Is Enterprise Sales A Good Career

If you search for jobs in the sales field, you’ll discover enterprise sales to be one of the top careers in terms of pay. The person must be a certified professional sales person with customer relationship management skills and sales industry experience. It’s not uncommon for enterprise sales reps to have an average salary of over $88,000 yearly.

Enterprise sales are complex sales that deal with multiple decision-makers, customers, and professionals. The job requires a good understanding of how to close deals under working knowledge from clients. Enterprise sales have extended hours and can change as the sales change. It’s beyond an average sales process but great for business development and your paycheck.

Enterprise sales tend to happen in large cities, where the larger businesses are. Cities like Iowa City, Bowling Green, Indianapolis (we’re hiring!) and El Paso are where jobs in sales can be in abundance.

If you’re on your career path looking for a career switch, read on if the enterprise environment is the next job for you.

What Is The Enterprise Sales Process?

A series of certain milestones are needed to have an expected success with companies. Unlike many sales processes, closing deals with enterprise sale customers can take weeks or even months to reach a goal. Sales representatives and customers work together toward a goal. During those stages, sales professionals will need to use communication skills and interpersonal skills to generate their own business.

Kennected’s director of enterprise sales, Sterling Curran, makes it his job to know the enterprise sales world inside and out. Jobs like enterprise sales can come up at any time in the sales cycle, so it’s essential always to be prepared. Enterprise sales is a job that requires a set of tools and patience.

“The standard enterprise customer is north of 1,000 employees internally, and their revenue is going to be approximately $1 billion or higher,” said Curran.

Before the sales rep does any selling, many customers will learn about your SaaS products and research the software companies. Marketing through lead generation usually gets customers interested in the product or service. If the decision-makers like what the business offers, they’ll contact them to set up a sales cycle.

Enterprise sales should be a mutually beneficial sales process where clients and professionals get what they want out of the deal. Because enterprise sales is a job of selling software to large businesses, relationship building will be your key to success. Enterprise sales training will put sales reps in a position to explain technical information and the software.

Those communication skills should allow sales professionals to explain how the software will benefit the company or companies in their own words. You don’t want to sound like you’re reading from a sales script. Tech sales will advance where companies explain their career goals and hope to take their enterprise.

As an enterprise sales rep, you’re automatically in a position to help make the implementation stage as easy as possible. Employers may have a learning curve, and new skills will be required to learn the software. But the result will significantly benefit the clients and your business.

What Sales Skills Do Sales Reps Need?

Training for enterprise sales can take time but is needed for selling software that companies will use. Enterprise sales are not a simple one-product sale; they require building relationships sales skills. Many job seekers who get into the sales business have acquired a high school diploma and bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or something related.

From the sales professional’s perspective, Enterprise sales are all about the clients. The ideal candidate has a working knowledge of enterprise sales and uses those sales skills to provide clients with the best possible outcome. Even if not in the enterprise industry, relationship building with the customer can stand out to the sales manager.

Human resources will commonly initiate interviews for the enterprise sales position. Employers will place a high value on a flexible person and can pivot from one situation to the next. Skills learned from past sales jobs will be considered, as will the knowledge of the company they’re hiring onto. If you search jobs out on the web, you’ll find employers will base salaries on industry experience.

“If you’re trying to break into a business of 30,000-40,000 employees, you will never reach your limit unless you work top-down,” said Curran. “You can sell individual customers bottom-up account by account, but you’ll never hit the thresholds and your potential if you’re selling one-off accounts daily.”

How To Sell Enterprise Software Sales

When selling enterprise software, it’s crucial to test the software in front of test subjects before releasing it to a business. A beta test is a mock-up of the enterprise software for feedback purposes. If the software is of bad quality or has issues, this is the best time to disclose that information. You want to perfect the enterprise software before releasing it to the public.

If an enterprise business is small, they may offer a free trial. A free trial is a chance for a business to try out the software for a limited time without paying a fee. It shows your business is not a scam, and when the trial ends, leads can register to sign up with the product.

Enterprise software sales can increase with efforts from video tutorials and visual examples. It’s a form of marketing that increases enterprise sales because leads can see the enterprise software in action. We’re ahead of the game and feature video tutorials on our website. Be sure to check it out.

