What Is An Enterprise Customer Success Manager?

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It’s a specialized role that focuses on improving the overall customer experience for your company. Many companies are struggling with customer success initiatives and looking for ways to improve.

The Enterprise Customer Success Manager is important in helping companies achieve their goals.

An Enterprise Customer Success Manager should have experience managing various customer relationships at all customer lifecycle stages. This includes onboarding new customers, training, supporting, and engaging existing customers, as well as developing new products or services.

The Customer Success Manager role is typically found in large companies with teams of hundreds or thousands of customers. They work closely with sales, marketing, and product teams to ensure customers have a great experience with your company’s products or services.

An enterprise account executive is a company’s customer success team member whose job is to ensure that an organization’s clients are successful with the product or service. In addition, the enterprise customers manager works closely with the client’s executive team to address challenges, identify opportunities and develop strategies for growth.

Roles of the Enterprise Customer Success Manager

The Enterprise Customer Success Manager has two roles within their organization:

1. The first role of a customer success manager is as an ambassador between your company and your large enterprise customers. They serve as a liaison between the two parties, helping both sides understand each other better so that all of your team members can work more effectively together toward common goals (such as increased revenue).

2. The second role of a customer success manager involves managing other customer success team members inside your organization who may be working with smaller clients or mid-sized businesses (or even multiple types of customers).

A typical enterprise CSM will:

  • Be responsible for managing accounts across multiple departments, including sales, marketing, and support.

  • Work cross-functionally with other members of the customer success team to deliver best-in-class experiences for customers.

  • Understand how different departments within an organization contribute to overall customer success.

  • Work closely with internal stakeholders like sales reps, support teams, and product managers to ensure that all aspects of their offerings work seamlessly for their customer success.

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Customer Success Manager Responsibilities

Customer success manager is a critical part of the customer lifecycle, and it’s not just about making sure customers are happy. A good customer success manager is responsible for more than that.

Here are six responsibilities of a customer success manager:

1. Advocate for the company

A CSM is an advocate for the company, its products or services, and its customers. In this role, they will ensure that all customers are satisfied with their experience with your company, from onboarding to renewal. The CSM is also responsible for identifying opportunities for upsells or cross-sells during this period and being aware of any issues that may arise during the customer lifecycle.

2. Onboard new customers

A CSM should be involved in every step of the onboarding process — from helping new customers set up their accounts to training them on how to use your product or service effectively, all the way through to providing relevant documentation when needed (e.g., user guides). It ensures that each new customer has what they need to succeed with your product or service.

3. Follow up on renewals

Once customers have been using your product for some time, they’ll likely need some help renewing their subscriptions or upgrading their accounts when necessary (especially if you have an upsell strategy). However, again, it’s up to your CSM to make sure this happens smoothly and efficiently so that you can keep those customers happy (and paying).

4. Encourage upsells and cross-sells

A customer success leader should encourage customers to upgrade, add more users or integrate with other solutions within your product line. This ensures they’re getting the most out of their investment while leading to more revenue for your company.

5. Be the voice of the customer

A CSM should be able to articulate what customers want to help your team shape new features and improvements based on actual user needs rather than guesses. It ensures you make decisions based on actual data instead of just opinions.

6. Build relationships between customers and the support team

The best customer success leader knows how to build a relationship between their customer base and the support team so that when something goes wrong, someone can help them figure out what went wrong and fix it as quickly as possible. It helps save time for both teams, but especially for customers because they don’t have to wait for answers from support team members who may not know exactly what happened or why.

Important Customer Success Managerial Skills

Here’s a list of skills that every CSM must have:

Customer empathy

A CSM needs to understand what makes your customers tick. They need to know what makes them want to buy from you again and again. They also need to empathize with customers when they aren’t happy with something or when they encounter problems using your product or service.

Problem-solving skills

Your enterprise customer success leader needs to be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently without making things worse. Suppose a customer has an issue with something related to their account — billing, technical support, or anything else. This person will be the first point of contact for resolving the issue quickly and calmly so that both parties can move on with their day without any further stress or frustration.

Account Management

The ability to manage customer accounts through every step of their lifecycle — from onboarding, adoption, and ongoing support — is critical for customer success. A good CSM has strong account management skills, including identifying problems and creating solutions before they become problems.

Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management is important to every company’s strategy. CSMs are responsible for overseeing this process by ensuring that customers receive exceptional service throughout their lifecycle.

Sales Enablement

The best CSMs work closely with sales teams to understand their needs to support them better while providing value-added insight into where opportunities lie. They play an important role in helping sales teams close deals more efficiently by identifying high-value targets early.

Verbal Communications Skills

The skills will help the CSM personnel communicate effectively with the customers and give feedback to the company they are working for.

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Why the CSM Ranks Are Increasing

Enterprise Customer success managers are in high demand, and the number of jobs in this field is growing fast.

Customer success managers (CSMs) are the front-line customer support representatives for companies that sell to customers over the internet. Their job is to help those customers use their products and services, which they often do through one-on-one meetings or group workshops.

As more companies move their sales online, there’s been an increase in demand for CSMs — especially since most businesses cannot provide adequate training or support for their own sales reps.

Becoming a Better Enterprise Customer Success Manager

You are aware of how difficult it is if you’ve had to sell something. Regardless of how great the product is, consumers always don’t need, desire, or can’t even afford it. If you’re lucky, they’ll explain why they’re not interested. If not, they will go silently.

As a business owner, your clients’ success can be one of the most important things in your business. Without customers, there’s no revenue; without revenue, there’s no business. However, how do you ensure every new customer becomes a long-term customer? What can you do to keep them coming back?

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