Enterprise Sales Software

Enterprise sales software is sold to large firms with a mix of long sales cycles, multiple stakeholders, multiple decision-makers, and a higher level of risk than traditional sales. Some modern sales teams are leveraging automation like Kennected’s Cloud Kennect. Enterprise software sales tools like Cloud Kennect help save time and simplify opportunities while generating a high-quality sales pipeline.
While self-service and SMB sales are primarily driven by good old-fashioned marketing, enterprise sales are driven by building and maintaining strong long-term relationships.
Closing the initial deal and nurturing the relationship into a long-term partnership involves playing the long game, but it can have the largest payoff.
Companies typically adopt the enterprise sales model with high price points and a technical product that needs more training, integration, and customer support.
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Marketing ROI

The ROI of your marketing initiatives is reflected in the number of conversions from prospects who have interacted with your brand through any channel, including social media, website, or content download.

Market Penetration Rate

Track how many new customers your company is bringing in and track existing accounts to find out how loyal they are to your brand.

Free Trials

To address enterprise software needs, most vendors create a free trial option. Free trials allow your potential customers to interact with your product or service before purchasing it while also giving you time to see how successful your software will be in a large enterprise environment.

Understanding Enterprise Sales Process

The focus here is on the marketing team to drive qualified leads and the sales team to rapidly close on them with a view to sustainable, high-volume sales and an onboarding process that's as efficient as possible. You're adopting an account-based marketing strategy, tailoring the message and the value proposition to that particular company because we know so much about them.

  • Make A Goal
    Enterprise deals are complex, but your sales
    professionals can navigate the sales cycle much
    better with a well-thought-out sales strategy.
  • Grow,Grow,Grow
  • Know Your Product(s)
  • Be Unique
  • Build Relationships

What's A Marketing Mix?

A strong marketing mix increases sales opportunities by helping sellers get information into the hands of decision-makers who have the power to make a purchase. To successfully sell a product or service, vendors should have the right marketing mix. It could include promotional activities, pricing, product design, and distribution.

SMB Sales vs. Enterprise Sales

All sales are the same, yes? Wrong. There are various sales processes, but in this blog, we'll compare two of the leading sales processes. SMB sales or transactional sales, are relatively simple to understand. A customer wants to know more or buy a product, so they reach out to companies or vice versa. The process ends. Transactional sales volumes tend to be less than self-service, but with a higher price point. ...ReadMore.........textwveveveevev

Enterprise Sales
Life Cycle

Once you've established the product-market fit for your SaaS startup, you'll be spending a lot of time thinking about the suitable sales model for your business. You need to get this right at the point of going to market, and again as you decide how and when to scale. Your choice of model can be the critical difference between sustainable growth or becoming the next addition to the 90% of failed startups out there.

  • Play The Waiting Game
  • Land And Expand
  • Pipeline Velocity
    This is how quickly deals move through your pipeline (the sales funnel stages) and generate revenue. Whereas traditional sales may focus on this, enterprise sales should not focus primarily on being quick as it could jeopardize closing a deal.

What Are Strategic Accounts?

These accounts emphasize building solid customer relationships. These relationships can be strategic or ongoing through and beyond the sales process. Take that as you will.

Who Is Involved In An Enterprise Sales Deal?

CEO, CMO, COO, directors, boards. It's a lot more complicated than a simple transactional sales model. As a software company, you should have the right mix of people in your sales team to target enterprise prospects successfully. A successful enterprise sales team includes members that focus on strategy, marketing, and development.

  • Director of Enterprise Sales
    This role serves a specific niche of sales — enterprise sales. I'm the main point of contact when Kennected reaches out to businesses with many talking heads.
  • Marketing Leader
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Reps
  • Customer Success

Enterprise Software Sales Tools That Make Complex Sales Prospecting Easier

Without the right tools and technologies, enterprises won't be able to transform in line with the digital workplace initiative. And software is at the heart of every enterprise. It creates value, powers your business processes, allows your customers to engage with you, and enables your employees. And so software vendors, like us, are key players in helping to move the digital workplace transformation agenda along.

  • Automation
  • HubSpot
  • Pipedrive
  • Facebook Pixel
  • ZoomInfo
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
    Need help with email marketing? Mailchimp manages email lists and creates email marketing campaigns to send to customers.
  • Cloud Kennect

Sales Process Metrics

Track qualified prospects that you follow up with every day/week by tracking activities such as email follow-ups and phone calls. Create a customer-aligned sales approach to simplify the buying process.

Sales Analytics

These can answer the most important questions about sales performance by bringing all data together in one place. Get complete visibility into your process to deliver exceptional results without the need for an analyst.

Free Trial

7 days
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  • Instant Access to our Automated Lead Flow Software
  • Lead Flow Mastery Lite (Our Flagship Education Platform)
  • Group Onboarding Webinar

Free Trial

7 days
$ 0
  • Instant Access to our Automated Lead Flow Software
  • Lead Flow Mastery Lite (Our Flagship Education Platform)
  • Group Onboarding Webinar

How Kennected Empowers Your Enterprise Sales Team To Win The Prospecting Game

In changing times, innovation is critical. Naturally, software companies may be concerned about choosing smaller vendors due to the perceived risks (no one got fired for hiring IBM, as they say…) But smaller vendors tend to be the more agile and innovative companies with better products suited to fix a set of issues. We know it’s risky going with the David and not the Goliath, but our new approach places the risk squarely with us as the supplier, which is where it should be. It’s on us to show you that our tools deliver. Kennected offers professional services starting with LinkedIn’s #1 lead generation tool Cloud Kennect. You can take maybe 1-10 leads per week to hundreds of leads in weeks.