Best Platforms To Grow An Audience On In 2022

When you’re busy running a business, it’s very difficult to be active on social media. But since everyone is using social media—including your leads and prospects—you’ve realized that you need to maintain some sort of online presence. It’s the best way to promote your brand, as well as your products and services.

Depending on your goals and the size of your team, you can be on any number of platforms. But unless you have a dedicated social media team, it’s impossible to be on every single platform and still deliver worthwhile content. So any entrepreneur who wants to be successful on social media should know which platform to focus on.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the best platforms that you can use to grow your audience. We will be focusing on the social networks that are most likely going to continue thriving in 2022. So as we move into another year, you will be ready to adapt and prepare your digital marketing strategies.

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Before we go into the different social networks that you should pursue, here is how you can choose the right platform for your industry.

Social media marketing is all about being where your target audience is. To do that, you have to identify your target audience first. This is most likely something you already know because you’ve done your research before launching your business.

But knowing your audience also means understanding who they are and where they like to hang out online. How old are they? What is their occupation? Are they male or female? What is their income and education level? What are they interested in?

Once you’ve answered those questions, you can check out the usual user demographics of each social networking platform. That’s the best way to find your audience and focus your digital marketing strategies on the right platform.

Another thing to consider is their level of activity on each social network. For example, younger users may have Facebook profiles but they may be more active on Instagram and TikTok.

Of course there’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to them from multiple platforms. You can even reuse and repurpose content so you can post them on various platforms. But if you want to get the best results, focus your energy on these social networks:


Breakout is an innovative new social network that is best described as an “audio networking platform”. The concept is still quite new, and not every platform has this feature. In fact, Twitter only recently made it possible for all users to host their own ‘Spaces’ which is the ability to create rooms and start conversations with a group of people.

Breakout is unique because the entire platform centers on that idea. It is a space where a host can start conversations and discussions with people of similar interests. It’s like an interactive podcast.

Breakout describes itself as a premier Audio Social Network or ASN where users create rooms and drop-in on audio conversations. It is a free application that is available on both Android and iPhones.

In Breakout, a Room is a place where users can come together and share their ideas. You can join any Room or follow a particular user so that you can view the rooms they host. This social platform is for people who want to have their voice heard.

This is the perfect platform for establishing thought leadership because you can have open discussions with members of your community. It is also great for brand building.

According to Breakout, the platform is meant for influencers, brands, businesses, as well as non-profits and charities. They believe every person deserves the right to have their voice heard. This is an incredible platform that’s unique and has great potential especially going into 2022 because people are looking for more ways to interact with each other online.

Breakout’s potential is reflected in the fact that bigger networks such as Facebook and Twitter are beginning to explore the role of audio in social networking. Use it to grow your followers, build your business, and create new revenue streams.

Breakout may not be as big as the other platforms listed here (yet), but there’s a benefit to being one of the earliest adopters of a social networking platform. You can build a following here before the mainstream audience catches on, and by the time it blows up you would have a strong community of listeners.


Speaking of big platforms—YouTube is definitely one of the biggest, and it’s easy to see why. Video content is king and YouTube has an unlimited amount of video content. In fact, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide. You cannot run out of videos to watch on this platform.

It’s an understatement to say that people love to watch videos. Videos are eye-catching, entertaining, and informative. They can contain more information within a few seconds than a long form article. That’s because videos combine a lot of different elements such as images, text, audio, graphics, effects, etc. All of these elements combine to deliver a coherent message.

Videos are easier to digest and they require less attention. You can leave them playing in the background while you’re doing something else, and you would still get a lot of information out of it. And today most people have shortened attention spans because they can get the info they want instantly.

YouTube is a good way to not only capture your audience’s attention but keep it for a long time. 81% of Americans use YouTube—that’s over 2 billion people. What’s more interesting is that it is an 8% increase since last year. So while YouTube is already huge, it’s only getting bigger over time. If that isn’t enough to motivate you to start a YouTube channel for your brand, nothing will. The potential for a large audience is incredible.

The challenging part is creating compelling video content. There’s no shortage when it comes to videos being uploaded so there’s a lot of competition going on. But you can at least try to conquer your specific niche by uploading helpful guides with tips and tricks that will give value to your audience. Maybe all you need is a funny cat video to attract an audience. But your best bet is to educate, inform, and entertain your audience with content that’s relevant to your industry.


Another platform that’s undeniably popular is Facebook, with over 2.7 billion users. Most Americans have a Facebook account—around 69% of the population is using it. While its numbers haven’t grown significantly over the past two years, don’t let that stop you from using a social network that almost everybody is using.

Most users are logging in daily, meaning its user base is active. If your target audience is active on Facebook, there’s no reason to not be there with them. Facebook is great for content marketing because it supports many different types of content. You can post blogs, videos, pictures, stories, etc. And you can expect a great amount of engagement from them.

Facebook user demographics are very diverse. It also appeals to a wide range of users of all ages. They use it to stay connected with their friends even when they can’t be together physically. Facebook also lets them follow different pages so they can stay up to date on news and their interests.

Aside from publishing content, you can also join Facebook Groups and Pages that your prospects are following. You can start connecting and building relationships with potential customers. Make sure you are actively participating in the community instead of just promoting your products or else people are going to get annoyed.

