Is Facebook A Cloud Storage?

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Facebook is a social media platform and not a cloud storage product. While it may seem like a convenient place to post your photo, videos, and other files, Facebook is not designed for long-term storage. The company regularly deletes old files to free up space on its servers. As such, users should be aware that Facebook is not a reliable option for storing important files. 


Instead, they should consider using one of the many available cloud storage platforms. These platforms are specifically designed for storing files in the cloud, and they provide users with a much more reliable experience.

Reasons why Facebook is Not a Cloud Storage

Facebook does not offer a lot of storage space. Most users only get one GB of storage for free. If you want more space, you have to pay for it. Photos uploaded to Facebook are compressed to save space on the site’s servers. As a result, they are of lower quality than photos stored on a cloud storage service. In addition, Facebook may delete a photo that is not regularly accessed to free up space on its storage.


Facebook only stores certain types of files, such as photos and video extensions. You cannot store other file types, such as Word documents or PDFs. This limits its usefulness as a storage platform.


Facebook is not a private platform. Anyone who has access to your account can view the file you have stored. This means that it is not suitable for storing sensitive or personal information.


Facebook does not offer any backup or recovery features. If you delete a file from Facebook, it is gone forever. The only way to retrieve it is to restore your entire account from a backup or contact the customer support team.


Facebook is not a dedicated storage platform. It is a social media site whose focus is on connecting people, not storing files and photos. Thus, it is not as reliable as other cloud storage platforms.


Facebook goes down at times. Like all websites, it experiences occasional outages. When this happens, you will not be able to search any file or post a new one. This can be frustrating if you rely on Facebook for storage.

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Reasons why Facebook should Not be Used as Cloud Storage for Entrepreneurs

Security concerns

Facebook is not a 100% secure platform, and your company data could be at risk if you store it on Facebook. Facebook is easily accessed by hackers who could then get into your firm’s data center. Unlike cloud computing services that offer enterprise-level security features, Facebook does not. Your firm’s information could be hacked, leaked, or lost if you store it on Facebook. 


For any company, security is paramount, and Facebook does not offer the same level of security as cloud computing. Suppose you store sensitive data on Facebook, such as financial records. You may consider using a more secure solution such as kennected services.

Limited storage space

Facebook only allows you to store a limited amount of data on its servers. If you try to store more than this limit, your account could be suspended or deleted. This is a big problem for firms that need to store large amounts of data, such as customer information, videos, photos, or financial records. Here at connected, we provide cloud storage space that allows you to store an unlimited amount of data.

Lack of Control

When you store data on Facebook, you lose control of your Facebook information. Facebook can decide to change its policies, resulting in your files being deleted or made public. For example, Facebook has been known to make changes that have resulted in user documents and photos being made public without their consent. 


This lack of control is a big problem for firms that need to keep their information private, such as those in the healthcare or financial industries. Here at kennected, we give you complete control over your data, and you can be confident that it will always remain private and secure.


Facebook is not compatible with many software applications. This means that you may not be able to use your data if you store it on Facebook. For example, if you use Microsoft Excel to store customer information, you will not be able to open the file if it is stored on Facebook. 


This can be a challenge for companies that rely on specific software applications to run their operations. This can be solved by using kennected services compatible with most companies’ software and hardware.

Minimal Customer Support

If you have a problem with your data on Facebook, you might struggle to get any help from customer support. This is because Facebook does not offer instant customer support for business users. If you encounter any problems, you will have to figure out how to solve them yourself. With cloud computing, you will get 24/7 customer support. At Kennected, we are proud to offer 24/7 support to all our clients, so you can always reach us if you have any problems.

Lacks Automatic Software Updates

Facebook does not automatically update its software. To keep your documents safe from security vulnerabilities, you must manually update your software. This is a problem for organizations that need to keep their data secure, as it can be challenging to remember to update your software regularly in the office hardware. Cloud computing platforms regularly offer software updates for firms to keep information secure.

Not Scalable

Facebook is not scalable, meaning it cannot grow with your firm. This is a massive problem for firms that need to store more and more data over time. Once you reach the limit of what the Facebook app can store, you will not be able to store any more documents, photos, and videos. Here at kennected, we create a scalable solution for firms so you can always keep your firm’s files with us, regardless of how much data you have, and expand with us.

No Backup

If your firm does not have a cloud-computing solution, all your essential information is tied to the office hard drives. There is only so much that the Facebook app can do with limited data storage, transfer, protection, and disaster recovery. 


If your office burns down or your computer crashes, all of your documents, photos, and videos could be lost forever. With a cloud-based solution, such as Kennected, you rest assured knowing that your data is backed up and can be recovered if something happens to your office hard drives.

Difficult to Transfer Data

Facebook makes it challenging to transfer your data in the future, which means that you may have trouble moving your data to another platform if you decide to stop using Facebook. This is challenging for businesses that need to transfer their data from one platform to another quickly. 


Here at kennected, we make it easy to data transfer projects such as videos so you can move them to another platform if you decide to stop using Facebook.

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