Does EZ Texting Cost Money

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EZ Texting does cost money– they offer four different plans: value, essentials, premium, and custom, all with slightly different features and benefits.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What EZ Texting is

  • What SMS marketing is

  • What EZ Texting offers

  • EZ Texting pricing vs other SMS providers

  • How to best use SMS marketing campaigns

Let’s dive right into what EZ Texting is and all that you should know about the service before you purchase it for your business.

What is EZ Texting?

EZ Texting is an SMS platform designed to aid your business texting from your company software to your customers.

Like other SMS marketing platforms, EZ Texting offers monthly and annual plans that can be utilized depending on how you want to use the messaging solutions.

The main advantage of SMS providers like EZ Texting is that this service is a huge time saver.

Using dedicated short codes, SMS providers create the best application to reach any mobile audiences with ease, and you have the ability to send text messages to any of your clients whenever you wish.

With the four EZ Texting pricing options, you and your business will get varying levels of features and API access depending on which EZ Texting pricing model you chose.

Even with the free trial and value plan, your EZ Texting experience will still give you the power to send an SMS message, text campaigns, and give you access to contact management features.

With flexible plans that are designed to be cost effective and easy to use, small businesses who are choosing EZ Texting for their text message marketing reap the many benefits of the service and their EZ Texting plan.

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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a form of digital marketing that deals solely with text messaging solutions.

An SMS message is a text message, and these text messages are sent directly from your business to your clients through your chosen SMS provider.

Some SMS providers offer different functions, including only outgoing messages, recipients message forwarding options, MMS messages, and other features via their monthly plans and annual plans.

With EZ Texting resources to help with inbound messages and outbound messages, this provider and other SMS platforms are a great message tool nowadays for business users who want to save money and create originating short code.

Many SMS platforms offer similar benefits, but let’s take a look at the monthly plans and annual plans that EZ Texting presents, as well as what comes within a free trial with the service.

All That EZ Texting Offers

Free Trial:

With a free trial for EZ Texting, you have the ability to send MMS messages, create clients contact lists, create text campaigns, and look through EZ Texting’s media library for free credits and free keywords.

This free version helps you with sending MMS messages and SMS messages, but stops there to encourage users to level up to the value pricing plan.

Mid market businesses or any small business who chose EZ Texting likely started with the free trial to see what the service is all about and how it functions as an SMS provider.

Once you see how EZ Texting functions and how you want your business texting to look, you can then move on to one of the pricing plans that come with either a monthly plan or an annual subscription to the service.


At just $19 a month, the value plan is the least expensive of EZ Texting’s pricing models.

According to the EZ Texting pricing website, the value plan allows for free two way texting, as well as SMS texting and alerts provided for your business.

This plan will only allow you to send and receive text messages without the benefits of a user interface or image editor– the value plan is as simple as it gets.

If you choose EZ Texting for your text message marketing, you may want to start out small, and the value plan is the best way to do so.


The next in the pricing plans is the essentials model, and this is the most popular option for small businesses who want to utilize SMS marketing campaigns.

With the essentials plan, you get everything from the value plan, plus MMS messages and message credits and list growth tools as well.

These tools include drip campaigns, an image editor, additional keywords, and other text message marketing features designed to make your SMS more cohesive.

You can also launch MMS campaigns through this web interface, giving you almost perfect texting app capabilities without the annual plan fees.


As the step up from the essentials program, the premium plan gives you dedicated short code, contact management features, and other advanced text message marketing capabilities.

Of all of EZ Texting’s pricing plans, the premium option is the one with the most flexibility without being unlimited in certain areas, like the custom plan.

This platform will allow you standard message capabilities, access to phone numbers, the ability to place phone calls, and other features for your small business.


This plan starts at $299 per month, and basically gives you unlimited keywords, messaging solutions, and any other aspect of EZ Texting’s features.

If you are looking to partake in very frequent SMS messaging, this platform may be a good option for your business.

However, if you have a clear plan for how you are going to use your SMS and feel that you are fine with being limited in some aspects, one of the previous pricing plans should work just as well.

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Let's Review: EZ Texting Vs. Other SMS Platforms

Now that we know a bit more about text message marketing and the plans with EZ Texting’s platform, let’s go through the differences between EZ Texting and other popular SMS providers.

Small businesses are likely looking for a platform that gives them access to sign up forms, only one pay per month plan, and hoping to avoid bad delivery rates company wide and within the service itself.

Let’s outline what most SMS providers do for your business:

  • Allow you to send text messages from your business

  • Give you dedicated short codes to use within this messaging

  • Feature SMS and MMS campaigns

  • Open rates on any given SMS and MMS message

  • A database to access customer data and see how many credits you have through your messaging solutions

  • Organizational spreadsheet to store phone numbers and previous messages

EZ Texting features all of these elements within their platform, as well as a few more designed to “help all our members” be successful in their SMS marketing endeavors.

EZ Texting has everything listed above, plus the following:

  • A sign up form for business users and customers to ensure safety and protection

  • Four different pricing plans to make sure the best possible service is being delivered

  • Advanced options with credit card required

  • Ability to insert links, attachments, and QR codes to messages with ease

  • Originating short code, meaning that your SMS is specifically tailored to your business venture

  • A comprehensive web interface

  • Monthly and annual plans options

With EZ Texting, you are getting the most up to date SMS service, along with the best features that are designed to boost your campaigns in any way possible.

Having credit card required and sign up forms at every new stage ensures that you are informed about your purchases and know exactly what you are paying for with EZ Texting.

Make sure you are making an informed decision about your SMS provider and using the service in a way that benefits you and your business!

How Kennected Uses SMS Marketing

Here at Kennected, SMS marketing and messaging has played a big role in the success of our marketing and sales efforts.

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Once you get started on your SMS campaign, you too will feel your business strategy strengthened in many ways, so get started today!

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