Facebook is perfect for creating your own community and improving your online presence. This is definitely one platform you should consider if you want to grow your audience.


Instagram is a photo-sharing website that is mostly popular among younger users. But beyond the aesthetically-pleasing pictures of nature, architecture, and fashion, there’s a business-friendly online environment with a thriving user base. It’s not just a photo-sharing site anymore, but an amazing marketing platform for businesses.

Around 40% of Americans are on Instagram, and a good portion of them log into the app multiple times a day. Today, Instagram is still one of the fastest-growing platforms online. If you have a young audience, Instagram will work well for you.

Instagram is highly visual, so if your brand will benefit from high quality photos and aesthetics, this is a good platform for you. Aside from the usual photos, it also has Reels, Stories, and IGTV. This gives you plenty of ways to attract an audience and engage with them.

Stories and reels are great for showing authenticity by sharing your business journey. They allow for longer-form posts that you can’t usually share on Instagram.

Instagram is perfect for businesses that post about food, retail, art, and beauty. Just figure out what your brand is all about, pick a good color scheme and stick with it. Your followers would love the consistency and visual appeal of a coherent Instagram feed.


Pinterest has always been one of the most stable platforms for marketers. Just like Instagram, Pinterest is still growing slowly each year. Right now, 31 percent of people in the US are using the platform.

Just like Instagram, Pinterest is mostly visual. However, Pinterest is more of a “visual discovery platform” rather than a photo-sharing website. This platform is designed to help users find content relating to all their interests and needs.

People on Pinterest use it to find recipes, get style inspiration, look for interior decorating tips, and even plan their wedding. If your target audience includes high-income women, this is a good platform for you since they are the top users of Pinterest.

To use Pinterest effectively, you need to join relevant group boards and post high quality content to attract people to your feed. Browse the Popular feed to get an idea of what people typically post here.

Pinterest is like an online scrapbook where users save content by “pinning” them to a virtual bulletin board for later use. You’ll need strong visual content to engage users on this platform, but if you do it right, your sales should increase.


LinkedIn is unique compared to all the other social platforms on this list. That’s because it is built specifically for professionals. LinkedIn is all about building professional and business relationships, unlike other social platforms that are more focused on creating strong social connections. When people use LinkedIn, it’s because they want to take their career to the next level and find more opportunities for themselves.

LinkedIn is still growing, with over 660 million users around the world. 28% of Americans are using the site.

Some people think it’s just an employment platform, but LinkedIn actually gives you plenty of opportunities to build strong business connections. Even marketers have realized the potential of LinkedIn.

For example, you can use Kennected to automate your LinkedIn outreach and start connecting with professionals. Marketing on LinkedIn can lead to increased sales because professionals are more likely to convert into customers if you can show them the value of your products and services. LinkedIn users are generally working professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and decision makers in their respective industries.

LinkedIn is the best place to develop business-to-business or B2B relationships. It is also the most popular platform among older users. So if you want to target professionals, grow your audience on LinkedIn.


Another one that’s popular among younger social network users, Snapchat is regularly used by around 25% of Americans. It has over 250 million users around the world, and this number is still expected to grow in 2022.

Snapchat is mostly used by teenagers and young adults. It’s a platform where you can share photos and stories about your business, giving your audience an inside look at what makes your company relatable and unique.

If targeting the youth is an important part of your marketing strategy, then definitely give Snapchat a try.


Twitter is used by around 23% of Americans and only half of them visit the site on a daily basis. But those who do use the platform are very active. On this platform, users post “tweets” which are like Facebook status updates. Other users may like, comment on, or “retweet” these posts. This is where engagement happens. Users can also check trending hashtags to find posts that are commonly tweeted about at the moment.

Twitter is popular because it allows users to stay up to date on news, popular culture, and their other interests. They can check tweets on various topics and participate in conversations with other users.

Twitter recently increased the tweet limit from 140 characters to 280, allowing users to express themselves more easily. It’s easy for businesses to set up a Twitter account and start posting regularly about updates and industry news to collect followers. But you can also create a Twitter Ads account, which uses an auction-based system to promote accounts, tweets, and trends.

If you want to build awareness around your brand, Twitter is one of the best platforms for it. You can communicate easily with your followers and keep them up to date on the latest developments.


There’s no denying that TikTok is a growing platform and we can only expect it to get even bigger in 2022. It’s safe to say that TikTok is here to stay. Just like YouTube, this is a video sharing platform, but it focuses on short-form video content. It is perfect for younger users that have short attention spans and are always looking to get entertained.

TikTok is full of new trends, dance challenges, funny filters, and music that users can watch, like, share, comment on, reply to, or share. As you continue watching and interacting with videos, TikTok optimizes your feed based on what you are interested in. Pretty soon, the For You page becomes full of relevant content that can keep you entertained for hours.

Around 21% of Americans are now using TikTok on a regular basis. You can use it to promote your brand to a younger audience, especially if you are interested in making viral content.

These are the top social networking platforms that you should focus on in 2022. Find out where your audience are, figure out what they love to see, and then give them value through your own content.

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