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Banking On Conference Season For Your Business? Here’s How To Make Up For It

For nearly all of us who live our professional lives–and even a good portion of our personal lives–within the business sphere, conference season is an annual gauntlet with which we have something of a love-hate relationship. The whole experience can be thoroughly exhausting, and it can take a week or two to recover fully once the season finally ends.

But even though sometimes it may seem like a marathon whose finish line keeps getting pushed farther and farther away, we love getting to travel to fun places, spending days on end catching up with colleagues, networking to build new professional relationships, getting out of the office for a few days, stocking up on free goodies from all the vendors who are in attendance, eating lots of expensive meals on the company dime and learning about new developments in our respective industries.

Making it through the conference season’s full, grueling itinerary as a young businessperson has become a rite of passage. When we finish our first conference season, we emerge with a sense of accomplishment and a phone full of new contacts we can go back to as we see fit.

Conference Season Will Be a Little Different in 2020 and Maybe Beyond

In 2020, the conference season will be a little different than it has ever been before. OK, OK, maybe that was just a slight understatement. As COVID-19 has spread around the world like a wildfire out of control, it has changed all our lives in what seems like the blink of an eye. All over the globe, events are being canceled, entire industries are being shuttered for indefinite amounts of time, hospitals are facing shortages of beds and key supplies and millions of people have been placed on lockdown.

Whether we like it or not, we can be certain that this conference season will be a much different animal this year than it has been in years past. Gone are the days of hanging out in rooms full of potential contacts with whom you can build professional and personal relationships that will help you advance your career.

Prepare Yourself for the Age of Remote Conferences

To the extent, conference season takes place this year, or in any year for the foreseeable future, it will be a new experience for everyone who is involved. If conferences are going to be held, they will have to be held remotely. Panel discussions and presentations will have to be broadcast using Skype, Zoom or some other sort of software that facilitates virtual face-to-face communication.

Transitioning that portion of the conferences’ programming to a digital setting should be relatively seamless since those discussions and presentations typically involve a few people standing in front of an audience that is focused on the presenters or the panel. Although our location may change, the experience will be largely the same as it would be if we were attending the talk in person.

Do Not Worry, Networking Can Still Be Done Remotely with Some Effort and Creativity

Holding networking events for a conference comprised completely of remote attendees could be a bit of a challenge, but it can be done with a little effort and creativity on the organizers’ part. We may not get the spontaneity that comes with being in the same room as hundreds of other entrepreneurs we do not know who are eager to socialize and expand their networks, but we can still make connections with new people and finish off the conference feeling like we spent our time well.

For example, before a given conference begins, the conference’s organizers could send out surveys to determine attendees’ interests and then try to arrange small group chats based on the survey results. They could also easily set up speed networking events that pair attendees off for a few minutes at a time using the conference’s meeting software of choice.

The Era of Remote Conferences Will Require You to Have Efficient, Reliable Software for Generating Leads

For as long as we all can remember, in-person interaction has been one of the biggest keys to generating leads for our businesses. Unfortunately, as bizarre as it sounds, we may not safely be able to generate any leads in person for quite some time. If we want to keep our businesses financially healthy and sustain them over the long haul, we need a substitute for face-to-face lead generation.

This is where Kennected enters the equation. Kennected’s lead generation software allows us to use LinkedIn to generate leads, freeing us up to spend time developing other aspects of our businesses rather than devoting ourselves to chasing people down.

With Kennected’s automated LinkedIn searches and simple, easy-to-use platform, you will wonder what to do with all the time you suddenly have on your hands. Let Kennected handle the stress of lead generation so you can focus as much of your energy as possible on closing deals.

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