What Are Some Examples Of Mass Marketing?

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Examples of mass marketing include:

  1. Automobiles

  2. Dish Soap

  3. Toothpaste

  4. Coca-Cola

  5. Mass Market Retailers (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.)

Mass marketing markets to everyone and commonly focus on selling “must-have” products at a lower price to achieve a higher number of sales and to obtain maximum brand exposure.

Mass Marketing Definition

In the 1920s, radio broadcasts allowed companies to send advertising messages to large, undifferentiated audiences at once, giving birth to the mass market concept and the first mass marketing techniques.

Television remained the most effective means of reaching mass-market audiences until innovations in technology and the Internet began to change the game around the 21st century.

Newspapers are also a traditional mass-market medium, although not as effective as radio or television due to individual publications’ regional or biased nature.

The coming of the digital age revolutionized marketing strategy.

In short, if you see a brand, restaurant, or product every day on your way to work, driving down the highway, or on social media, chances are they’re using mass marketing to reach the largest audience possible (including you!)

Mass marketing is a very competitive battle for companies in today’s world.

The goal is to get manufacturing costs as low as possible to pump their product out for a lower price than their competitors.

Mass marketing is an undifferentiated marketing strategy. The organization decides to ignore niche marketing and market segments and attempts to appeal to the entire market with one strategy or one offer.

I’m Ryan-Forrest, the vice president of marketing here at Kennected.

This blog will lay out what mass marketing is, how it can be effective and not so effective, and what marketing strategy the company uses.

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Mass Marketing vs. Niche Marketing

Mass marketing efforts aim at a one-size-fits-all approach to reel in as many potential customers as possible.

This strategy emphasizes broadening the extent of an advertising campaign to include as many people as possible instead of targeting distinct demographics.

All advertising messages that are spread through mass media such as broadcasting and print media has the potential to reach millions of viewers in a single show.

Marketers can use data to target specific demographics and geographic regions at a lower cost than mass-market media.

According to Leadspace, big data has played a pivotal role in solving the problem of overly broad, unsegmented marketing outreach.

Data analytics allows companies to pinpoint their target audience and craft personalized messages tailored to their customers.

Markets can be segmented according to several factors, including psychology, buying behavior, demographics, income, geographic location, and other niche market examples.

If you use mass marketing and a competitor uses targeted marketing, the competitor might get a niche, but he will be the king of that niche.

With the mass marketing approach, you will be like the Jack of all trades and king of none.

Mass Marketing Examples

Mass marketing campaigns are certainly not new. Think about a product that nearly every person uses. Toothpaste.

Brands like Crest and Colgate utilize mass marketing by running commercial spots on TV, placing magazine ads, and pushing their product on other channels like social media and city billboards.

Such items as electric and gas utilities, soap, paper towels, and gasoline, for example, can be advertised and sold to almost anyone, making them mass-market goods.

Telecom operators use mass marketing campaigns because a huge number of people are using telecommunication services.

Additionally, several FMCG products like soaps and detergents use mass marketing.

Body deodorants and many personal hygiene products use this marketing strategy as a big market segment uses them.

Another example of a product on the mass market is Coca-Cola. The company sells it at high volumes worldwide with a standard taste.

Since their soda is a product that spans various niches in terms of popularity, its mass marketing campaign has proved to be very effective and successful over time.

Besides targeting the mass market, the company also offers differentiation through several brands and flavors such as Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Cherry, and Coca-Cola Vanilla.

Advantages of Mass Marketing Campaigns

The main advantages of advertising to and serving the mass market are the scope and cost-efficiency of doing business on such a large scale.

Advertising messages broadcast over mass media can reach millions of viewers in a single showing, and economies of scale make mass distribution cheaper than regional deliveries.

Additionally, gaining economies of scale can make the mass distribution of products cheaper than serving and delivering products based on the specific target market.

Mass marketing can be highly effective in pushing new products or services, increasing brand awareness, and retaining loyal customers.

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Mass Market Disadvantages

Although mass marketing can be hugely successful for large companies, changes in the market can and often do happen and can leave smaller to mid-size companies vulnerable to the effects.

The more obvious disadvantage is that mass marketing aims to please everyone in a large market with a singular product or service and can be challenged by other companies targeting smaller groups to serve them better.

A significant advantage of advertising and selling to the mass market is the scope and the cost efficiency of operating on a larger scale.

Kennected's Marketing Strategy One to One & Mass Media Driven

Mass marketing strategy can be very effective for new products or to create a brand image.

The product’s demand should be determined to get the maximum returns by marketing to the masses.

We don’t recommend that everyone should be using mass marketing. When you try to be things for all people, you lose everyone. As I say, “the riches are in the niches.” If we were to run ads on TV, they most likely wouldn’t do well. Instead, we focus on advertising and organic results based on user interests.

Kennected uses niche marketing to various niche groups like:

  • Coaches/consultants

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Construction Contractors

  • Network Marketers

  • Recruiters

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