items:

  • A clear question/inquiry

  • A statement proving your credibility

  • A compliment about this individual and their business

  • A statement that indicates you have done your research

  • Something of value that you can offer this person in return

If you include each of these items in your initial message, you are very likely to receive a response.

Focus on what you hope to gain from this connection, but be sure to offer value to them as well.

Explore topics of conversation before reaching out and have a clear plan going in.

Do I Need a Call to Action In My Messaging?

A call to action can be extremely beneficial within your messaging.

This can be to set up a more formal meeting, a call on the phone, or any other actionable item that is appropriate.

Once you have connected with this high level executive or president, a call to action may be the best way to encourage a response and open conversation.

Speak with lots of people within your industry and decide if a call to action is appropriate within your messaging with a company president.

You’ll likely find that each person is different in their messaging tendencies, so keep an open mind and be willing to alter your approach accordingly.

How to Reach People On LinkedIn Through a Blog Post

Another great way to reach people, including a company president, is through the creation and sharing of a blog post on LinkedIn.

Your blog posts will likely be included on your company website, but it is also a good idea to share these articles on social media.

When a blog is written about a good topic, share it to LinkedIn and see who engages with the post.

More often than not, you’ll find that people are drawn to long form content, as it piques interest and shows industry knowledge in a fresh way.

Mixing up your content on LinkedIn is always a good idea, so try sharing your blog posts there too!

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How Kennected Uses Automation Tools to Reach Individuals On LinkedIn

Here at Kennected, we use automation on LinkedIn to help us find specific individuals to connect with and learn from.

It is especially important for us to save time on the platform by employing automation, as this allows us to reallocate time from manual prospecting to other tasks that need our attention.

Take the time to organize your goals and intentions for connecting with company presidents and executives, and use automation to help you find them.

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