LinkedIn Leads On Autopilot


Once you dial in your ideal prospects, easily manage multiple campaigns, create new ones or edit current campaigns. 


You can easily check responses from users, view profiles and access current conversations under the Responses tab. Easily delete any user by clicking on delete.

Prospect List

Kennected’s integration with FindThatLead,, Anymailfinder and more, makes it easy to find emails right inside the Linkedin interface allowing you to update your Hubspot easily with valuable data.


Kennected allows you to track and manage your outreach approach with actionable insights. Kennected provides data to make better decisions on your campaigns.

Data to make better decisions

Create, implement and manage your outreach approach with actionable insights.

Tools to take action

LinkedIn automation and sales prospecting with Campaigns/sequences.

Platform works with LinkedIn Basic and Sales Navigator

Send your connection requests and follow-ups

Automatically, but not in bulk- as if you were sending them manually.

Follow-up automation

Just set a number of days after which you want to automatically send a follow-up, up to 10 times until you receive a response.

Reply detection

If you get a reply, further follow-ups are automatically stopped.

Follow-up messages personalization

Contact up to 100 new prospects daily with personalized auto sequences and build predictable revenue. Let the law of averages play in your favor.

Teamwork Security

The Blacklist option allows you and your teammates to avoid contacting people and companies you don’t want to contact and avoid contacting the same person twice.

Response and Acceptance tracking

It’s all valuable information that will help you take actions at the right time.

Sync Your Prospects In Seconds

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