How To Find CMOs On LinkedIn & What To Say To Them

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You can find your target audience, whether that is CMOs or any other target accounts, through automation tools and advanced search features. With a paid search option or through LinkedIn ads, you can find the right person to have the right conversation with.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • Who marketing leaders are and how marketing content is important

  • How digital marketing and thought leadership defines a company

  • What account based marketing is

  • How to focus on marketing strategy in your conversations

  • How Kennected uses a LinkedIn profile to progress through different stages of outreach on social media

Read on to learn all about how to find CMOs on LinkedIn, what to say to them, and how research shows that advertising and portraying your brand are extremely effective.

Who are Marketing Leaders?

Every company will look a little bit different, but the marketing leaders within a business will generally include the CMO, vice president, department head, and any employees who work within the marketing sphere.

The marketers are the ones who look at data and construct content, and each member of the marketing team within a company is a thought leader and asset to the business.

It makes sense that companies would have multiple marketing leaders within their company, especially because it is a critical part of business and lead generation strategy.

Let’s outline how marketing fits into overall company strategy to better prepare you for these conversations.

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How Digital Marketing Defines Company Strategy

Like individuals in sales, marketers are a huge piece of what makes a business thrive.

Customers most likely see and engage with the content that marketers are putting out, placing the marketing department at the front of the lead generation process.

Gathering data on each customer and looking into what competitors and other executives are doing is also an important piece of their work.

With that in mind, image and brand persona are everything to a marketing executive, and especially to a CMO.

Additionally, technology is a huge piece of marketing strategy.

Marketing executives are constantly working to automate pieces of their work to streamline processes and improve accuracy.

What is Account Based Marketing?

Account based marketing is the strategy of approaching marketing on a case-by-case basis in order to gain accurate data and clarity from each account.

In this approach, each account does matter, and the insights gained from the engagement and posts make a real difference.

This is a traditional and focused method, and this form of marketing really places value on past opportunities that set up new opportunities.

When you encounter an example of this method, be sure to take in the idea and think about how it applies to business at large.

If you intend to connect with someone in the current role of CMO, make sure you understand their method of communications and how their enterprise works before you talk.

Watch their videos, read their posts, and step into their world of business before you connect.

How to Focus On Marketing Alignment in Your Conversation

After you have connected with a CMO, you now have to consider what you want to discuss with this person.

Considering their status as a CMO, it is safe to assume that the best course of action would be to converse about marketing and other skills within that facet.

Think of several questions you want to ask this person, and see what you can learn from them regarding marketing and strategy as a whole.

Provide context to your questions and be sure to always be focusing on creating a relationship with this individual along the way.

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How Kennected Reaches Out to CMOs on LinkedIn

Here at Kennected, we are always looking to learn from other business professionals on the LinkedIn platform.

It is important for us to do our own research and have a clear goal heading into the conversation.

This method makes it easier to foster a connection while also ensuring that our questions are answered.

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