Fan-Driven Marketing For Films & TV

HBO’s Pia Chaozon Barlow talks about recapturing the magic of Game of Thrones with spinoff House of the Dragon; Paramount’s Marc Weinstock talks blockbusters. 

Five Paramount movies have opened at #1 in 2022, including Top Gun: Maverick.

Barlow says it starts with taking cues from fans. A trickle of data has turned into a torrent thanks to social media & digital tracking.

Here is what the article states –

The plethora of data makes targeted messages possible. Marketers look beyond demographics to target viewers’ other interests. Weinstock says before “Top Gun: Maverick’s” release, his team knew “if you were a male over 35 or 40, you were like ‘Yep! I’m super excited to see this movie, I cannot wait.’” Other demos, though, were not as enthusiastic. “And so we were like ‘OK, let’s go get those other audiences.’”

That’s where targeted marketing came in. The film has a sailing sequence, so that was pushed out to mariners. Tech enthusiasts were told there were sequences shot with six Imax cameras in a jet. Others got messaging on the diversity of the young cast. “Audiences could say ‘Oh, there’s something here for everyone.’ I think that’s our role, to create a campaign with different access points for different audiences.’

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Data-driven strategies are becoming easier to craft because of lead automation tools like Cloud Kennect.

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It’s no secret there’s data galore to be had on social media & LinkedIn is no different. 

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