There are many competitors out there when it comes to enterprise software sales. It’s a race to see who can make the most enterprise sales with the best product. Or at least that’s the way it was before we launched our company in 2018. A company doesn’t need the best sales representatives or most skills from the competition. It’s a matter of putting the customer’s needs first.

Marketing test results and detailed information are the last real impact on enterprise software sales. You want enterprise sales to succeed with a voice that’s everywhere on a digital scale. Sales and social media can go hand-in-hand if the sales rep has the skills and eye for opportunity. Experience can teach more than a bachelor’s degree in this position.

Make it a specialized job in enterprise sales to market your product across social media platforms. By providing testimonials and personalized approaches to lead generation, your business will develop enterprise sales customers in no time.

Enterprise sales don’t require a bachelor’s degree because skills can be taught for any career. Our sales reps are in a position to produce enterprise software sales to customers not for the average salary but a better career path. The sales rep is growing their network as much as the sales customer.

Kennected is ahead of the enterprise software sales industry in that we use the number one professional social media platform, LinkedIn. Our main product, Cloud Kennect, works within LinkedIn to automatically find leads for our customers, so they don’t have to spend long hours every day manually scouting out for leads.

“For us, LinkedIn is the absolute biggest piece,” said Curran. “When I’m looking for those key decision-makers and figuring out the structure of their orb chart, LinkedIn is the first place I go. It makes it easier to find that decision-maker and engage in conversation.”

Why Is Enterprise Sales Important?

Employers may wonder why enterprise sales are necessary at all. Without enterprise sales and software, relationship building can be done for one-on-one sales. There are a couple of reasons employers may want to consider enterprise sales training.

Not every sales cycle will go the way you want it to. Sometimes, sales jobs turn into negotiation positions and professional knowledge about the software you’re selling. A company may wish to operate a complete software, and they don’t have the skills or resources to use that software. Any sale can turn into an enterprise sale, so a handful of sales professionals on the team must know how to work with those situations.

Enterprise sales increase business, and sales representatives are in charge of steering the company to a position of success in the enterprise industry. They oversee daily and long-term operations at their companies. A regional sales manager will be looking for their companies on a regional basis.

Business development happens with training professionals, developing specialized job skills in customer relationship management and enterprise software. Businesses don’t have time to navigate the enterprise software options, and they’re going to want one at a fair price. So don’t purposely offer a higher price to a customer that doesn’t know much about the product.

Keeping a stable customer relationship is just as important as acquiring the relationship. Enterprise software sales is a career not just of digital conversion but customer relationship building. Jobs are more often given to a sales rep that naturally has those career skills of network development. As enterprise sales continue to trickle in with your career, so will your average salary.

Whether you know it or not, enterprise software sales give your career a reputation as much as the position you hold at your company. Enterprise sales customers want to align their company’s mission and goals with a successful enterprise sales company. The sales rep is more likely to have sales experience and personalize their sales approach jobs.

Kennected didn’t invent enterprise sales. Sales rep jobs didn’t originate from our startup company, but we’re one of the best-personalized approaches for enterprise software sales. Our company doesn’t hire based on average salary, but how well we think sales can generate connections with enterprise customers. Growth has been the top priority out of all the jobs we’ve done in the last four years.

Growth doesn’t happen with sales, and sales don’t happen without enterprise connections. We’ve made enterprise sales only one of the jobs we complete daily because enterprise sales require more than enterprise experience. We’ve found that enterprise software sales happen best when every approach puts the clients first. You would be surprised how many sales companies don’t follow this approach.

We make it our job to not only make enterprise software sales but provide the best sales experience along the way. Why? Because sales don’t grow without connections. Any company can produce enterprise sales but not every company makes it their job to grow. Kennected sees the bigger picture because our job was to be the bigger picture all these years.

Enterprise sales are the reason many jobs in sales are thriving. Enterprise sales are important because it’s a mutually beneficial job between the customer and the sales rep. These jobs in enterprise sales give reputation to the place of employment, which can be the driving force behind this job depending on the person.

Many enterprise sales teams don’t do lead generation justice when it comes to lead generation. LinkedIn is one of many social platforms that’s at our fingertips. If you’re looking to approach enterprise sales in a revolutionary way, fill out our support form for expert advice and one-on-one advice. 

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