What is an Email Marketing Strategy

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An email marketing strategy is a set of procedures for your email campaigns to follow. Each email campaign will have a slightly different email marketing strategy that is dependent on the goal of the thread.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following concepts in depth:

  • How to develop an email marketing strategy

  • Different types of email campaigns

  • How to create an email marketing strategy

  • Importance of subject line for click through rate

  • Best practices for social media and email marketing strategy

  • How to launch a successful email marketing campaign

  • How to use digital marketing channels to your advantage

  • Best practices for using email marketing services

  • How Kennected has used email marketing strategy to create campaigns and reach our target audience

Read on to learn the answer to the question “What is an email marketing strategy?” and all about the strategy development and implementation phases.

How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

When you develop an email marketing strategy, you first need to have chosen an email service provider.

Email service providers work alongside your business to help streamline your email campaigns.

Your email service provider will help you build out your list of recipients, as well as help you structure a re engagement campaign if needed.

When developing your specific email marketing strategy, you’ll need to consider the following items for email marketing success:

  • Who is receiving these messages?

  • What do I want these individuals to do?

  • Is there an actionable item I want to include?

  • Do I have landing pages set up for these email clients?

  • How can I encourage customer loyalty through this campaign?

  • What will the email subject line be?

Before you send out your first email, you’ll need to nail down the answers to these questions.

Ultimately, you want your loyal customers to read and respond to your email threads.

Because of this, you’ll need to create your email strategy around that specific goal, or any other goal you may have at this stage.

Your marketing emails need to have purpose and intentionality.

Many emails your clients are receiving are from other businesses, functioning in a very similar manner to your own.

Make your email marketing service different from the rest.

A great email marketing strategy is created when you truly place your goals at the forefront of your messaging.

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Different Forms of Email Marketing Campaigns

Before we get into the specifics of crafting a solid email marketing strategy, let’s outline the different types of email campaigns you could be launching.

  • Welcome Emails

  • Email Newsletters

  • Dedicated Emails

  • Lead Nurturing Emails

  • Sponsorship Emails

  • Transactional Emails

  • Re-Engagement Emails

  • Brand Story Emails

You will likely utilize each of these forms at least once during your business marketing strategy.

Each of these email types are different, and thus you will need a different email marketing strategy to approach every single one.

Take the time to focus on email deliverability, your existing customers, and how each email marketing platform lends itself into your existing business strategy.

How Email Marketing Strategies Affect Rollout

Your email marketing strategy will affect the rollout of your messages greatly.

Each email campaign will need the following:

  • Accessibility on mobile devices

  • Social media benefits

  • A landing page

  • Utilization of email marketing software

  • Split testing

  • Customized messages

  • A call to action

  • Modern email marketing strategy

  • A signup form to engage subscribers

Each campaign will build off the last, and the data that you receive from past campaigns will help to build future campaigns.

The best email marketing strategy is one that is fluid and intertwined with your content marketing strategy.

What this means is that email marketing campaigns can do more for your business than simply spread information from one place to another.

Using the proper email marketing tools, your business can benefit greatly from email marketing campaigns in a variety of areas.

Importance of Subject Lines

A small thing that can really make a large impact on the efficacy of your email campaigns is the inclusion of a solid subject line.

Why is this important?

It is crucial to have an eye catching subject line to increase open rates, but there is more to that than just click through rate.

Think about emails you have received from brands and companies over the years.

What do they all have in common?

They likely have odd capitalization or buzz words, meaning that these messages are obviously automated.

Email automation is great, but the key is using your automation in a way that is still personal and eye-catching.

This all starts with the subject line.

When you optimize email deliverability, the first thing that anyone will see is the subject line of your message.

It is at that moment when they decide whether they will open your message and read its contents.

Take the time to create personal and effective subject lines for each and every email you send out.

This practice will help your marketing efforts tremendously.

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How to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Here are some of the best ways to create campaigns:

  • Employ automation tools

  • Find a gap in your existing strategy

  • Find a place that could use more clicks

  • Speak with your sales team to find if they can benefit from an email campaign

  • Promote an online store

  • Study other small businesses and their approach

  • Utilize email templates

  • Consolidate email marketing efforts

The best way to ensure your email marketing campaign is successful is by finding one specific goal to accomplish within a set campaign.

This will allow you to concentrate your efforts and focus on accomplishing that one goal.

Include a welcome email in every single campaign to ensure that email subscribers are informed of the campaign and get started.

How to Reduce Inactive Subscribers

Inactive subscribers will exist within every single email marketing campaign, but there are some ways that you can actively reduce them.

  • Include an unsubscribe link

  • Study open rates and remove those who don’t open your messages

  • Make efforts to re engage

  • Engage in b testing

  • Include a call to action

  • Examine unsubscribe rate

  • Use spam filters

Ultimately, inactive individuals will exist, and that is okay.

Work to reduce them as often as possible and be confident in your efforts.

Best Practices to Improve Click Through Rates

Click through rates, or open rates, are a crucial element within email marketing campaigns.

Your marketing emails will only be successful if they are opened and read by the recipients.

With this in mind, there are a few ways to optimize your click through rates:

  • Include a catchy subject line

  • Use a call to action in your first few lines

  • Attach a blog post to your emails

  • Send messages at the same time every week

  • Include benefits at the end of messages

  • Focus on customer loyalty

  • Use social media to promote your email marketing campaigns

The best way to improve the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns is to promote them on a variety of channels.

This cross channel communication will help not only your email marketing campaigns, but also your social media and sales efforts.

How to Streamline Digital Communication Across Platforms

When you streamline digital marketing strategy across multiple platforms, you are essentially using the benefits of one platform to help another.

An effective email marketing campaign will deal with your business as a whole, so it makes sense to include your other channels within it.

Promote your email campaigns on social media channels.

Incorporate media into your emails.

By creating this back-and-forth, you’ll find that both platforms are boosted in the process.

The more streamlined and intertwined your platforms are with one another, the better each of them will perform in turn.

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Before we get into using automation for your effective email marketing campaigns, let’s first outline some email marketing tips that can come in handy for your business messaging.

  • Remember the difference between long and short form content.

  • Develop an intention for each of your marketing emails.

  • Ensure accessibility on mobile devices.

  • Examine purchase history and new subscribers.

  • Include a signup form for other channels within your messaging.

  • Use subject lines to your advantage.

  • Focus on email deliverability.

When you keep these tips at the forefront of your strategy, you’ll see your email marketing campaigns reach your target audience with ease.

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How to Use Marketing Automation for Email Marketing Strategy

The best piece of advice for email marketing strategies is to use an automation tool.

What can an automation tool provide for your campaigns?

Simply put, an automation tool helps your business to simplify certain processes.

These tools can be used for lead generation, lead flow, customer relationship management, email marketing strategies, and much more.

When you use an automation tool for an email campaign, you are now able to utilize email templates, data, and metrics for the betterment of your campaigns.

These tools allow you to access important analytics, helping you find gaps in your strategy easily and effectively.

Email marketers who use automation see higher click through rates and response rates.

You are also able to send out emails more frequently using automation tools.

Save time and energy in your email marketing campaign, and get better results using automation tools.

How Kennected Launched an Effective Email Marketing Campaign using Email Marketing Tools and Automation

Here at Kennected, we have realized the power of automation and the potential it provides your business, in messaging and beyond.

Our automation tools save us time and energy every single day, allowing us to reallocate our time to more pressing matters.

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