ESPN & DraftKings Near Deal As Views On Sports Betting Shift

ESPN & DraftKings Inc. are close to partnering up.

People who asked not to be identified because the talks were private say the deal will let the media giant cash in on legal sports betting. Details of the partnership are not yet available.

Known for its wholesome family characters like Mickey Mouse & Snow White, Disney has long shunned gambling. 

Despite the company’s popularity, they wouldn’t license their characters to slot machine companies. Sports betting attitudes have changed in recent years, though.

Here’s what the article states –

A tie-up between the two companies “makes strategic sense,” said Bloomberg Intelligence analysts Brian Egger and Geetha Ranganathan. “Licensing EPSN’s brand to a sports book and integrating bet odds in broadcasts could help both companies widen their audiences.”


ESPN declined to comment. A spokesperson for DraftKings said it doesn’t discuss conversations it has with other companies, while noting it has “a great, long standing relationship with ESPN.”

Media companies are looking for ways to cash in as more states legalize sports betting. Many TV networks have seen a flood of ad dollars from sportsbooks that are competing to sign up bettors.

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