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When it comes to jobs in the sales industry, a handful of careers are sought after more than others. An enterprise sales representative is one of those jobs. Selling enterprise software is not an entry-level position—sales skills from previous employment matter in how employers choose to hire a salesperson.

An enterprise sales rep works with large companies to reach a deal. It can take months to get to the sales goal because several stakeholders and enterprise services are throughout the sales process.

“Enterprise sales is a tremendous career to get into because you’ll make more money than the standard sales rep, build higher-level relationships, and you’ll be able to have your foot in the door to any opportunity as you go through your career,” said Sterling Curran.

Curran is Kennected‘s director of enterprise sales, where he’s always thinking about customer relationship management and current trends in the sales industry.

According to GlassDoor reports, an enterprise sales representative’s average base salary is over $45,000. However, depending on sales experience, the average salary can climb to $80,000s. But how do most companies know if a sales rep is job-ready and ready to generate revenue?

To answer that question and more information, keep reading.

How Much Does A Standard Sales Rep Make?

A company or business needs sales reps to promote their products and evaluate customers’ needs. To work as an enterprise sales representative, one needs to first work as an average sales representative. Sales reps work at an entry-level base salary in general.

Salaries in sales are one of the benefits and a sure sign for growth. Everyone in the sales business uses skills to build revenue on their account, so your base salary will only increase as time goes on. In most cases, prior sales representative skills are not required to begin an average career in sales.

An enterprise is constantly growing, which is one of the things you can count on. Your skills will never stop growing, and you’ll continuously gain more experience. If you make a hit on a deal, your average pay will be up for consideration because it says a lot about your sales side.

At the end of every sales quarter, your account is taken into consideration how much you contributed toward company revenue. Average pay is typically determined by the sales and effort sales reps make. If there’s a sign of improvement after the quarter or deal, it’ll be taken into account.

Employers establish compensation plans when a company or business hires a sales representative. Compensation plans are a blueprint or layout of how much a sales rep is paid. Everything is taken into account, from the first job to where one’s career is headed, to determine how much job seekers are paid.

Our company has an excellent sales team that works together than against each other to get the best outcome possible. Like any sales floor, we use leaderboards and other means of friendly competition to keep sales numbers up, but sales leaders acknowledge every small win.

Target earnings are another term for how much employers will pay sales reps. They’re calculated by considering a base salary and an incentive package based on sales.

Within the given year, sales reps receive $65,000 and over salaries. That national average salary can grow, as we’ve noted. Someone in accounting makes between $45,000 to over $120,000. Accounting is a well-known career to earn decent salaries, so you can see why the sales market is in demand.

What Skills Does An Enterprise Sales Representative Need?

Enterprise software sales are all about customer relationship management, like any sales job. A software sales representative sells computer software not only to one customer but also to entire companies. Software sales require a high level of negotiation and closing deals with a steady head. There are large budgets for enterprise sales and significant risk.

Software sales is a highly lucrative career because computer software is continuously evolving. Success doesn’t come from one client in enterprise sales, but several decision-makers. Computer software is the future of lead generation and greatly helps automate marketing efforts and other jobs. It saves companies money and the hassle of building on their team.

Every enterprise salesperson needs to happen to have a sense of coachability. They need to teach new technology to companies that will benefit from it. And because of this responsibility, a software sales rep will need to take a customized approach to every customer. You will have a business in a market at different skill levels.

An enterprise sales representative needs patience and the ability to remain resilient at every site of contact. The location of your services will not always be the same, and a wave of questions may hit you. However, this is normal and a sign of trust between the sales rep and their customer(s).

“An enterprise sales customer is going to vary organization by organization,” said Curran.

Establishing trust is the most crucial aspect of being an enterprise sales representative or software sales rep. You want to make sure customers will keep returning with questions and feedback on the software sales reps’ product. No deal in sales is perfect, but the drive to succeed and please the customer is something we strive for.

An enterprise sales representative and software sales reps work with complex technology, and a deal is work to aim for. Software sales reps can be a determining factor for customers, so stay positive and alert about the sales process when you’re in an enterprise sales representative position.

Selling companies a new product will not always be a straightforward process. Software sales reps need to bounce back from opposition and rejection. Any sales process can turn into an enterprise sale, so having those customer relationship skills and industry experience will help every business account.

Does A Software Sales Job Pay Well?

A software sales representative is an example of a job title worth pursuing in the sales business. First off, software sales are in a position of working toward the future of sales. Marketing for a company and services like money management or CRM tools all stem from the computer software.

Software sales are a target career for many because it’s a high-demand job requiring only a high school diploma. This isn’t always the case with every company, but a job title with a competitive compensation plan is challenging to come by.

Working as a software sales rep has ensured job security because more companies are turning to technology to do the job for them. Downsizing and layoffs are rare in software sales, and the job doesn’t work through channel sales. Channel sales are sales that involve a middleman doing the distribution of your product. You’re working mainly as an inside sales rep with little travel.

Job seekers might find comfort in knowing software sales has flexibility in scheduling. A software sales rep can create their schedule rather than the standard 9:00 to 5:00 work schedule. The downside is software sales require the software sales rep to be flexible with working in their customer’s schedule. Again, the salesperson is mainly doing little travel, and the location is primarily remote.

Change is something you can always count on in life. The same can be said for software sales. Although deals are working to serve enterprise revenue, the deal itself won’t always be the same. Software sales reps will need to wrangle changing situations and bring business skills to every meeting. But there will always be a sign of going up in your career. There will never not be an opportunity for business as an enterprise sales rep.

Can You Make A Million In Tech Sales?

Enterprise software is one of the few careers today that allows someone to make $1 million in a year. However, it’s rare when this happens; fewer than 0.02% of the sales team at Microsoft and SalesForce make this much in a year.

One of the few ways to make this much money in the sales industry is to work in enterprise sales. But this only slightly increases your chances of obtaining $1 million. It would take some major sales skills and activity between the sales representative and business.

If you’re a salesperson or company looking to attract more customers, read here for more helpful tips.

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