How Much Is Emotive IO?

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Emotive IO pricing for businesses begins at $200 per month.

All business plans through Emotive IO services come with a dedicated customer success manager and copywriter to aid in your SMS marketing efforts.


Read on to learn all about Emotive IO and how it can benefit your business’s communication and your customer community.

What is Emotive IO?

Emotive is an eCommerce platform that allows you to send messages to your clients and your employees via a bulk messaging service.

Emotive offers a wide variety of services that you can employ based on what you are trying to accomplish in the realm of mobile sessions.

Emotive works like an eCommerce store, showcasing their features and allowing you to shop and buy what you want, wasting no money on functions you don’t want to buy.

With their software categories, you get to choose what you want to get from the eCommerce store depending on what will benefit your business.

The platform features the ability to send mass text messages, send leads to customers, opportunities to engage with your client base, and a full list of your employees in order to make communication easy within your business community.

You will get your own Emotive team, complete with a customer success manager and a copywriter to ensure your success with the program.

You’ll also be given customer data to work with, showing you what changes you may need to make in order to adequately connect with your customers via your SMS campaigns.

What Can Emotive IO Do For My Business?

An e commerce platform like Emotive can do so much for your business!

Emotive, like other eCommerce stores, features many functions designed to enhance the communication between you and your client base.

Ideally, regardless of the goals of your business, you want to optimize the frequency of communication between your clients and your business.

Emotive works like this:

  1. Set up your business platform on the Emotive app.

  2. Decide what messages work best for your company and your goals.

  3. Establish your target market and design messages based on it.

  4. Create an account that your messages will be linked to– make sure that this account features your site, projects, team members, company name, and other support mediums.

  5. Complete Emotive setup with your messages and intended audience.

Once you create your company Emotive platform, you’ll be able to access the settings for your SMS campaigns at any time.

Once this process is complete, you’ll be able to send mass messages to your customers at any time, even automated messages if that is something you decide to implement.

You’ll connect your campaigns with your software, choosing the scale and users you’d like your message to go to. You’ll also want to minimize pop-ups, as this can distract from the SMS.

With a real team to consult and help you with the numerous functions, your business will be fully equipped to handle this mode of mobile sessions and conversations.

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So Emotive Enables E-Commerce Businesses.. But How?

Any business, but especially eCommerce businesses, can benefit from the functions of Emotive.

Aside from the actual service Emotive provides, they are also available to help with the following:

  1. Writing content for the messages

  2. Analyzing the optimal form length for content

  3. The integration of their software categories into your business

  4. Training your employees to use the Emotive store

  5. Providing a marketing solution if needed

  6. Help you make informed decisions with your money

  7. Ensuring your data is being properly displayed in your SMS

  8. Emphasizing easy access for your customers

Emotive offers not only the SMS campaigns, but also detailed instructions on how to incorporate them effectively into your business venture. You can also focus on the elimination of pop-ups at this stage.

Having this support is extremely valuable, and the team of Emotive enables eCommerce businesses through this service.

Is Emotive IO Complete With a Dedicated Customer Success Manager?

Something that sets Emotive apart from other similar platforms in this industry is their inclusion of a customer success manager and a copywriter designed solely for integration purposes.

The software can be difficult to master for your company, so having the support of a real team is instrumental for your success.

Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, Emotive gives you partners in your digital marketing endeavor. They’ll help you analyze your competitors, compare your messages and their success rates, and assist you in all of your company marketing efforts involving their software.

These individuals will be available to you for conversations and guidance whenever needed. Having this support will form a connection not only with the customers, but also with the Emotive employees.

In your respective industry, it will be great to engage with the software and the marketing site you’ll be using. You’ll use the customer manager and copywriter to help you compare various elements of the SMS campaigns, talk with them about data and other conversations, and chat about all things marketing.

The best part is that these individuals are included in your purchase of the software, giving you an excellent asset not only for campaigns, but also for a reference point to chat with them and other users of the software.

Is Emotive a Powerful SMS Marketing Solution?

This purchase is an incredible tool for SMS marketing, and carries many useful functions for you and your business.

With the ability to create communications at will, you will gain not only sales, but also a better working relationship with your customers. You’ll be able to chat with anyone at any time.

In addition to the benefits of the SMS itself, you are able to talk to Emotive right through your own company communication means.

They’ll help you track important metrics, such as the drop rate of customers, visitors to your website, the cost of every marketing tool you are implementing, as well as using your business to compare with others they have worked with in order to create the best setup for you.

Tracking the sales that arise through your SMS is a feature that really helps you create a solution for your marketing endeavors. These rates will help you enhance your checkout rates from your website, as well as minimizing the drop rates you have on file.

All of these functions and more combine to give you accurate sales data and the tools needed to counteract any issues that may arise.

You can even set up a feature that directs your shoppers to checkout via your SMS messages at no extra cost to you or your customers.

This form will help encourage your customer to click on the links provided to them, again emphasizing the importance of easy access for this service.

You’ll use this data to see how many engagements you have, including clicks on your product or company name.

Being able to easily chat with your client base in an informal and simple way is a great way to expand your marketing efforts.

How Kennected Uses Emotive IO Software

Here at Kennected, having a working relationship with our clients is one of our main goals and a key piece of our mission.

We always want to ensure the accessibility of the software we are using, both for our own employees and for our client base.

In our own SMS campaigns, we always make sure that we are easy to contact and are also maximizing our ability to reach our clients, and SMS software helps us do this.

Increasing our sales and having the opportunity to connect with our customers is of utmost importance to us as a company.

It’s SMS campaigns and having access to software professionals that help us reach our professional goals.

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